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Top Free Digital Marketing Certifications and Courses

Are you planning to begin with digital marketing platform but don’t know where and how to start? Since we are very well fascinated with the digitized world of marketing, we aim to reach the top without facing any snag. Digitized marketing certifications and courses are proved to be an immense aid for conquering your definitive goals. Digital marketing serves with proven exponential help for your growing business. It provides with a horizontal way of marketing which is a wider advantage for your business.  The market consists of abundant digital marketing certification and courses which may offer a reliable way to learn about it.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a way of marketing of any goods or services through digitized channels i.e. search engines, social media or websites. Since the year 1990 and 2000, the digital marketing has changed the idea of technology for the business and brands use. With a growing and upcoming technology, the world is becoming highly digitized in every manner. This strikes the idea of digital marketing for your business. Digital marketing techniques involve SEO, SEM, content automation, content marketing and much more which are prevalent and efficient.

Why do you not take your business online? Well stepping up in online marketing is not that easy as you may require higher optimization and analysis or market and your completion. To get a successful digital platform for your business, you may require digital certifications and courses. Plenty of courses or certification programs are available online for the digital marketing learning criteria. All you need to do is to choose right one among them.

Need of Digital Marketing Certifications and Courses

Understanding the need of the digital marketing certification is important because you cannot opt for business or career online without certification courses. Since things have gone online, chances of fraud have also increased. Any company cannot rely on you unless it has a valid hard copy for your certification. Learning digital marketing is not a higher law to be recognized. The thing which is important is the certified professionalism so that company can trust you easily.

Another major reason is the growth of digital media adoption which has made people opt for the course of digital marketing in order to get certified. There is a wide requirement for a talented and skilled marketing professional who can deal with issues proficiently. The growth of internet based businesses has been growing tremendously and so have been the competitors available online, hence, one requires learning how they should deal with such major issues. A skillful and knowledgeable professional is a requirement in every field. Digital marketing too requires such professional. Certification courses are the approval of your determined learning in particular course. They also act as evidence, that you own a specialized certificate in particular field.

Knowledge of the successful digital marketing strategy is only possible with the digital marketing specialized certification courses. With coming up generation, preference for digital marketing certification courses has been tremendously increasing. The program helps students learn about the developing market skills in analytical and optimizing form. Developing technology holds various anonymous marketing tools, search engine optimization, content framework and many more things in online terms. Hence, the coming-up generation can best learn about them with the various specialized courses available online.

Benefits of Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses Available Online

  • Digital marketing is a platform for marketing professionals who play a key role in PR, communication, and media. The digital marketing certification courses here have been helping them learn more about marketing tools. It also helps them the get greater preference in the world of marketing with an evident form of certifications.
  • Sales professionals are another main category of people who opt for the digital marketing certification courses. People who are very much involved in the sales profession and easily switch their job to digital media. There they can get more preference as the requirement of digital marketing skills is much needed in the current based arena.
  • Another major benefit that you can get through the digital marketing certification is the amount of web traffic. Well yes, through opting for such a beneficial course you may easily learn about how to drag the more and more amount of traffic to your website. The more traffic – the more success rates.
  • Next benefits that you can get through opting for the above-mentioned certification courses is that you can get the best learning skills for free. You may not require paying any amount of cents on the particular course.
  • It provides a base for entrepreneurs or the business owners through which they can learn how to establish a business We can clearly assume that there is no better digital media option for the higher acquisition of the customers. It would serve you with the platform where you can acquire as many customers you wish to.

Digital Marketing Certifications and Courses for 2018

All of the below-mentioned certification courses for digital marketing are based on dynamic criteria for learning effective skills.  These courses are available for free and have long-term validity in terms of online marketing. There are more than over plenty of certification courses presented online that you can opt for. Hence, few of them are mentioned above that provide an effective way of learning digital marketing. You cannot negotiate the reasons behind this certification development as they hold greater importance in the market available online. The validity that you may get from the below-mentioned courses range from 12 months to 25 months. Some of them also hold no expiry which has a great plus point.

1. Google Digital Garage Certificate of Online Proficiency

Mastering in Digital marketing has now become easy and simple with Google’s digital garage certificate for online proficiency. Understanding the basics of digital marketing is a prior need for the beginners. Thus, this is an introductory program for the beginners which are quite relevant and reliable as well.  The certification course aims to offer complete knowledge from basics till beyond. Here you would get an analytical power to rule over the digital world. The learning process is for 6 to 7 hours where you need to unlock all learning badges to owe certificate.

