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Exam Exam Name
ExamHPE0-J58 Exam NameDesigning Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions
ExamHPE0-J68 Exam NameHPE Storage Solutions
ExamHPE0-P26 Exam NameConfiguring HPE GreenLake Solutions
ExamHPE0-S22 Exam NameArchitecting Advanced HPE Server Solutions
ExamHPE0-S54 Exam NameDesigning HPE Server Solutions
ExamHPE0-S55 Exam NameDelta - Designing HPE Server Solutions
ExamHPE0-S57 Exam NameDesigning HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
ExamHPE0-S58 Exam NameImplementing HPE Composable Infrastructure Solutions
ExamHPE0-V13 Exam NameDesigning HPE Software-Defined Infrastructure Solutions
ExamHPE0-V14 Exam NameBuilding HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
ExamHPE0-V25 Exam NameHPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions
ExamHPE0-V27 Exam NameHPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions
ExamHPE2-K42 Exam NameDesigning HPE Nimble Solutions
ExamHPE2-T36 Exam NameUsing HPE OneView
ExamHPE2-T37 Exam NameUsing HPE OneView
ExamHPE2-W07 Exam NameSelling Aruba Products and Solutions
ExamHPE6-A47 Exam NameDesigning Aruba Solutions
ExamHPE6-A66 Exam NameAruba Certified Design Associate
ExamHPE6-A68 Exam NameAruba Certified ClearPass Professional (ACCP) V6.7
ExamHPE6-A69 Exam NameAruba Certified Switching Expert
ExamHPE6-A70 Exam NameAruba Certified Mobility Associate Exam
ExamHPE6-A71 Exam NameAruba Certified Mobility Professional Exam
ExamHPE6-A72 Exam NameAruba Certified Switching Associate
ExamHPE6-A73 Exam NameAruba Certified Switching Professional
ExamHPE6-A79 Exam NameAruba Certified Mobility Expert Written Exam
ExamHPE6-A82 Exam NameAruba Certified ClearPass Associate
ExamHPE6-A84 Exam NameAruba Certified Network Security Expert Written Exam

HP Certification Practice Test Questions, HP Certification Exam Dumps

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Hewlett-Packard, also called HP in short, was an organization established in 1939 with the aim to manufacture computer services, software, and hardware. This company split into HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in 2015. The former deals with computers in addition to printers, while the latter is in charge of the provision of technology products alongside services targeting businesses. The certification program, which has benefited numerous specialists across the globe, is being run and provided by HPE.

HPE Certification Program

In all, HPE certificates are available at multiple levels and are positioned for technical and sales specialists. The technical ones are in tracks like storage, software-defined infrastructure, workload solutions, networking, and servers. For the sales-based certifications, the paths include entry-level solutions and edge-to-cloud ones. For each path, interested candidates meet criteria based on their job roles. So, if you wish to change your role or progress within your current category, you’ll get critical support as well. What’s more, there are varied HPE certification levels at your disposal like:

  • Foundational- HPE Product Certified;
  • Professional- HPE ATP;
  • Expert- HPE ASE;
  • Master- HPE Master ASE.

To add more, there is also the Aruba specific certification program with three technical levels that are centered on various job roles in addition to skills that enhance a specialist’s industry expertise. These levels are:

  • Associate Level - Aruba;
  • Professional Level - Aruba;
  • Expert Level - Aruba.

For each qualification, there is an exam seeking to measure whether a candidate comprehends the specific technologies, services, and solutions based on what its curriculum states. Describing a few exams and naming the accompanying certifications will bring this out clearly.

