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ExamCWISA-102 Exam NameCertified Wireless IoT Solutions Administrator
ExamCWNA-108 Exam NameCertified Wireless Network Administrator

CWNP Certification Practice Test Questions, CWNP Certification Exam Dumps

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The Certified Wireless Network Professional or CWNP has been availing vendor-neutral certifications dedicated to LAN and WLAN technologies since 1999. Their certificates are meant for professionals with different levels of qualification. The candidates can be entry-level individuals as well as those who are already seasoned in networking and want to help their enterprises achieve new heights.

CWNP Certifications

The accreditations are vital in benchmarking one’s deepening knowledge of different technologies. When it comes to CWNP, their most popular offerings include:

  • Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS);
  • Certified Wireless Technician (CWT);
  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA);
  • Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP);
  • Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP);
  • Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP).

Detailed Certification Overview

Each of the aforementioned certifications is associated with a test which an applicant must pass to earn it. These paths to becoming accredited are disclosed below.

  • CWS Certification

    Anyone starting out his or her IT career can make good use of the CWS certificate. The target audience includes professionals in marketing and sales, in addition to other entry-level posts associated with wireless solutions. It revolves around Wi-Fi and serves as a superb introduction to enterprise-based Wi-Fi as it covers RF hardware alongside its functions, Wireless LAN software and hardware, and organizational goals. To get certified, one should take CWS-100 exam, whose details are provided below:

    • Number of questions: 60;
    • Duration: 1.5 hours;
    • Question type: multiple choice and single answer;
    • Cost: $150;
    • Passing score: at least 70%.

    Although it is not a strict prerequisite, with CWS, you can earn the CWNA certificate easier. Let’s learn more about it further.

  • CWNA Certification

    This is consistent with network administrators requiring a thorough comprehension of RF, installation of networks as well as their maintenance, site surveying, basic security for enterprise Wi-Fi, hardware and software, and troubleshooting concepts, among the rest. It’s related to CWNA-108 exam, whose details are:

    • Questions: 60;
    • Question types: Multiple answer/Multiple choice;
    • Time: 1.5 hours;
    • Cost: $225;
    • Passing score: 70% or above.
  • CWSP Certification

    This is a professional-level certification that aims at network engineers seeking to build expert skills in enterprise-based Wi-Fi security. One needs an up-to-date CWNA certification before applying for CWSP and has to pass CWSP-206 exam with a mark of at least 70%. The test is focused on the implementation of WIPS, WLAN discovery, different models for security design, VPNs, and others, and has the following features.:

    • Questions: 60;
    • Question type: multiple choice;
    • Time: 1.5 hours;
    • Cost: $275.

    Speaking of the other above-mentioned options, the CWDP certification has CWDP-303 as its exam, while the CWT certification requires one to ace CWT-100. Also, the CWAP accreditation is given to those who excelled in CWAP-403 test. Certifications like CWT at the entry-level cost $150, while those at the professional level cost $275. For all of them, three years is their period of validity.

Training Courses for CWNP Exams

Before registering for any CWNP exam, ensure that you have enough practical background. Thus, for administrator-level tests, you need to have at least a year of experience, while those for professional-level certifications require two to three years of experience in the relevant field. Still, even the candidates who meet these prerequisites will boost their chances to pass the test if they attend extra training. Here are some of the preparation options for popular CWNP certification exams.

  • CWNA-108 exam

    The training classes held by NetCertExpert that last for 4 days and cost $2,495 take care of the topics of CWNA-108 exam. These include RF technologies, WLAN regulations alongside standards, WLAN protocols in addition to devices, network infrastructure as well as design concepts for WLAN, and network security for WLAN. Others are RF validation and WLAN troubleshooting. Prerequisite knowledge includes the basics of networking, OSI models, and IP subnetting. By taking the course, this is what to expect:

    • A solid comprehension of knowledge which is vital in the wireless networking field;
    • In-person attendance, though some options for virtual attendance are available;
    • Course materials in hard copy;
    • Real-time learning;
    • Hands-on labs and a lab guide;
    • Free voucher for the exam from Pearson VUE.

    Moreover, one can take up the 4-days course held by Eight-O-Two that costs $3,095. This one also covers all the essential concepts and themes. By paying the fee, applicants get not only the course but also an exam voucher, the chance to pass an official mock test, and they are given a study guide as well. If the candidate doesn’t want to attend classes, there is an option to buy a study kit for self-learning that costs $349.

  • CWDP-303 exam

    There is a live training session for CWDP-303 test available too. It’s aligned to the exam objectives that include WLAN specifications, designing the WLAN, deploying the WLAN, and validating and optimizing the WLAN, among the rest. Before going for the course, CWNP recommends one to have a relevant experience of two to three years. Prior knowledge should include an in-depth comprehension of RF technologies and 802.11 network applications. During this 4-day training, which costs $2,795, this is what learners should expect:

    • Deep-dive into vital skills for planning, deploying, and testing today’s 802.11-related networks;
    • In-person training, though the options for virtual attendance;
    • Hard-copy materials for the course;
    • Live instructions;
    • Access to hands-on labs and related lab guide;
    • Free voucher for the exam from Pearson VUE.
  • CWSP-206 exam

    The official study options for CWSP-206 exam include eLearning in addition to Live-Training and a set of materials for self-study. The coverage of the courses includes main areas such as design models for network security, building security networks that are robust, management systems for wireless LAN, and 802.11 design-related architectures. The eLearning course goes for $799.99 and includes unlimited access to the study resource, a comprehensive explanation of the topics, and nine chapters with quizzes. The Live-Training option runs for 4 days and goes for $2,795. Here, basic literacy in wireless LAN is recommended. It delves into wireless networking security aspects, and the highlights include:

    • Exposure to essential skills needed to implement and manage wireless security within an enterprise;
    • In-person learning as well as options for virtual attendance;
    • Hard-copy training materials;
    • Hands-on labs and a relevant guide;
    • Free test voucher from Pearson VUE.
  • CWAP-403 exam

    The training targeting CWAP-403 exam involves live instruction and runs for four days. It covers proper troubleshooting methods; protocol analysis; physical layer; MAC frames; BSS association, security, and transition exchanges; MAC operations; HT along with VHT operations; spectrum analysis; and medium access methods alongside QoS frame exchanges. One is advised to have knowledge in Radio Frequency technologies as well as has to understand how to apply 802.11 networks. The price for the course is $2,795 and by taking it, one experiences the following:

    • Vital skills needed to analyze, assess, and troubleshoot wireless operations within the enterprise environment;
    • Ability to utilize hardware in addition to software solutions availed by the leading manufacturers in the industry;
    • In-person as well as virtual learning format;
    • Hands-on labs and a lab guide;
    • Free voucher for the exam from Pearson VUE.


If you are one of those whose who’ve set the goal to become CWNP certified and be an expert in LAN and WAN technologies, be well-prepared for your certification exam by using the right material. Knowing the exam details and attending the official courses, you get the chance to pass your exam with success!

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