CLO-001: CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam - Certification Training Course

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CLO-001: CompTIA Cloud Essentials Training Course
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CLO-001: CompTIA Cloud Essentials

PDFs and exam guides are not so efficient, right? Prepare for your CompTIA examination with our training course. The CLO-001 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to CompTIA certification exam. Pass the CompTIA CLO-001 test with flying colors.
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Curriculum For This Course

Domain 1 - Characteristics of Cloud Services from a Business Perspect
Time 03:06:16
Domain 2 - Cloud Computing and Business Value
Time 00:29:53
Domain 3 - Technical Perspectives/Cloud Types
Time 00:28:35
Domain 4 - Steps to Successful Adoption of Cloud
Time 00:21:16
Domain 5 - Impact and Changes of Cloud Computing on IT Service Management
Time 00:24:20
Domain 6 - Risks and Consequences of Cloud Computing
Time 02:12:43

About This Course

CompTIA CL0-001, or CompTIA Cloud Essentials, is designed for the IT professionals. It has proved to be a pathway for the current IT professionals who are looking for advanced posts like IT consultants, IT relationship manager, IT technical services, IT architects, business process analysts, consultants, etc.

The preparation course is designed for those who want to pass the CompTIA CL0-001 exam and obtain the certificate.

Due to the course, the students will be able to:
  • Explain all the technical concepts related to Cloud computing
  • Narrate how Private Cloud is different than Public Cloud
  • Understand the risks in business and the rewards obtained from Cloud computing
  • Know the various deployment models that are available for computing with Cloud
  • Explain the Cloud Solutions that are provided by Google, Amazon, VMware, etc.
  • Know the basics related to Cloud computing
  • Understand the consequences and risks related to Cloud computing
  • Deal with all the characteristics related to Cloud services obtained from any business perspective

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification course is an entry-level tutorial, which is basically related to Cloud computing. The training undertakes the risks and benefits that are related to the technical aspects and the business issues. Nearly all the companies are adopting the Cloud Computing Model as it comes with fewer demands for infrastructure and increased flexibility for the staff people.

Course requirements

Although this is the prime step to the path of training that leads the IT professional to a technical career on the basis of Cloud computing, it comes with the following requirements:

  • The individuals should have the basic knowledge of Cloud computing.
  • The students will require the Internet with high-speed for viewing the courses.
  • They should also have all the basic and required information related to computing.
  • The student should have all the explanation of the concepts and handouts they are provided with.
Course aspects
  • Characteristics of Cloud Services
  • Cloud Computing and Values of Business
  • Technical Perspectives and Types of Cloud
  • Steps to Adopt Cloud successfully
  • Impact and Changes in Cloud Computing related to IT Service Management
  • Consequences and risks related to Cloud Computing
Course subjects
  • Models related to Cloud computing
  • Learnings of common Cloud terminology
  • All the things that need to be considered prior learning Cloud
  • The parts of IT department that can be moved to Cloud
  • Considerations that would be required when the Cloud provider moves above business
  • The process of migrating the IT services to Cloud
  • Considering the pros and cons of costs
  • Managing the IT Governance and computing of Cloud
  • Knowing the options of the big vendors

The course is mostly selected by those professionals who are willing to obtain confidence and want to understand the cloud computing.

Exam details
  • The exam paper comes with 50 questions.
  • The students are given 60 minutes to complete the paper.
  • The passing score of the test is 720.
  • The paper comes with questions that are of a multiple-choice format.
  • The paper can be written in the following languages: Portuguese, English, and Japanese.
  • The exam requires a minimum of 6 months of experience of working in the environment, on which the markets rely based on IT services.

The training material of the course is provided and recommended by the CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum.

Target audience
  • Students from IT field who are passionate about Cloud computing
  • The employees who are interested in business aspects related to IT infrastructure
  • The executives of a company who want to make decisions regarding financial and IT level
  • Staff members of IT and freelancers who are willing to obtain the knowledge of Cloud computing
  • Professionals from the field of technology and science

The CompTIA CL0-001 course prepares the seekers for getting recognition on the international basis. Due to the course, they can obtain the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification. As the course is a basic level, the individual doesn’t need any kind of knowledge for deep understanding the concepts. The candidate is just required to know the computer network.

Job description:
  • Junior Desk Side Technician
  • Unified Communications Engineer
  • Data Center Technician
  • Security Consultant
  • Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • Technology Solutions Professional

The course provides the professionals with an average pay ranging from $70,000 to $150,000 on annual basis.

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Jul 02, 2020
Magical course with descriptive videos, simple language, smart and interactive quizzes, intelligent instructor are provided to help you score in the test. And it also would train you for the real-world exam. Thanks!
United States
Jun 19, 2020
For the starters from the beginning, this course is surely a great help, but if you are the last time preparer, this is what you need definitely. The course comes with videos that make learning easy, and there are some interactive videos that would prepare you for the exams with different level. Thanks for the course.
South Africa
Jun 02, 2020
Are you also looking for a computing professional course that would make learning quick and fun? I would recommend you this course that is designed by an advanced instructor. The main attraction of the material is the video lecture that has helped me in going through the course topics with ease. The videos are also downloadable, so you can prepare wherever you want. Thanks.
Saudi Arabia
May 19, 2020
The content of the study material is presented in a well-organized manner. The language used in the learning material is simplifiedб which is easy for the students to understand. The study material comes in the form of modules, videos, question papers, etc. for the students to select whatever is good for them. The videos have made learning fun. Thanks for the course and detailed explanation, instructor.
May 05, 2020
Good course. I have just started with it and the introduction level is great to begin with. It’s a professional level course. It comes with well-explained topics and understandable language, which makes learning easy. The course is capable to reduce all the complex situations related to obtaining the certification. A video quiz is added to make the course completely helpful. Thanks to the instructor.
Apr 20, 2020
how do i open the questions

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