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CompTIA Security+ is one of the most trusted and internationally recognized certifications in the IT sphere. This vendor-neutral certificate verifies the foundational knowledge and skills of individuals in the field of risk management and network security. The CompTia credential is designed to demonstrate the candidates’ skills to protect a network and deter hackers. Due to the constant hacking attacks and vulnerability of computer networks, the Security+ certificate holders were and will be in demand worldwide. Nowadays the IT security specialist are in around 147 countries worldwide.

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SY0-401 Exam - CompTIA Security+

The CompTia Security+ SY0-401 exam consists of 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions with the passing score of 750 (on a scale of 100-900). Time allocated for the SY0-401 test is 90 minutes.

The CompTia Security+ SY0-401 test validates that an individual has the required skills to install special systems to secure networks, applications and devices, take part in risk mitigation activities, and provide threat analysis. Candidates should have the CompTIA Network+ certification biennial experience in IT Security field.

Free SY0-401 Exam Questions in ETE Format

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SY0-501 Exam - CompTIA Security+

Free SY0-501 Exam Questions in ETE Format

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United Kingdom
Apr 19, 2018
Hi, George could you please tell us which questions are wrong?
Unknown country
Apr 18, 2018
Just passed SY0-501. A few of the answers in both dumps are incorrect. I'd say somewhere in the realm of 15-25 questions do not have correct answers. Approach every question critically and you'll easily find which of these are the ones. Study hard and good luck everyone!
United States
Mar 31, 2018
Is there any one taking 501 exam within a week ? And answer from 82 questions & 150 questions are different please some one upload with correct answer with updated, recent, valid dumps.

United States
Mar 19, 2018
You are correct the questions are same as 82 question dumps in 150 question dumps but answers are different.
United States
Mar 17, 2018
Some of the questions/answers for SY0-501 Exam - CompTIA Security+ on this site are different. First guide has 86 and the second one has 152.. same questions but some of the answers are different I am so confused now. I take my test on Monday and now my confidence is low.
United States
Mar 13, 2018
are there any 152 questions for SY0-501
Mahmoud Abbas
Saudi Arabia
Jan 23, 2018
Hey guys. What are the most tricky comptia security+ questions? Im so terrified about passing this exam. Please cheer me up!
United States
Jan 23, 2018
@Sienna, after reading books and having video course comptia security+ braindumps will train you well and show ur gaps if u have them. Use it and keep us updated with your news.
South Africa
Jan 19, 2018
Im about to take comptia security+ test next month. I’ve read enough books online and had video course even. But still have doubts about my preparation level. Will this testing engine really show my level and help to pass?
Jan 18, 2018
@Stanley, I had negative experience using comptia security+ training on other websites. But with dumps from prepaway I prepared well and passed my exam taking 95%! so no worries its 100% valid!
Michael Jackson
Jan 12, 2018
Yo fellows! I’ve just got my comptia security+ certification paper and im absolutely happy about that! the exam by itself was pretty tough but i passed it! Prepaway dumps helped me a lot! Thanks million times!
South Africa
Jan 12, 2018
I have a bad experience in using dumps for preparation. Once I failed comptia security+ test after using dumps from other resources. Please tell me are these dumps really valid? I don’t want to repeat my mistake again. Thank everybody for help.
United States
Jan 11, 2018
@Elliot, Im just so nervous about upcoming exam and don’t know if I should spend time on reading books or use comptia security+ practice test. Thanks for reply.
New Caledonia
Jan 10, 2018
@Jason. It depends on which background do you have. comptia security+ dumps are the way to improve your level and help you to know how the real exam looks like. No one can answer your question without knowing your level of preparation.
Jan 10, 2018
@Oliver, hi. I’ve just passed comptia security+ exam two weeks ago. was not easy for me at all but if I didn’t know about available dumps here, I would probably not pass it. Which questions do you have?
United States
Jan 10, 2018
I have an issue with some comptia security+ questions. Are these dumps really able to remove all gaps in my knowledge?
Jan 08, 2018
@Emily, Actually its not that difficult. Just create an account here and on Vumingo as well to download the player. That’s all. After that u can download all comptia security+ braindumps from prepaway and use it for ur preparation.
Jan 08, 2018
@Holly, hello. Please could u please tell me before how many days did u start preparation for ur comptia security+ test? I just was surprised that u passed it at the first attempt. That seems to be unbelievable.
Jan 08, 2018
I’ve just found out that comptia security+ training materials here are really valid! I was a bit sceptic about it but used it anyway as I had no time for reading books. I took 86%! that’s the best result I could dream about.
Jan 07, 2018
Dumps are 100% valid for comptia security+ certification test! My son just passed it with unexpected high marks! Thanks a lot!
Holly Berry
United States
Jan 06, 2018
Unfortunately I didn’t find prepaway before when I was preparing for other certifications. It helped me to pass comptia security+ test and get my certification at the first attempt.
United Arab Emirates
Jan 06, 2018
Good afternoon! Im interested in comptia security+ practice test on ur website. Please tell me which steps to take. Thanks in advance.
Jan 04, 2018
Are these comptia security+ dumps valid for 2018? im gonna take exam soon and would like to decide which dumps to use. thanks
Jan 02, 2018
Hey hey people. Did anyone pass comptia security+ exam recently? I have some questions about it.

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