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Exam Exam Name
Exam9A0-410 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager Forms Developer ACE Exam
ExamAD0-300 Exam NameAdobe Campaign Business Practitioner
ExamAD0-E100 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager Assets Developer
ExamAD0-E101 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager Assets Architect
ExamAD0-E102 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager BusinessPractitioner
ExamAD0-E103 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager Developer
ExamAD0-E104 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager Architect
ExamAD0-E105 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager Lead Developer
ExamAD0-E106 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer
ExamAD0-E127 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager Forms Backend Developer Professional
ExamAD0-E134 Exam NameAdobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert
ExamAD0-E208 Exam NameAdobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert
ExamAD0-E301 Exam NameCampaign Standard Developer
ExamAD0-E308 Exam NameAdobe Campaign Classic Developer
ExamAD0-E452 Exam NameAdobe Audience Manager Architect
ExamAD0-E556 Exam NameAdobe Marketo Engage Architect Master
ExamAD0-E602 Exam NameAdobe Real-Time CDP Business Practitioner Professional
ExamAD0-E603 Exam NameAdobe Journey Optimizer Developer Expert
ExamAD0-E712 Exam NameAdobe Commerce Business Practitioner Professional
ExamAD0-E716 Exam NameAdobe Commerce Developer Expert
ExamAD0-E717 Exam NameAdobe Commerce Developer Professional
ExamAD0-E718 Exam NameAdobe Commerce Architect Master
ExamAD0-E720 Exam NameAdobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert
ExamAD0-E722 Exam NameAdobe Commerce Architect Master
ExamAD7-E601 Exam NameAdobe Real-Time CDP Technical Practitioner

Adobe Certification Practice Test Questions, Adobe Certification Exam Dumps

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Adobe is a multinational tech company that offers an impressive range of software products and multimedia apps for customers all over the world. In addition, they have a series of certifications to back up your digital abilities in specific Adobe programs and services. And for those who want to refine their technical skillset, we’ve gathered some Adobe certificates that are designed to take your career to the next level.

Adobe Certification Exams

To start, Adobe qualifications are categorized based on a specific Adobe solution. Overall, there are ten classifications including Adobe Magento Commerce, Adobe Target, Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Analytics. What is more, Adobe validations can be specified depending on the job role like an admin, developer, architect, etc. So, below are three popular Adobe certifications that you can incorporate into your profile. Apart from the certification details, we will also break down its recommended training courses to assist you with your prep. Thus, let’s start with:

  • Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner Expert

    This expert-level Adobe certificate proves your mastery in tasks surrounding Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content management. It also underscores the relevance of Adobe Experience Clouds which are needed for creating the best business solutions. To acquire this validation, you have to go through its main requirement ― AD0-E102. There are 50 questions in the official exam, all formatted in multiple-choice and multiple-select types. Also, you are given 80 minutes to complete the test and you should get at least 66% to achieve the qualifying mark.

  • Recommended Training for AD0-E102 Test

    For the list of official courses for test AD0-E102, let’s begin with “Manage and Deliver Digital Assets Using AEM”, 2-day training that primarily circles around deployment methods. Enrolling in this training furnishes you with the right AEM skills, particularly, in importing, organizing, and supervising digital assets. These include images, videos, audio clips, and documents, which are essential in working with a web page. Likewise, such material gives emphasis on how to efficiently handle, share, and deliver the said assets across different end-users.

    The next classes that you should avail for your test prep are “Design Adaptive Forms” and “Create Web Experiences”. Both of these courses run using Adobe Experience Manager. The first one aids you to become more educated in creating adaptive documents, developing templates, and dealing with data binding. The second training, particularly, is more focused on the AEM authoring concepts along with the integration of interactive digital experience.

  • Adobe Experience Manager Sites Lead Developer Expert

    If you want to reinforce your knowledge of developing sites using AEM, consider getting this high-level qualification. Preparing for its associated AD0-E105 exam leads you towards a better comprehension of AEM projects and their processes. These include crucial tasks such as installation, configuration, management, deployment, and management. On top of that, you will be introduced to vital workflows, components, templates, along with OSGi configurations and services. Such a test runs for 100 minutes, with a total of 50 questions and a passing rate of 66%.

  • Courses for Adobe Experience Manager Sites Lead Developer Expert

    Get started your AD0-E105 prep with “Develop Websites and Components in AEM v6”course and allocate 4 days to learn more about v6 deployment features and methods. The training material also buckles down the basic aspects of creating an AEM via editable templates and such. Moreover, its hands-on exercises will allow you to handle technical tasks like designing editable pages, generating core/custom components, utilizing the key style system, and exporting content.

    If you’re done with the first one, take your time to cover the classes known as “Extend and Customize Adobe Experience Manager”. It’s a 3-day preparation course that further teaches you the functionalities related to v6 deployment methods. In addition, it helps you in building an AEM project via the AEM archetype, using the AEM plugin, and controlling AEM substances for automation. There will also be contents about different environment tools, including loggers, configurations, and run modes. And to cap off the exam objectives, you need to work your skills in handling the JCR repository, sling servlets, and various APIs that are accessible in AEM.

    The last recommended course for AD0-E105 is “Administer and Securely Maintain Adobe Experience Manager”, which focuses on the administration and security side of v6 deployment. Such training mainly imparts information about configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting AEM solutions using the best practices.

  • Adobe Campaign Standard Developer Expert

    For marketing automation administrators, digital marketers, and email marketing analysts, this is the right certificate to opt for. Its exam, AD0-E301, focuses on how you manage the Adobe Campaign Standard, its core concepts, and key capabilities. The main subject is further categorized into data management, campaign setup, system configuration, and the like. The final test consists of 50 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions, all to be accomplished within 90 minutes. To pass such an exam, you have to get a 64% or more.

  • AD0-E301 Training Courses

    To launch your learning path for the official test, “Manage Workflows in Adobe Campaign Standard” should be your priority. This 1-day course stretches your proficiency in using workflows to segment, enrich, import, and export data resources. It also coaches you on how to appropriately organize external events and automate subscription services using key workflows that are featured in Adobe Campaign Standard.

    Another must-have training is “Design and Orchestrate Marketing Campaigns Using Adobe Campaign Standard”. By taking part in this 2-day tutorial, you will pick up vital information about creating and administering email/ personal campaigns on different devices. More so, it will prepare you to become highly efficient in pertinent topics associated with cross-channel marketing, including SMS, email, subscriptions, and direct mail deliveries. And if you want to be fully-equipped before your AD0-E301 exam day, take a hold of the other suggested courses like “Extend and Customize Adobe Campaign Standard’.


Deciding to get an Adobe certification is surely a wise career move that you can make. Therefore, you have to act as early as now and pick your preferred path. And don’t forget to make use of the learning materials mentioned above for you to easily keep track of the scope of the major areas required in the official Adobe exams.

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