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Exam Exam Name
Exam3312 Exam NameAvaya Aura Contact Center Administration
Exam37820X Exam NameAvaya Midsize Solution Design
Exam46150T Exam NameAvaya Solutions for Midsized Customers Online Test (APSS)
Exam6210 Exam NameAvaya Aura Contact Center Implementation Exam
Exam6211 Exam NameAvaya Aura Contact Center Multimedia Implementation Exam
Exam71200X Exam NameAvaya Aura Core Components Integration
Exam71201X Exam NameAvaya Aura Core Components Implement Certified Exam
Exam71301X Exam NameAvaya Aura Communications Applications Implement Certified
Exam71801X Exam NameAvaya Messaging Support Certified
Exam72200X Exam NameAvaya Aura Core Components Support Exam
Exam72201X Exam NameAvaya Aura Core Components Support Certified Exam
Exam72301X Exam NameAvaya Aura Communication Applications Support Certified
Exam7392X Exam NameAvaya Aura Call Center Elite Implementation Exam
Exam7492X Exam NameAvaya Aura Call Center Elite Support
Exam75940X Exam NameAvaya Converged Platform Integration
Exam76940X Exam NameAvaya Converged Platform Support
Exam77200X Exam NameAvaya IP Office Platform Basic Integration and Configuration
Exam78200X Exam NameAvaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance Exam

Avaya Certification Practice Test Questions, Avaya Certification Exam Dumps

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Avaya uses networking and communication products that IT professionals around the world use. This company became popular with its CRM integration products and effective solutions dedicated to team management. The Avaya certifications help specialists gain expertise in CRM products and solutions for customers interested in managing their teams and leverage their performance.

Avaya Certification Program

Avaya certification program helps candidates design, implement, maintain, and sell Avaya solutions and products so that they meet the customers’ expectations and requirements. It offers qualifications that focus on validating the skills and knowledge so that they can sell and design Avaya solutions and products properly. These certificates are the Avaya Professional Sales Specialist, Avaya Design Readiness Associate, Avaya Sales Readiness Associate, and Avaya Certified Design Specialist. The Avaya Services certifications like the ACIS and ACSS together with Avaya Services Technical Associate validate the candidates’ knowledge of implementing and integrating Avaya products and solutions. The last batch of the Avaya certificates is formed by Avaya Solutions Administrator and Developer validations. It focuses on the Avaya partner community and customers who target the roles of Developer/Programmer and Administrator.

ACIS Avaya Aura Core Components

The Aura Core Components qualification is designed for specialists who want to learn how to integrate and implement Avaya Enterprise Team Engagement Solutions. The candidates can obtain this certification after they pass 7120X test. To get the passing score in it, the candidates will need to answer correctly to 47 questions out of the total of 68 with the allotted time being 90 minutes. All in all, the certification exam has two main objectives. The candidates need to demonstrate that they know how to manage and deploy Avaya Team Engagement Core Solutions Components and Integration.

Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist – Avaya Solutions Platform

The Avaya Solutions Platform validation is designed for those candidates who want to learn how to implement and integrate the Avaya Solutions Platform 4200 Series. The candidates will need to pass the exam with the code 7594 and answer correctly to 64% of the total questions received in the test. To add more, the test-takers will have 90 minutes to get the minimum passing score. The test objectives include the description of ACP 4200 4.0 architecture and Overall Storage Architecture and Virtualization System. Also, the candidates will need to show that they can describe a VMware networking connection with ASP 4200 services as well as have the right skills in performing the proper system upgrades.

Avaya Certified Support Specialist - Avaya Aura Contact Center

The Avaya Aura Contact Center certification is dedicated to those candidates who want to learn how to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot different Avaya products. The candidates are eligible if they have at least 4 years of experience working with different technologies related to Avaya technology. Also, they should have previously worked for at least 2 years with Avaya products. In the main test, coded the ACSS-3300, the candidates will need to demonstrate that they can handle Avaya architecture and know how to install the vendor’s software and hardware products. Also, they will get questions that test their ability to implement, validate, and troubleshoot Avaya systems effectively. Other skills tested in the Avaya certification exam are correct product configuration and customer technical issues interpretation.

Avaya Official Courses

To ace the aforementioned tests, candidates are recommended to enroll in courses like these:

  • Introducing Avaya Engagement Assistant 3.0.

    This class is a self-paced material that helps candidates to install, administer, and manage Avaya Engagement Assistant 3.0 Snap-In services. The candidates are not required to have any prior experience with this system. Also, this material has zero costs for students. Besides, it offers access to the end of course evaluation. The Avaya Engagement Assistant 3.0 course has the following study objectives:

    • Help the candidates understand the product’s capabilities;
    • Offer high-level design considerations for the specialist who implements the system;
    • Make the candidate familiar with the tasks related to implementation and configuration;
    • Help the candidate become proficient in troubleshooting and implementation.
  • Integrating Avaya Aura Core Components

    Candidates can find the course Integrating Avaya Aura Core Components course by the code 71200C. This class lasts for 5 days and it is led by an experienced Avaya instructor. It targets individuals who want to integrate and implement Avaya Team Engagement Solution core products. Such a course is delivered in a classroom setting or online. Also, the candidates will have access to a virtual lab. Therefore, they will experience a combination of interactive instructor lectures and practical lab exercises. This course is suitable for those candidates who want to obtain the Avaya Aura Core Components certification. The class main objectives are the following:

    • Explaining and understanding the main functionality and features of Avaya Team Engagement Solution core components;
    • Description of the deployment process related to Avaya Team Engagement solution;
    • Administration and troubleshooting of Avaya core components;
    • Integration of core components with the solution architecture;
    • Post-implementation configuration performance of the solution architecture core components.

    This class cost is $3,500 and it has a duration of 40 hours. Also, the vendor recommends that the candidates have prior basic knowledge of Voice of IP technology. Besides, they should be experienced in understanding how Session Initiation Protocol fundamentals work.

  • Implementing Avaya Solutions Platform 4200 Series R4.0

    The code of this training is 75930V and its cost is $2,100. The Implementing Avaya Solutions Platform 4200 Series R4.0 is a virtual training led by an experienced instructor who will teach the candidates how to implement Avaya 4200 platform. The candidates will have access to the remote lab and interactive materials presented by Avaya instructors. This course is recommended for those individuals who want to obtain the Avaya Solutions Platform certificate. Its main objectives are the following:

    • Description of ASP 4200 Series installation conditions;
    • Identification of the ASP 4200 Series components;
    • Outline of the ASP 4200 Series Operations and Applications;
    • Avaya Orchestrator features and operation discussion;
    • ASP 4200 Series applications integration with Avaya System Manager;
    • ASP 4200 Series Considerations discussion;
    • Explanation of ASP 4200 Series Network Architecture

    Avaya recommends that the specialists who want to enroll in this class should have previously worked and understood how data networking functions. Also, they should have a solid knowledge of how to use Avaya Aura products.


    The Avaya certifications and their related exams will definitely make you a skilled and dexterous specialist who knows how to meet the needs of his/her customers. So, pick one of the validations mentioned in this post, for instance, the Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist – Avaya Solutions Platform, prepare for the upcoming test with the relevant course, and get certified in no time!

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