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What Opportunities Offered to The IT World by IBM Could Be Taken Advantage of in 2022

The digital world is not standing still, especially given the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on society. And because it’s easier to adapt to the situation than to wait for a positive resolution, many companies and organizations are encouraging workers to work from home.

Therefore, the global remote work format will encourage IBM to offer its partners and clients various resources to protect their businesses and employees by working under new circumstances on adjusted schedules. Thus, a list of online courses has been published on a free basis so that professionals can benefit from downtime and develop their skills. What’s more, these programs will help increase your organization’s productivity because they include not only technical training, but also key basic interpersonal skills.

Since the entire training and certification program is broken down into key IBM technologies and areas, the free resources offered so include the following categories:

IBM Cloud

  • IBM Cloud Essentials
  • An Introduction to IBM Cloud Satellite
  • Cloud Foundry Migration Tool
  • Become a Garage Method for Cloud advocate
  • IBM App Connect Enterprise Essentials

IBM Watson

  • IBM Sterling Order Management Fundamentals
  • IBM Sterling Order Management User Security
  • Practical Implementation of IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility
  • Watson OpenScale Foundations
  • Introduction to IBM Cloud for Developers

IBM Watson IoT

  • IBM Kenexa Onboard Manager Course
  • BrassRing on Cloud: Data Insight Tool
  • IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights
  • Acoustic Campaign for use with Lead Manager
  • IBM Kenexa Lead Manager on Cloud Course

IBM Systems

  • Introduction to IBM Spectrum Protect
  • NVM Express Base Introduction
  • Networking on z/OS – Foundations
  • Protecting SAP HANA with IBM Spectrum Storage
  • IBM Z Skills Employer Resource Center

IBM Professional Skills

  • Professional Skills: Collaborate Effectively
  • Watson & Cloud Foundations
  • Designing Conversational Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence Concepts
  • Watson Assistant Foundations

IBM Finance & Operations category includes the Using the IBM Support Community training program.

IBM Watson Health involves the Introduction to IBM Cúram Social Program Management 7.X: Functional Overview course.

Keep in mind that this article is a selection of courses, so you can find a complete list on the IBM website.

What Innovations Can Also Surprise IBM?

IBM is famous for its extended accreditation program, which allows you to demonstrate your expertise and gain brilliant career prospects. More recently, IBM has improved the interface of its all-exams page, which helps you decide more quickly on the qualification pathway you’re interested in and the appropriate training program. There you can also choose any of more than 3,500 free courses that will help you master skills in various technical areas like analytics, cloud, systems, security, and Watson among others.

But this is not the end of the news. Over the past year, IBM has released three new certifications that are worth talking about in more detail.

IBM Certified Associate Developer – Quantum Computation using Qiskit v0.2X

In recent years, global interest in quantum computing has grown considerably, as it can be used to change the way computer problems of various complexities are solved. And according to a report published by P&S Intelligence on market research, the global market share of quantum computing will reach nearly $65 billion by 2030. This will also affect the labor market and provoke the creation of new quantum jobs.

That’s why IBM Quantum is offering a new qualification for candidates with any programming experience with Qiskit. This is a unique way to get advanced windings of quantum sensing and programming real quantum computing hardware. Prerequisites include only a basic knowledge of linear algebra and Python.

The certificate is available after passing the appropriate C1000-112 qualifying exam, which consists of 60 questions. Thus, through the Pearson VUE platform assessment, you will need to correctly answer a minimum of 44 questions in 90 minutes to prove your confident knowledge of quantum computing concepts as well as your ability to express them using the Qiskit open-source software development kit (SDK).

IBM Certified Administrator – Cloud Pak for Integration V2021.2

In developing this accreditation path, IBM views the IBM Cloud Pak Certified Administrator as a knowledgeable sysadmin with extensive experience and knowledge as regards IBM Cloud Pak for Integration V2021.2 in multi-cloud environments. The candidate with this certificate is expected to be able to perform advanced and intermediate tasks regarding day-to-day operations and management of performance, security, problem identification, and advanced customization.

For this, everyone will be offered a test known as C1000-130, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration V2021.2 Administration, which includes 62 tasks that must be completed within 90 minutes.

IBM Certified Solution Implementer – API Connect v10.0.3

IBM’s goal was to offer developers a mid-level qualification to validate their skills in developing, configuring, publishing, and managing API interfaces through IBM API Connect v10.0.3. The corresponding exam will also include questions related to script creation and administration. This test is called C1000-138, Implementing the IBM API Connect v10.0.3. solution and consists of 60 questions of which you must answer at least 39 correctly in 90 minutes.


It’s worth noting that IBM has helped clients through many global crises during its 109-year history. And the COVID-19 pandemic will be no exception, as this vendor is committed to your success and the success of your company. All that’s left to do is weigh your options and aspirations, and make the choice of the most appropriate training or certification path. Go for it!