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Top 12 Cloud Certifications in 2018

With the progress in the IT field, something new is introduced every new day, which has given the companies new aspects to develop. This has also increased the necessity of the IT professionals who come with updated technologies that benefit the company. 2018 is the ruling year for Cloud Certifications that will bring up improvised skills for the IT professionals. It will help in improving the competitive job levels in the market.

Cloud is the center of attraction which provides with possible coverage and consideration from the companies as well as from the providers of the certification too. It comes with the capability to provide you with the complete summary of the statistics that are primely related to the current computation of cloud and its future prospects. Cloud has gained popularity with rapid speed, and with new upcoming projections, it is believed to reach up to nearly $162 billion in the next 3-4 years.

On a survey made on the IT professionals, which included the credentials of Cloud certifications, it is found to have increasing levels every year. In the coming years, cloud certifications are expected to come up with vendor-neutral certification and vendor-specific certification from the top professionals that may help to a clear and robust interest.

Here are some of the widely selected Cloud certifications in 2018.

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional (Exam: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional)

This certification program was launched by Amazon Web Services in the year 2013. The certification is mainly obtained by the networking professionals that are having minimum 2 years of experience in designing and deploying of cloud environment by working on AWS. The person holding these certifications works for assessing needs of the clients, planning and designing solutions that fulfill their requirements, recommending an architecture who is capable of implementing and facilitating AWS applications, as well as, also provides proper suggestions throughout the projects of life.

The professionals with this certification should be completely familiar with aspects like high availability, costing, business continuity, deployment management, data storage, network design, security, cloud migration, scalability, elasticity, etc.

The basic pay of the professionals with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certifications can begin with $125,000 annually.

2. Microsoft Azure Certified Solutions Architect

Microsoft Azure is a certification that includes technical knowledge that is vital for tasks like designing, operating operations, deploying, infrastructure, and much more on Azure. The certifications can be bifurcated into levels like associate and expert, that involve the architects, operation professionals, and the developers. The holder of this professional certification requires a year of experience in designing using Azure. However, Azure Certified Solutions Expert demands an experience of 2-3 years in designing with Azure.

The Microsoft Azure Certified Solutions Architect is a certification that comes with utmost respect and gives the employers a wide platform to perform well.

The basic salary of the certificate holders for the senior developer ranges from $45,000 to $100,000 annually, while for advanced developers it comes to nearly $56,000 to $100,000.

3. CCC Professional Cloud Developer (Exam: CCC Professional Cloud Developer)

Popular with the abbreviation PCD, this kind of professionals are vendor-neutral credentials that have crossed the Cloud Credential Council test, popularly known as the CCC test. The test covers the knowledge that comes with topics like architecture plans, monetization techniques, development techniques, testing with the cloud, cloud security, scalable coding, compliance fundamentals, etc. The CCC tests come with a combined training package for the same too, however, the training package is optional and is not to be carried out with compulsion. This certification is useful for the professionals who are looking for using it in the form of a blueprint for learning the development processes in the cloud.

The holder of this certification can earn a minimum amount of $74,000 to $135000 on annual basis.

4. Cisco Certified Network Administrator Cloud (Exams: 210-451 & 210-455)

Also known as CCNA Cloud, this certification was developed with an aim to support the company customers and products. CCNA is an entry-level certification from Cisco, that mainly focuses on the IT professionals who work in designations like cloud or network engineer or cloud administrator. The professional with this certification is validated with the ability of supporting Cisco solutions that are based on Cloud. The candidates opting for this certification should have the basic information about the infrastructure of cloud, deployment models, cloud networking, storage solutions, preparing reports, provisioning, ongoing monitoring, cloud administrative tasks, etc. The candidates need to go through two examinations for the certification that is valid for 3 years.

Apart from CCNA, the candidates are liable for other solutions like Cyber Ops, Wireless, Routing and Switching, Data Center, Industrial and Service provider, Collaboration, etc.

The basic annual pay for the professional with CCNA certifications is around $53,514 to $89,797.

5. Cisco Certified Network Professional Cloud (Exams: 300-460, 300-465, 300-470 & 300-475)

This certification is designed for validating the skills of designers, administrators, engineers, architects, and the data center professionals that are working within the environment of Cloud. Along with Cloud, CCNP is also available on other solution tracks like Routing and Switching, Collaboration, Data Center, Service Provider, and Security and Wireless.

The certificate holder is surely a professional that has an experience over the cloud. The candidates for this certification should also have required experience in other cloud technologies like Cisco Intercloud and Infrastructure as a service, and other cloud models too. CCNP comes with both theoretical and political implementations. The candidates should carry skills like designing and implementation of the network, troubleshoot and resolve issues, design and manage virtual networks and virtualization, automate design processes, and many more.

The CCNP Cloud certificate holders are liable for a minimum payment of around $41,000 to $133,590 on annual basis.

6. IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect V2 (Exam: C5050-380)

IBM comes with a number of certifications that are specifically from the cloud, among which, IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect V2 is one of the widely opted one. The certifications would give out architects that are capable to demonstrate the plan, design, management and architectural capabilities for IBM infrastructure that comes with cloud computing. The only aim of this certification is to provide a fair, reliable and valid method of skill assessing and knowledge. IBM also provides a clear method that comes with validating and building skills for the organizations and the individuals. This helps in the development of a community certification that is loyal and certified to the skilled professionals who advise, service, sell, and support IBM solutions and products.

The candidates for this certification also need to have basic knowledge about IBM, and should also have computing skills along with going through the examination. The basic salary for the IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect V2 certificate holder aims to around $113,200 to $122,500 on annual basis.

7. Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce comes with a bunch of certifications that includes certifications for the Architects, Developers and the Administrators too. Among them, the Certified Technical Architect Credential comes with a pinnacle certificate which is given to those who are concern with the professionals who carry designing solutions for the platform of Salesforce. This certification builds specialization with other credentials like Development Lifecycle and Development Designer Certification, and domain architect credentials also.

The certification tests candidates should carry knowledge which includes book learning for the preparation of various exams. The track also contains a number of individualized programs and certifications which are leveled for Salesforce professionals. The basic pay of these certification professionals aims to be minimum $119,000 to $128,200 on annual basis.

8. Cloudu

Cloudu is a certification that is designed specifically for the vendor-neutral curriculum that includes the IT professionals along with the business leaders. Both need to cover and have the certification of the knowledge of the basics of cloud computing. Cloudu is a content that is available for any professional, anytime, however, it is necessary to have the knowledge of cloud computing, and complete with the courses and the requirements of the certification .

The students preparing for this certification should have completed the 10 Cloudu lessons and quizzes that are based on whitepaper’s content. Completing 50 question examination would provide you with a certification that helps you earn around $123,000 to $126,000 annually.

9. EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation (Exam: EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation)

This certification was introduced by the EXIN group of companies, which is divided into two levels, namely the Cloud Computing Foundation and the Cloud Technologies Advanced. Both the programs are capable to cover the concepts of the basic cloud computing, which also involves planning, management, and procurement. The professionals with this certification also have the skills to develop the professional responsibility for introducing the business cases of cloud solutions, systems and evaluating vendors. It also has the integration system involved that comes with legacy technologies.

The candidates appearing for this certification needs to go through all the sample guides, exams, ebooks, etc. that help in covering the complete concept. The basic annual pay for the professionals with EXIN Cloud computing certification comes to around $78,000 to $118,000.

10. Oracle Certified Professional /Master, Database Cloud Administrator

If you are a professional with Oracle DBA certification , you can opt for two more certifications that comes with both Master and Professional level. For any of the certifications, you need to go through examinations that are based on the administration of the Oracle Database with Cloud. The Oracle DBAs are generally quite in demand and along with the monitoring of various computer resources with cloud, which helps you develop skills on how to manage the Oracle DB. The certification comes with skills that are valuable to shine out on your resume. Oracle also comes with additional certifications that are based on Cloud.

The basic pay of the professionals that come with Oracle DBA certifications aims to a minimum payment of $104,000 to $115,000 on annual basis.

11. Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (Exam: CCD-410)

On a technical basis, Hadoop is not a product of Cloud, however, it has frequently qualified itself as a developer of Cloud, and hence, carries a certification that is attached to Cloud. The certification is also a part of Cloudera, which is a prime portfolio for the developers who come with the capability to write, optimize and maintain the Apache Hadoop projects. It is a certification that comes with an open source distribution with computing framework, that runs on Cloud. The certification comes with a technology that is based on big data and is geared up for cloud computing and big data too.

The Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop certifications is capable of getting a basic pay of around $112,000 to $160,000 on annual basis according to the skills.

12. EMC Certified Cloud Architect (Exam: E20-920)

EMC is one of the major organizations that has given out the vendor for virtualization technology and has given complete credentials for it too. Among the various certifications, it provides, the EMC Cloud Architect Certification rules. The certification comes with the plus points that help in designing and building data centers that are virtual and based on the infrastructure of Cloud.

The candidates opting for the certification must be experts on the associate level as well as EMC cloud technology for storage. The minimum pays for such EMCCA and EMCCAe certificate holders are approximately around $142,100 to $144,000 annually.

The best certifications come with the talent and the desires that make the candidate liable for the certification. The certifications also require skills to have a keen eye on the demand of the market and the quality of the program. Among them, the certifications of the cloud computing have a focused job role with three basic certifications namely, the Cloud Administrator Certifications, Cloud Architect Certifications, and the Cloud Developer Certifications. All the three certifications come with the ability to cover all the private and public technologies from Cloud. Hence, whether you are looking for supporting cloud, programming for cloud or building for cloud, you need to get a certification that would help you go through your skills and talent. It’s not a nightmare to become a Cloud expert, and hence, going through stepwise levels gaining the basic knowledge, networking, operating and storing systems would help you gain the desired certification.