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ExamAdWords Display Advertising Exam NameGoogle AdWords: Display Advertising
ExamAdWords Fundamentals Exam NameGoogle AdWords Fundamentals
ExamAdwords Mobile Advertising Exam NameGoogle AdWords: Mobile Advertising
ExamAdWords Search Advertising Exam NameGoogle AdWords: Search Advertising
ExamAdWords Shopping Advertising Exam NameGoogle AdWords: Shopping Advertising
ExamAdWords Video Advertising Exam NameGoogle AdWords: Video Advertising
ExamApigee Certified API Engineer Exam NameApigee Certified API Engineer
ExamAssociate Android Developer Exam NameAssociate Android Developer
ExamAssociate Cloud Engineer Exam NameAssociate Cloud Engineer
ExamCloud Digital Leader Exam NameCloud Digital Leader
ExamGoogle Analytics Exam NameGoogle Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)
ExamGoogle Analytics Individual Qualification Exam NameGoogle Analytics Individual Qualification
ExamGSuite Exam NameGSuite
ExamLooker Business Analyst Exam NameLooker Business Analyst
ExamLookML Developer Exam NameLookML Developer
ExamMobile Web Specialist Exam NameMobile Web Specialist
ExamProfessional Cloud Architect Exam NameGoogle Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect
ExamProfessional Cloud Database Engineer Exam NameProfessional Cloud Database Engineer
ExamProfessional Cloud Developer Exam NameProfessional Cloud Developer
ExamProfessional Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam NameProfessional Cloud DevOps Engineer
ExamProfessional Cloud Network Engineer Exam NameProfessional Cloud Network Engineer
ExamProfessional Cloud Security Engineer Exam NameProfessional Cloud Security Engineer
ExamProfessional Collaboration Engineer Exam NameProfessional Collaboration Engineer
ExamProfessional Data Engineer Exam NameProfessional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform
ExamProfessional Google Workspace Administrator Exam NameProfessional Google Workspace Administrator
ExamProfessional Machine Learning Engineer Exam NameProfessional Machine Learning Engineer

Google Certification Practice Test Questions, Google Certification Exam Dumps

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Google is a multinational technology organization that provides internet-based services as well as products. These include various technologies for online advertising, hardware, software, search engine, and cloud computing. Founded in 1998, the company is also extending free and paid certifications to those with interest in building their capacity regarding their skills and careers.

Google Certification Program

The Google professional certification program demonstrates a holder’s high-grade proficiency in the respective skills. Commonly, candidates for Google certificates include those targeting to know more about online advertising as well as those aimed at the in-demand cloud-computing sphere. Through Google training, which is a skillshop eLearning platform and the Google validation program, you can get insights into this vendor’s products, how to use them, and get certified after taking the respective exam. One of the free certifications is the popular Google Ads. What is more, certificates focused on Google cloud or cloud-computing features are role-based and appear in two levels like the Associate, and Professional. To bring the qualifications from such a vendor into perspective, it’s best to cover some exams and their associated certificates.

Google Certifications and Tests

Well, some of the most popular Google exams and validations include the following:

  • Google Ads Display test

    A certificate in Google Ads is proof that the individual holding it is proficient in their cognizance regarding Google Ads and how he or she works with them. Within the Google Ads category, one can opt to concentrate on one of the six products that lead to a particular certification, where the Google Ads Display is one of them. Passing the related test for the stated certificate points to a person’s abilities in various advertising strategies within the Google Display matrix. In addition, it implies that one is capable of utilizing Google Display in generating brand awareness, reaching new as well as existing customers, and enhancing customer retention. Such an exam is allocated a completion time of 75 minutes with a passing grade of 80%.

  • Apigee Certified API Engineer

    The Google Cloud - Apigee Certified API Engineer is for specialists in the designing and development of robust, scalable, and secure solutions for API that are capable of driving business goals. This test assesses the capability of candidates to productively use Apigee products, practices, and processes in addition to using the technology in helping transform businesses so that they can influence their customers. Tested areas of this exam include the usage of the most recent tools as well as technical strategies, relevant skills, and the comprehension of Apigee products, and one’s ability to create captivating and complex projects. The availability of such a test is in English and candidates will get 2 hours to work on 110 items. Finally, the Google Cloud - Apigee Certified API Engineer validation costs $200.

  • Associate Cloud Engineer

    The Associate Cloud Engineer or ACE test is well-focused on the deployment of applications, the monitoring of operations, and the management of enterprise-based solutions. Anyone taking it should be sure of their fortitude in utilizing the Google Cloud Console as well as the CLI in performing common tasks within the platform as this is necessary for the maintenance of at least one executed solution that uses services that are Google- or even self-managed. Passing the test implies that one will possess the Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer certificate. In the official test, exam-takers have 2 hours to answer the multiple choice as well as multiple-select questions, which are set in English, Spanish, or Japanese. The cost of the ACE exam is $125.

  • Professional Cloud Architect

    The Google Certified - Professional Cloud Architect exam for a certificate with the namesake title enables the assessing of one’s proficiency in leveraging technologies for Google Cloud in organizations. The intended audience for this qualification has an intensive grip on cloud architecture in addition to Google Cloud and their proficiency includes the designing, developing, and managing of robust, scalable, highly available, and secure, in addition to dynamic solutions, whose capability can drive the goals of a business. The testing process is 2 hours and comprises multiple-select items and MCQs and is designed in English and Japanese. The amount needed to book such an exam is $200.

Study Guides for Google Certification Exams

It’s common knowledge that study manuals are vital resources when a matter like an exam prep is at hand. Depending on what test you’re taking, you can always access free as well as paid resources found on the vendor’s or some third-party sites. The Google Ads related exams, for example, have free guides, courses, and other helpful resources. For exams such as the Professional Cloud Architect, study guides can be accessed from Amazon. Let’s cover two such guides for your usage.

  • Professional Cloud Architect Official Study Guide

    This essential official source of content for the Professional Cloud Architect exam written by Dan Sullivan accurately covers all the requisite objectives. What is more, there is a quiz to assist you in finding out the extent of your skills and review questions associated with every single chapter to emphasize vital learning points. Overall, the content of this book spins around topic explanations, analysis, and the definition of technical as well as business processes, planning for migration, and the development of storage systems, compute, and network resources.

  • Professional Google Cloud Certification Guide

    This handy material by Brian Gerrard and Konrad Clapa prepares you for the job of developing and maintaining GCP solutions for the enterprise. It’s inclusive of varied topics for the certification exam as set forth in the syllabus. Its prime focus is to assist users in finding out the appropriate methods to use when providing GCP services. In the beginning, learners discover the importance of the cloud architect skills and the role and further dig into the key solutions and services offered by GCP that include cloud computing, security, and storage. By the time you finish with this guide, you will be good at the topics spelled out for the official test.


As of now, Google offers multiple certificates that are popular validations among many candidates. For instance, applicants can opt for the Google Certified - Professional Cloud Architect or the Google Certified - Associate Cloud Engineer validations that can be aced with the help of comprehensive study guides found online.

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I am interested in taking the exam for Google Ads Display certificate. are these dumps umdated?

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