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Exam Exam Name
ExamADM-201 Exam NameAdministration Essentials for New Admins
ExamADM-211 Exam NameAdministration Essentials for Experienced Admin
ExamCertified Advanced Administrator Exam NameCertified Advanced Administrator
ExamCertified AI Associate Exam NameCertified AI Associate
ExamCertified Associate Exam NameCertified Associate
ExamCertified B2B Solution Architect Exam NameCertified B2B Solution Architect
ExamCertified B2C Commerce Developer Exam NameCertified B2C Commerce Developer
ExamCertified Business Analyst Exam NameCertified Business Analyst
ExamCertified Community Cloud Consultant Exam NameCertified Community Cloud Consultant
ExamCertified CPQ Specialist Exam NameCertified CPQ Specialist
ExamCertified Data Architect Exam NameCertified Data Architect
ExamCertified Data Architecture and Management Designer Exam NameCertified Data Architecture and Management Designer
ExamCertified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect Exam NameCertified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect
ExamCertified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer Exam NameCertified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer
ExamCertified Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant Exam NameCertified Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant
ExamCertified Experience Cloud Consultant Exam NameCertified Experience Cloud Consultant
ExamCertified Heroku Architecture Designer Exam NameCertified Heroku Architecture Designer
ExamCertified Identity and Access Management Architect Exam NameCertified Identity and Access Management Architect
ExamCertified Identity and Access Management Designer Exam NameCertified Identity and Access Management Designer
ExamCertified Industries CPQ Developer Exam NameCertified Industries CPQ Developer
ExamCertified Integration Architect Exam NameCertified Integration Architect
ExamCertified JavaScript Developer I Exam NameCertified JavaScript Developer I
ExamCertified Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam NameCertified Marketing Cloud Administrator
ExamCertified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam NameCertified Marketing Cloud Consultant
ExamCertified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Exam NameCertified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
ExamCertified OmniStudio Consultant Exam NameCertified OmniStudio Consultant
ExamCertified OmniStudio Developer Exam NameCertified OmniStudio Developer
ExamCertified Platform App Builder Exam NameCertified Platform App Builder
ExamCertified Platform Developer II Exam NameCertified Platform Developer II
ExamCertified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam NameCertified Sales Cloud Consultant
ExamCertified Service Cloud Consultant Exam NameSalesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
ExamCertified Sharing and Visibility Architect Exam NameCertified Sharing and Visibility Architect
ExamCertified Sharing and Visibility Designer Exam NameCertified Sharing and Visibility Designer
ExamCertified Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant Exam NameCertified Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant
ExamCRT-160 Exam NameSalesforce Certified Pardot Specialist
ExamCRT-251 Exam NameSales Cloud Consultant
ExamCRT-450 Exam NameSalesforce Certified Platform Developer I
ExamDEV-401 Exam NameBuilding Applications with and Visualforce
ExamDEV-450 Exam NameSalesforce Certified Platform Developer I (SU18)
ExamDEV-501 Exam NameApex and Visualforce Controllers
ExamField Service Consultant Exam NameField Service Consultant
ExamField Service Lightning Consultant Exam NameField Service Lightning Consultant
ExamSales Cloud Consultant Exam NameSales Cloud Consultant (retired)

Salesforce Certification Practice Test Questions, Salesforce Certification Exam Dumps

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Salesforce, a cloud-based organization, is a CRM interaction platform that enables quality interactions and collaborations between employees in a company. Salesforce also ensures quality monitoring of sales and customer requirements. To equip employees and other company players, this vendor offers training and certifications to those who want to advance their skills in using this platform. Overall, their certificates are targeted at administrators, app builders, architects, consultants, developers, marketers, and other specialists.

Certifications Endorsed by Salesforce

If to dive deeper into the certification program offered by the vendor, you’ll find the following categories with the related certificates:

  • Salesforce Administrator

    It is for those applicants responsible for monitoring the experience with the Salesforce platform when dealing with service cloud as well as sales cloud. Under such a category, you’ll find several qualifications like the Salesforce Certified Administrator, the Salesforce Advanced Administrator, the Platform App Builder, the CPQ Specialist, and the Marketing Cloud Administrator certificates, each having the associated test. So, to demonstrate to you what the Salesforce Admin exams entail, let us look at ADM-201 test as an example, which is the main requirement for the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification. During this test, you will have to answer 60 multiple-choice questions in 105 minutes, with a passing score of 65%. The exam costs $200, however, if you need to retake it, the fee will be $100.

