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Exam Exam Name
Exam212-82 Exam NameCertified Cybersecurity Technician
Exam212-89 Exam NameEC-Council Certified Incident Handler
Exam312-38 Exam NameCertified Network Defender
Exam312-39 Exam NameCertified SOC Analyst
Exam312-49 Exam NameComputer Hacking Forensic Investigator
Exam312-49v10 Exam NameComputer Hacking Forensic Investigator
Exam312-50 Exam NameCEH Certified Ethical Hacker (312-50v9)
Exam312-50v10 Exam NameCertified Ethical Hacker v10 Exam
Exam312-50v11 Exam NameCertified Ethical Hacker v11 Exam
Exam312-50v12 Exam NameCertified Ethical Hacker v12 Exam
Exam312-75 Exam NameCertified EC-Council Instructor
Exam312-76 Exam NameEC-Council Disaster Recovery Professional
Exam312-85 Exam NameCertified Threat Intelligence Analyst
Exam312-96 Exam NameCertified Application Security Engineer (CASE) - JAVA
Exam512-50 Exam NameEC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM)
Exam712-50 Exam NameEC-Council Certified CISO
ExamEC0-349 Exam NameECCouncil Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
ExamEC0-350 Exam NameECCouncil Certified Ethical Hacker v8
ExamECSAv10 Exam NameEC-Council Certified Security Analyst
ExamECSS Exam NameEC-Council Certified Security Specialist

ECCouncil Certification Practice Test Questions, ECCouncil Certification Exam Dumps

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EC-Council is a company that has existed since 2001 and offers services, training, and certifications to professionals in varied cybersecurity fields. Their certificates cover executive management, computer forensics, business continuity and disaster recovery, ethical hacking, pen testing, incident handling, information security, network security, and more.

EC-Council Certifications

There are various certificates that can be accessed by individuals seeking skills in protecting electronic devices and systems. The most popular is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, which was introduced in 2003 as is disclosed below. Also, here are a few of the other leading options offered by this vendor:

  • EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH) Certification and Exam

    This program has been developed by practitioners in incident handling and cybersecurity. It concerns the impartation of skills that companies require in effectively dealing with post breach outcomes through the reduction of the impact of a specific incident from a financial as well as reputational view. The related test is 212-89 and is expected to appear with 100 MCQs. It takes 3 hours and its passing score is 70%. The exam’s voucher is $450.

  • EC-Council Certified Network Defender (CND) Certification and Exam

    This certification is premised on offering comprehensive solutions to security issues related to modern networks. The strategies of focus for candidates include protection, detection, response, and prediction concepts and techniques. To get certified, one should pass 312-38 exam which is to have 100 MCQs. Its duration is 4 hours and it has a pass mark whose range is from 60% to 85 %. The test is priced at $550.

  • EC-Council CEH v11Certification and Exam

    The CEH v11 certification validates one’s knowledge of the most recent tools, methodologies, and strategies that professionals in information security use when protecting an organization’s systems from hackers through lawful means. One ought to register for and pass 312-50 v11 exam to get this certificate. There will be 125 MCQs to be done in 4 hours. The minimum score is between 60% and 85%, while the registration fee is $1,199.

  • EC-Council Certified CISO Certification and Exam

    The Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) certification is about information security and presents an opportunity for professionals to attain real-world skills that are vital for success in the field. It’s for IS top-level executives and has a focus on technical aspects as well as checks how the principles of information security are applied by the candidate. To become accredited, one has to take 712-50 exam. The testing approach covers three levels, namely, knowledge, application, and analysis. There will be 150 MCQ questions to be answered within 2.5 hours and whose cost is $999. The cut-off mark will be between 60% and 85%.

Training Options for EC-Council Certification Exams

There are study resources that one can access regarding the target certification. While training, learners will be exposed to the latest technologies and an enhanced lab time that is hands-focused. Here are some preparation alternatives associated with the above-mentioned tests:

  • E|CIH 212-89 Exam

    Training for the EC-Council E|CIH 212-89 exam includes self-study, Live online, masterclass, and in-person options. Each of them fully covers the following topics:

    • The basics and general process of handling incidents and responding to them;
    • Forensic readiness in addition to first response;
    • Handling alongside responding to malware, incidents of email security, web applications, networks, and cloud security;
    • Handling insider threats in addition to responding to them.
  • EC-Council 312-38 Exam Training

    The EC-Council CND 312-38 exam training includes the same learning options, including live online course, the source for self-study, masterclasses, and online or in-person training with other candidates. When preparing, applicants will master 20 modules, with focus on areas such as network attacks, strategies for defence, technical network security, endpoint security for Windows systems as well as mobile devices, data security, risk anticipation, threat assessment, and more.

  • EC-Council CEH 312-50 v11 Exam Training

    To get ready for 312-50 v11 exam, one can attend an official course that is provided in the varied formats from live online and masterclasses to self-study and training with an education partner. In any case, the course has up 20 modules to cover. They concern ethical hacking, footprinting & reconnaissance, scanning networks, enumeration, vulnerability analysis, malware threats, system hacking, sniffing, social engineering, SQL injection, cloud computing, and cryptography, among others.

  • C|CISO Exam Training

    There are three options for preparing for the CCISO 712-50 exam, and they include:

    • Self-study

      This is for those with some level of experience in IS management. The candidates must send an eligibility application with prove of having amassed five years of experience in the five domains required. Credit is given based on industry-accepted experience, higher degrees, and professional certifications in the field of information security. The domains include:

      • Governance & risk management;
      • Controls, audit management, and compliance of information security;
      • Management and operations of security program;
      • Core competencies of information security;
      • Strategic planning, procurement, finance, & vendor management.
      • Online and in-person training

      The focus of this training is also the five knowledge areas covered by CCISO exam. It applies to those with interest in a deeper comprehension of CCISO topics comparing to the self-study option. After completion this course, a learner should submit an application for exam eligibility showing that besides passing through it, he or she has the requisite experience of five years in IS management in three out of five domains. If the application is approved, one can now buy the voucher and take the test. Those who don’t meet the stated requirements can choose to go for the E|ISM exam first and also obtain the 50% discount on the CCISO price.

    • The Associate program

      This option is best for those in need of training because they lack any previous experience in the required domains for training or self-study. In this case, the candidates can take the CCISO course, sit for and ace the EISM (EC-Council Information Security Manager) exam, and make their entry from the associate level. Once the required experience is met, one can then take the CCISO exam.


Become a professional in cybersecurity field by earning the certification from EC-Council. Choose the one that suits your career goals and start your preparation process. Use the official resources to find the most actual and valid prep material to polish your IT skills as well as career.

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