HPE Certifications and Exams

Various HPE tests are to appraise various capacities in those who have applied to take them. Some of them include:

  • HPE0-J50

    This HPE0-J50 is called Integrating Protected HPE Storage Solutions and it scrutinizes abilities like deployment, integration, troubleshooting, and the management of storage solutions usually meant to meet the needs of a customer across virtual, cloud, and physical infrastructure. It also covers workloads aimed at information serving, retention, protection, and analytics. The test typical candidates are IT specialists in presales and have at least 1 to 3 years in interpreting customer needs for installing, configuring, and maintaining HPE storage-based solutions. When it comes to the testing procedure, candidates will be supplied with 70 questions and expected to submit them after 1 hour and 45 minutes. The formats will be matching, MCQs (include single response, multiple response, and scenario-based), point & click, and pull-down menu selection. The delivery language is English and to get the certificate, the score should be 70% on the minimum. Finally, the validation for this exam is the HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Integrator V2.

  • HPE2-K44

    Test HPE2-K44 is named as Implementing Advanced HPE Backup & Recovery Solutions. It’s about identifying, recommending, and explaining HPE as well as Partner backup in addition to recovery solutions. In it, covered are issues like data protection alongside the theory of retention, supporting technologies, as well as HPE & Partner software services. There are also aspects like sizing and planning in addition to best practices. As a rule, the ideal candidates include those in IT, data center, or facilities specialists working around or within data centers. Their responsibility involves making it possible for the data center to be available and manageable. Job roles for pursuing this validation are enterprise architects, pre-sales engineers, technology architects, and solutions engineers. As for the main test, there will be 40 multiple-choice questions that should run for 1 hour. The languages for such an exam include English and Japanese. For the passing score, there is 70% as the minimum grade. The associated certificate is the HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V3.

  • HPE6-A79

    Well, HPE6-A79 test checks if one is empowered in technical-based expert skills in relation to how to design, execute, and configure WLAN within more advanced multisite network environments that are highly available while utilizing the Aruba Controller, AirWave products, and Access Point. One’s capacity in developing, executing, monitoring, troubleshooting, managing end-to-end WLAN branch and campus solutions, and resolving issues within a customer’s existing infrastructure will also be examined. The ideal candidate for such a test has over 4 years in executing complex Aruba-based WLAN and at least 1 year in utilizing AirWave in managing and monitoring deployments for Aruba WLAN. In all, passing this test will get you the Aruba Certified Mobility Expert (ACMX) certificate. When it comes to the details of this exam, it is accessible in English and will be bearing 60 questions, will take 2 hours, and has the least score of 65%.

Preparing for Exams with Training Course

Varied ways such as making use of training courses abound for anyone wishing to prepare for the HPE exams. We’ll cover some official courses for those tests, which are as follows:

  • Executing Advanced Backup and Recovery Solutions, Rev. 18.11

    These HPE HPE2-K44 lessons are centered on building the learner’s capacity in identifying, recommending, and explaining solutions for HPE in addition to Partner Backup as well as recovery. Also, one will be empowered in the solutions for data protection as well as retention theory, aiding technologies, HPE software, and Partner software. There are trainer-led as well as virtual trainer-led course options, with each taking 3 days.

  • Aruba Advanced Mobility Troubleshooting & Solutions, Rev. 20.21

    Such a course structure meets the required content that assists students in building a better comprehension of the required Aruba technologies, developing mobility initial networks, strategizing their execution and configuration, and their methods for troubleshooting. In addition, it prepares learners in how they can deal with advanced or complex scenarios so that they can work on breaking them down into blocks that are easily manageable even as they manage their time efficiently. This 5-day course that is in English has about 35% dedicated to lectures and close to 65% dedicated to hands-on focused labs, where you’ll be guided throughout the training period by a competent trainer. There is another option of receiving virtual lessons with guidance from an instructor.


Indeed, HPE has a lot to offer you when it comes to their multiple certifications. Thus, you can pursue the HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Integrator V2 or the Aruba Certified Mobility Expert qualifications. Still, you will have to put a lot of effort while preparing for the HPE tests, which are commonly hard nuts to crack. And to rescue you, there are helpful official courses that will equip you with the relevant skills to align with the certificate needs & requirements.

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