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Exam Exam Name
Exam101 Exam NameApplication Delivery Fundamentals
Exam201 Exam NameTMOS Administration
Exam301b Exam NameBIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Specialist: Maintain & Troubleshoot

F5 Certification Practice Test Questions, F5 Certification Exam Dumps

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F5 is a company whose focus is application services in addition to networking. Its technologies are about security, performance, availability, and the delivery of web-based apps. This includes computing, networking, and storage resources. Also, the organization presents professionals with various certifications that can be gained once individuals pass the needed tests.

What Are F5 Certifications and Exams?

F5 certificates show that their holders are experts in the manipulation of the whole app stack, which includes traditional as well as advanced layer of application. This means their experience covers the integration of these two separate worlds. All F5 exams are scored between 100 and 350 marks, and have the required minimum mark of 245. The certification program is divided into four levels that include:

  • Certified Administrator (F5-CA)

    The Certified Administrator accreditation is a validation of one’s ability in handling daily management tasks of the F5 systems. It also helps specialists to fulfill foundational requirements for more advanced certificates. Two tests must be passed by anyone in need of it. The first is the exam 101, which is about application delivery fundamentals. The second one is coded 201, TMOS administration, which concerns one’s ability in doing daily tasks related to how to troubleshoot TMOS-related devices in varying environments for applications.

  • Certified Technical Professional (F5-CTP)

    This one needs two tests to be aced, namely 101 and 202. Exam 202, also called Pre-sales fundamentals, is directed at those who wish to possess knowledge that is vital when selling F5 products to technical audiences, while being in a position to recommend appropriate solutions to clients. What is achieved by completing this path is the CTP sales certification.

  • Certified Technical Specialist (F5-CTS)

    The F5-CTS track was created for those whose qualifications include implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting advanced features of F5 products. The certifications in this category contain:

    • BIG-IP LTM Specialist

      This one includes exams 301a and 301b. A passing score in the first test is a requirement before you can take the second one. The first is about architecting, setting up, and deploying solutions, while the second concerns maintaining and troubleshooting the F5 products and their advanced features.

    • BIG-IP DNS Specialist

      This certificate regards passing exam 302 and targets to build a professional’s prowess and knowledge for working as an engineer or architect for app delivery. One needs the F5-CA, BIG-IP certification to qualify for the test.

    • BIG-IP ASM Specialist

      When individuals pass exam 303 they’re crowned with the BIG-IP ASM certification. This implies that their abilities now encompass designing, executing, and maintaining BIG-IP ASM and integrating it with other products and platforms. Prior to sitting for it, one needs the F5-CA, BIG-IP certificate.

    • BIG-IP APM Specialist

      This is for those who attained the passing mark in exam 304. It’s an implication of their capabilities in daily management of Application Delivery Networks, which are incorporating technologies related to the TMOS. They are also into executing, troubleshooting, and maintaining BIG-IP APM within varied app environments. The prerequisite is the F5-CA, BIG-IP certification.

  • Certified Solution Expert (CSE)

    This path includes two certifications devoted to security and cloud. The F5 Certified! Solutions Expert, Security certification requires one to pass exam 401, which tests the capacity in developing solutions for security. The other is the F5 Certified! Solutions Expert, Cloud certificate, where one takes exam 402. This is to check their skills in identifying business needs for cloud solutions to an extent of translating those requirements into technical ones. Depending on which one the candidate chooses, the prerequisites can include F5-CA, BIG-IP; F5-CTS, BIG-IP DNS; BIG-IP LTM, and other accreditations.

Training Courses for F5 Certification Exams

When preparing for the F5 certification tests, one can choose different self-study courses as well as instructor-led sessions from those offered by F5 itself. Some of the options can be taken up for free. Generally, the courses available cover different topics comprehensively, starting from configuring and automating BIG-IP to NGINX caching to troubleshooting. Below, these are the details of the skills and knowledge one can gain by completing the courses:

  • Exam 101

    A learner can settle for the free online or Live, virtual & onsite training. The aim is to develop one’s capacity to do the following without being assisted:

    • Identifying and defining TMOS components;
    • Describing the OSI model;
    • Logging into devices and looking at logs;
    • Troubleshooting basic issues related to networks;
    • Creating problem statements;
    • Client-server networking;
    • Common error codes for HTTP;
    • Public versus private cloud;
    • Common service ports for applications.
  • Exam 201

    The TMOS Administration 201 exam can be approached either by preparing through the available self-paced training or the official live-virtual one depending on what your needs are. The course is to bring out the following abilities in you:

    • Accessing and managing BIG-IP via multiple paths;
    • Performing administrative tasks with the use of GUI;
    • Knowing how virtual servers, pools, virtual server types, pool members, profiles, iRules, nodes, and NAT/SNAT relate and differ;
    • Opening support cases and utilizing online resources like DevCentral, F5 iHealth, and AskF5;
    • Carrying management-related functions for software upon the platform;
    • Understanding basic features of Server SSL, UDP, HTTP, etc.
  • Exams 301A and 301B

    The training opportunities for these tests also include live-virtual & onsite sessions as well as official resources for self-paced learning. 301A and 301B are about coming to the comprehension and mastering the following concepts and tasks:

    • Creating configuration for BIG-IP LTM to deliver apps that align with scalability, high availability, and redundancy in an environment so that they can meet a customer’s needs;
    • Creating monitors that are application-specific;
    • Selecting and configuring proper methods for load balancing depending on the app requirements alongside server capabilities;
    • Determining when to utilize SNAT (Secure Address Translation) and when not to.
  • Exam 302

    A candidate who wishes to pass exam 302 ought to take the live-virtual or self-paced courses provided by the vendor. This is to assist them build their comprehension in the below matters and doing the indicated tasks:

    • The query process for DNS;
    • Recognizing when to utilize ZoneRunner in managing DNS records upon BIG-IP DNS;
    • Configuring and troubleshooting the DNS operational aspects;
    • Performing basic infrastructure for deployment.
  • Exam 401

    Both the self-paced learning and the live-virtual course bring an individual to the mastery of various subject matters with regards to exam 401. Below is what is captured:

    • Identifying security threats alongside interpreting their potential impact on business;
    • Designing solutions for mitigating security threats;
    • Analyzing anomalous data to allow the recognition of security incidents;
    • Carrying out multi-mode troubleshooting, by possibly using third-party tools;
    • Architecting technical solutions so that business requirements are met.


Becoming a big value to companies is much easier when you are a certified professional. Validate you networking skills and your expertise in application services by earning the F5 certifications. Choose the best training offered by the vendor and pass your exam/s on the first try!

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