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Microsoft MTA: Database Fundamentals Certification Practice Test Questions and Answers, Microsoft MTA: Database Fundamentals Certification Exam Dumps

All Microsoft MTA: Database Fundamentals certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are prepared by industry experts. Microsoft MTA: Database Fundamentals certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps, study guide and training courses help candidates to study and pass hassle-free!

The Microsoft MTA: Database Fundamentals certification is awarded to those who possess understanding and skill in handling databases including Microsoft SQL Server.

About MTA: Database Fundamentals Certification

The MTA: Database Fundamentals is a beginner-level certificate provided by Microsoft that verifies the earner’s understanding of handling databases along with relational ones such as SQL Server. This certification can be considered as an entry of candidates to a future career in database technologies.

About Exam 98-364

To earn the MTA: Database Fundamentals certification, the entrant must get a passing score in the Database Fundamentals exam or 98-364. This test will assess the applicant's knowledge of utilizing databases. Prior experience in working with databases will be beneficial to get through this exam, however, the vendor doesn’t set any mandatory requirements to pursue it. To ace 98-364, the candidate must be familiar with core database concepts such as storing data in tables, relational databases, data manipulation language, and data definition one. The candidate should also be able to create database objects using the understanding of data types, tables, views, stored procedures, and functions. Moreover, the applicant should be capable of manipulating data using SELECT, UNION, INTERSECT, INSERT, and UPDATE queries. What's more, it is crucial to have knowledge of data storage and perform normalization. Also, the entrant needs to have a grasp of concepts like the primary, foreign, and composite keys, where the understanding of indexes will come in handy too. The final domain of this exam includes elements related to database administration. Thus, the applicant should have an idea about database security concepts, backups, and restore. Although this is a beginner-level test, it is recommended that the applicant have at least a general understanding of databases and SQL. When it comes to 98-364 details, it will cost $127 and will be available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Spanish. To add more, the exam needs to be completed within 45 minutes. There are a total of 40 to 60 questions and the passing score is set at 700 out of 1000 points. As for the styles of exam items, you may come across multiple-choice, build list, active screen, case studies, drag and drop items, if to name a few.

Study Guides for 98-364 Preparation

The following books will help you earn the MTA: Database Fundamentals certification:

  • Database Fundamentals: Microsoft Technology Associate Exam 98-364 by Robert Van den Berg

    This book covers everything needed to earn the certification starting from zero. It includes test questions, tips for the exam, screenshots, and sample code. Finishing this study guide will also be beneficial for anyone eager to learn about SQL Server in general. It is available for $11.99 on Amazon in the Kindle edition.

  • Exam 98-364 MTA Database Administration Fundamentals 1st Edition by Microsoft Official Academic Course

    Such a book is offered by Microsoft itself and covers all the essentials elements necessary for you to earn the Database Fundamentals certification. It covers relational database concepts, security requirements, graphical tools, T-SQL scripts, and more. It is available for $24.03 on Amazon.

  • SQL: the Ultimate Guide from Beginner to Expert - Learn and Master SQL in No Time by Peter Adams

    This particular book isn't just for getting through the Database Fundamentals validation exam but also for other certifications related to databases and SQL. This ultimate guide to SQL is essential for knowing the way around databases in general. With such a book, you'll be aware of the SQL queries, tables, syntax, and more. The kindle version of this material is available for $3.59 on Amazon.

  • Microsoft 98-364 Exam: Database Fundamentals by James Jhon

    Such material is specially crafted with a focus on the Microsoft 98-364 exam. In particular, this book contains numerous practice test questions that cover everything that you will need to ace the certification exam in one try as it includes fundamental concepts of databases such as relational database, core database concepts, security requirements, database storage, objects, T-SQL scripts, queries, store procedures, and more. In case you’re interested, it is available for $23.99 on Amazon.

  • SQL QuickStart Guide: the Simplified Beginner's Guide to SQL by ClydeBank Technology

    This SQL QuickStart Guide is another essential book to get you up to speed with SQL. This book will revolve around such terms as relational databases, the concept of SQL, syntax fundamentals, how to reduce common mistakes, and more. It will not only equip you with the relevant knowledge to pass 98-364 certification exam but also help you learn about SQL in general.

Training Course for MTA: Database Fundamentals

The following course is the official training for the MTA: Database Fundamentals certification exam:

  • Course 40364-A: Database Administration Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-364

    This training course helps the candidates prepare for 98-364 exam. It includes core database concepts, database objects, data storage, database administration, and the manipulation of data. Overall, it is a 3-day training course for beginning specialists and is targeted towards individuals who are eager to build a career using various Microsoft technologies. Although this prep option doesn't require any prior knowledge about SQL as it is regarded as an entry point but a certain degree of knowledge about the technology would be beneficial and will help you ace 98-364 test. In all, there are 5 primary modules in this course, which will cover the following domains:

    • Core Database Concepts;
    • Database Objects;
    • Data Manipulation;
    • Data Storage;
    • Database Administration.


The MTA: Database Fundamentals certification is a wise step to launch your career in IT. Possessing such a certificate will equip you with a solid knowledge of basic terms of databases, the creation of the latter, how you can operate with data chunks, and deal with storage issues. All those concepts will be addressed by the Microsoft 98-364 test that can be a difficult nut to crack. Thus, to clear this validation, candidates are recommended to refer themselves to valuable study guides that are offered by Amazon. What’s more, it’d be a good idea to attend the official training endorsed by the vendor. All these will make you earn your certificate in no time. Good luck!

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