  • Salesforce Architect Certifications

    When it comes to the Architect section, here, you’ll come across such valuable certificates like the System Architect, the B2C Commerce Architect, the Application Architect, the B2C Solution Architect, the Heroku Architecture Designer, and the Technical Architect. For instance, if you’d like to sit for the B2C Solution Architect exam, you’ll have to deal with 60 items in the multiple-choice & multiple-select formats with the allocated time of 105 minutes. The passing score for such a test is 63% with an entry test fee equaling $400. In all, such a qualification will furnish you with the knowledge of how to provide customer success as well as delivery and will get into capabilities of functions alongside business value, design for architecture, and integration.

  • Salesforce Consultant

    Under such a category, you’ll find the Education Cloud Consultant, the Community Cloud Consultant, the Field Service Lightning Consultant, the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, the Marketing Cloud Consultant, the Pardot Consultant, the Sales Cloud Consultant, the Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant, and the Service Cloud Consultant validations. If to take the Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant test as an example, in the main exam, you’ll have to solve 60 tasks in 90 minutes, where you will need to score 68% to get a pass status. The fee for taking this test is $200 and its topics will revolve around security facets, story outline for Einstein discovery, admin skills, data layers, etc.

  • Salesforce Developer Certificates

    In all, this section is divided into such certificates as the B2C Commerce Developer, the Platform Developer I, the Platform Developer II, the JavaScript Developer I, the Marketing Cloud Developer, and the Platform App Builder. As a rule, the Platform Developer I is the most popular validations among those mentioned above, so let’s get to know more about its related test coded CRT-450. This exam will cost you $200 and will contain as many as 60 exam items to be completed within 105 minutes. Once you show your proficiency in such topics as the basics of Salesforce, user interface features, the management of data chunks, and process automation, you’ll be able to get the passing rate, which is 65%.

  • Salesforce Marketer

    Particularly, it includes the Marketing Cloud Consultant, the Pardot Specialist, the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, the Pardot Consultant, and the Marketing Cloud Developer qualifications. If you, for instance, want to pursue the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant test, then you’ll have to accomplish it in 105 minutes by solving 60 test items. Also, sitting for this test will cost you $200, and to earn your certificate, you’ll need to score 67%. Finally, to outshine other candidates in the official exam, you’ll have to be skilled in such areas as the configuration of various accounts, messaging details, automation facets, etc.

Salesforce Online Courses

To attain any of the aforementioned certifications, you need to prepare efficiently for the related tests. As the Salesforce Trailhead Academy strives to provide the best result and assist candidates in getting the desired certification, there are various quality courses that you can choose from:

  • Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX201) Course

    New Admins will find this course immensely helpful as it provides core training for an improved chance of getting the required certification. In particular, it teaches examinees to set up, configure, and maintain Salesforce applications. The solid lightning skills you will learn within such training include but are not limited to application customization, security settings, using lightning features for creating dashboards and reports, understanding workflow automation, and many others. Finally, this 5-day-course is available in virtual and in-person formats for your convenience.

  • Administer and Maintain Service Cloud (ADX261)

    The lessons and topics explained here cover a vast area of proficiency to instruct you on creating processes to support the workflow for your team, defining rules, queues, and escalation regulations to make sure the team is efficient and meets the deadlines. Such a 2-day-course is available in virtual and in-person modes with the best experts teaching you how to set up, configure, and maintain the Salesforce Service Console app, take the most of the Softphone Utility in the Lightning Console, and provide the best experience for your customers using Web Chats.

  • B2C Commerce Merchant (CCM101) Training

    This virtual course provides merchants and marketers with helpful hands-on tools on how to use the Commerce Cloud Business Manager for managing catalogs, content, products, and promotions for a Commerce Cloud storefront. During the 5 days of this training, qualified experts will walk you through the key concepts and details of catalogs & categories and teach you how to create, configure, and edit them to achieve the best results in B2C Commerce. After completing the course, you will be confident in using Storefront Toolkit, the query processes, and product bundles. In addition, attending such 5-day virtual training will help you become a better specialist with skills in Search Query Processing and Promotion Visualizations.


Salesforce as a vendor has a lot to offer you. Apart from being one of the most popular CRM platforms, this reputable company also endorses their prestigious certificates for all aspiring candidates. Thus, you can opt for the Salesforce Certified Administrator or the Platform Developer I certifications among many others, prepare efficiently for the related tests with the help of the official courses, and fulfill your career dreams.

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