2. Bing Ads Accreditation Exam

A professional based Bing has been offering effective learning process along with appropriate certifications. Bing ads accreditation exam is based on the complete professional digital marketing learning. It actually offers a PPC advertising courses where you may get an opportunity to learn all areas of digital marketing through Bing. It features exclusive idea and determinate programs to make you professional of Bing Ads accreditation. The course guide holds total 109 pages of learning and also serves with learning fundamentals based on search engine optimization. The program duration is of 15 to 20 hours.

3. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certificate

The Inbound marketing methodology is completely different from other simple processes but is an important part of the digitized world of marketing. The Hubspot inbound marketing certification course is actually a certification course which Hubspot academy offers. The featured course consists of complete 12 modules under which 4 stages of the module are enclosed with an inbound slant. The program actually covers up optimization of the website, the framework of the landing page, sharpening skills of inbound sales and basics of Inbound. The program duration is of 3 to 4 hours.

4. Facebook Blueprint Certification

Becoming a Facebook certified professional in the current digital arena is extremely important. Facebook Blueprint Certification is recognized with an advanced-level dexterous learning with products and services of Facebook and Instagram. The program for Facebook certified professional offers two Facebook advertising certification under which one is for buying and one for planning.   Although all of the access to the study material is for free you need to pay for the exam to get certification from Facebook.

5. Google Adwords Fundamentals

The following Adword certification program has been brought up with an endeavor to investigate your knowledge regarding best Adwords and practices of digital advertising. In order to become Adwords certified, they are an utmost requirement. You may get a globally recognized certification when you opt for this course. The following program is comprised of complete seven modules under which completion of the fundamentals exams of Adwords is compulsory. Also, you need to cover up other five in order to get well certified. Adwords program aims to make you well developed professionally through its vital exams.

6. Analytics and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Another top available free of cost digital marketing certification course is Analytics and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals. Analytics academy has offered it under which you may learn about the Google measurement tools. Through following learning process or course, you would learn the skills to better develop your business digitally. Under the analytics-based program, various programs would be covered that are: advanced Google analytics, analytics for beginners, E-commerce analytics and fundamentals of Google tag manager. The program duration is of 15 to 20 hours.

7. Hubspot Email Marketing Certification

Well, next is the Hubspot based email marketing certification course, which is highly preferred by people worldwide to learn analytical skills of digital marketing. Email marketing strategy widens up the idea of businesses and careers in a digitized way. The Hubspot Email Marketing Certification course offers an effective way to learn about the email segmentation of marketing, optimization, analysis, and deliverability as well. The course duration is of 2 to 3 hours.

Digital Marketing Certifications Play a Key Role

Effective learning and better achievement offer you valuable career and a horizontal way for your business. Everything has now gone online which has increased up to a preference for digital media and content. Developed technology has bought world at your fingertips and this has increased the need for digital marketing. Lots and lots of certification courses are available online that offer a specialized way of learning. It helps you make your business develop an outstanding platform. You can also learn about how you can drag maximum traffic to your website which is an utmost need for any digitized based business. People can simply look up for the top available courses present online for free.

After understanding the key features or importance of digital marketing certification and courses, what are looking for? Just hop onto any of the links and fetch your course. It’s time to get close to the digitized world of marketing. If you are a local proprietor of any business and are looking for the effective growth of your business, then go for this option. The course or certification in digital marketing can help you understand online marketing from bit closer. Once you learn about it, the successes rate for your business is going to be higher every year. It’s now high time and we cannot just sit and watch. It’s time for an action and improvising as well. The digital media is a platform where you would get heavy acquisition of customers. All this is possible once you are certified in learning about digital media tools of marketing.

Instead of sitting and tapping your feet on the ground, choose the best-specialized courses which you need to learn. The entire course of learning digital marketing does not hold any disadvantage. Instead, you would get only the benefits that you can understand more effectively. If you are planning to opt for any course, you are going to get plenty of option online but above are few that are absolutely free. Not the entire specialized certification courses in digital media are for free as the paid one contains more features. For understanding the fundamentals of the digital marketing, above mentioned top courses are going to serve you better. Hurry and learn the skills to turn your offline present business to an offline available market!