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Exam Exam Name
ExamPCCET Exam NamePalo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Entry-level Technician
ExamPCCSE Exam NamePrisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer
ExamPCDRA Exam NamePalo Alto Networks Certified Detection and Remediation Analyst
ExamPCNSA Exam NamePalo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator
ExamPCNSE Exam NamePalo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer
ExamPCSAE Exam NamePalo Alto Networks Certified Security Automation Engineer
ExamPCSFE Exam NamePalo Alto Networks Certified Software Firewall Engineer
ExamPSE Strata Exam NamePalo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional - Strata
ExamPSE-Cortex Exam NamePalo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional - Cortex
ExamPSE-SASE Exam NamePalo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional - SASE

Palo Alto Networks Certification Practice Test Questions, Palo Alto Networks Certification Exam Dumps

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Palo Alto Networks is one of the leading global cybersecurity entities as it continually is delivering innovation to provide customers with reliable secure digital transformation. This company plans to be the cybersecurity partner for the general public as well as the corporate world. Also, Palo Alto provides various certifications in the field of cybersecurity and other related aspects.

Certification Program

All in all, this vendor currently offers 2 entry-level certifications, 1 administrator validation, and 3 certificates for the engineer job role. The names of these certifications are the PCCSA, PCCET, PCNSA, PCNSE, PCCSE, PCSAE. All of these qualifications were designed to improve the skills of the students to better them in the fields of various cybersecurity-related areas and as a result, improve their annual income. Below, let’s look into some of the certifications and their required exams according to the vendor’s information:


    The PCCSA certificate is essential for validating the earner’s expertise in entry-level network security. The key objective of this validation is to make the market aware of cybersecurity and ultimately increase the number of job opportunities for the students as well. The main target audience for such a qualification is sales executives, system engineers, students of cybersecurity, and security administrators. To get the PCCSA, you need to pass one certification exam that includes but is not limited to describing the current cybersecurity landscape, identifying cybersecurity threats, evaluating different malware types & cyberattack techniques, and identifying spamming, phishing attacks, and advanced persistent threats.


    The PCNSA certification is required for the verifying of the learner's understanding of executing and dealing with next-generation firewalls of Palo Alto Networks. As a rule, candidates who manage to get PCNSA certified are able to demonstrate a solid knowledge of Palo Alto Networks services and products. The target audience for this certification is security administrators who are in charge of implementing, monitoring and managing the network security suite of the vendor. To get the certification, you need to pass the respective certification exam. To pass it, you will have to show proficiency in such notions as passing traffic, its visibility, how to secure traffic, and how to identify users.


    The PCNSE qualification was created for network security engineers to check if they can outline, execute, manage, and deal with the Palo Alto Networks and their next-generation firewalls. The individuals certified are able to show in-depth knowledge of the Palo Alto network portfolio products and make full use of them in the vast majority of implementations. The objective of this certification is to prevent various cyberattacks that happen in unison and then be able to deploy and create multiple portfolios to prevent the compromise of the product. The target audience for the PCNSE are customers, partners, system integrators, and support engineers.

Prep Courses to Master Palo Alto Networks Exams

The Palo Alto Networks provides various courses for you to ace the related tests. Some of the options are listed and described below:

  • Firewall 10.0 Essentials: Configuration as well as Management (EDU-210)

    If you perform your duties as part of the security or support staff and would like to brush up your knowledge of security as a whole, then attending this 5-day training is a must. Here, you’ll get equipped with the essentials of how to deal with the NAT policies, how to manage threat prevention, and how to control networking traffic issues. In addition, you’ll learn how to build a firewall in lab conditions.

  • Firewall 10.0: Troubleshooting (EDU-330)

    The 3-day training that is conducted by a tutor aims to increase the participant's grasp of how to solve issues with the full line of Palo Alto Networks, their next-generation firewalls, and tools like CLI. During this course, the students will be taught to troubleshoot the firewalls practically via scenario-based & real-life cases. So, if you are an aspiring security engineer or admin, you may enroll in this training provided that you’ve already completed the Firewall 10.0 Essentials: Configuration & Management (EDU-210) course option.

  • Panorama 10.0: Managing Firewalls at Scale (EDU-220)

    A 2-day instructor-led course like this is geared towards helping the students to gain a solid knowledge of how to work with and monitor the Palo Alto Networks Panorama Management server. As an outcome, the administrators that are able to complete this course are able to become familiar with the various roles of the Panorama Management Server as well as monitor and secure the overall network. So, if you really want to immerse yourself in the 9 nine firewall course modules, including lectures and labs, then you should definitely attend it.

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity for PCCSA (EDU-10)

    This training includes the coverage of cybersecurity fundamentals and targets the beginning security specialists. Overall, this prep option teaches concepts of cybersecurity, cyberattacks, network vulnerabilities, security models, and other network elements. After finishing this course, you can compete for the PCCSA certification along with being able to recognize and mitigate potential cyberattacks.

Prep Study Guides to Dive into

Apart from the official courses, the following books will also help you in earning the Palo Alto Networks certification:

  • PCNSE Palo Alto Firewall - Exam Preparation by Anthony Daccache

    This book contains around 100 practice test questions to help you ace the PCNSE exam in one go. You can purchase this helpful material from Amazon for just $10.

  • Palo Alto Networks PCCSA Real Exam Preparation by Sure Help

    This book contains all the essential practice questions required to ace the PCCSA certification exam. By utilizing such material, you’ll be able to assess whether or not you’re ready to tackle the official test. Such a book cost around $4.20 for the Kindle edition and can be bought from Amazon.


Palo Alto Networks is a renowned vendor that offers valuable certifications for aspiring candidates who want to leverage their skills in cybersecurity. Whether you want to opt for the PCCSA or the PCNSE validations, among other valuable options, you may count on the vendor itself when it comes to quality training courses. And in case you want to further supplement your test preparation, don’t forget to refer yourself to the books found on Amazon.

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