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Top-Level Project Management Certifications that Increase Your Career Value

IT is a world that comes with various new upgrades every new day. Whether it is a minor aspect of hardware and software updates, or other issues like security patches, scanning for virus, spam filtration, or application development, etc., every IT aspect is considered to be a challenging project. The Project Management certifications help in adding value to your IT Credentials as well as in standardizing your skills. They also help in revealing your planning, budgeting, scheduling, delivering, executing, and reporting skills on the initiatives of the IT field.

The Project Management certifications have been the most wanted certifications the recruiters are looking for in any professional around the world. In the competitive and complex market, the project management certifications hold a vital role in getting professionals. The Project Management certifications come with a number of different certifications, which brings a dilemma while selecting the one to go with. However, the best way to select the favorable one would depend mainly on the learning skills, objectives, salary remuneration, recognition, etc.

Here are some of the most demanded Project Management certifications that help you increase the value of your career.

Project Management Professional (Exam: PMP)

Popularly known as PMP, the Project Management professional certification is the most demanded one in the world. It ranks among the top certifications which comes with a deep knowledge for handling the projects related with aspects like scheduling, planning, monitoring, controlling, and closing of the project. The PMI is the root organization for this certification, that works continuously with different academics and enterprises around the world to keep it relevant to the changes in the business demands.

The holder of this certification is capable to understand the language of the global project management. The cert is not based on any particular method and is recognized widely. The certification holder also needs to be flexible and is able to adopt different market segments, industries, and geographical locations.

The holder of this certification is capable to earn an amount of salary that is about 17% more than other ones. The basic pay for this cert is around $100,000 on yearly basis.

Certified Associate in Project Management (Exam: PMI-002)

The Certified Associate in Project Management is an advanced certification to the PMP that is also looked over by the PMI. This certification is considered as an entry level one for the managers that have basic experience in handling the projects. The award-winning CAPM certification is the prime step for demanding the PMP cert without having any kind of college degree, experience from any kind of rudimentary project management etc.

For obtaining the certification, the minimum requirements include high-school diploma degree, associate degree, or any other degree with an equal value that comes with project management experience of minimum 1500 hours. Having project management education of 23 hours would also be acceptable.

The minimum package for the CAPM certification holder is nearly $101,100 based on the job role and the experience of the candidate on yearly basis.

CompTIA Project+ (Exam: PK0-004)

This is a certification which plays the best role for the professionals on the entrance level. The certification comes with equal valuation with the PMI and the CAPM certification holders. The certification holder represents the skills of the individual like communication skills, business skills, etc. that is based on the feedback from the government representatives, computing industry, research institutions, academia, independent experts and much more for designing the certification.

The individual looking for the certification needs to have at least a year of experience in managing, participating, and directing the small size projects to the medium size projects.

The minimum pay scale of the CompTIA Project+ certification holder comes to nearly $76,279 on yearly basis.

Master Project Manager (Exam: MPM)

Popular by the name MPM, the certification is modeled by the American Academy of Project Management. The certification was introduced with a professional license that is followed by professionals like doctors, pilots, lawyers and the engineers. It focuses on the project managers who come on professional grounds as well as has the positivity of the business along with other technical responsibilities related to the management.

The candidate willing to pursue this certification needs to have nearly 3 years of experience in project management and training. The individuals are also offered with waivers that are having master’s degree along with another kind of training which is based on qualification and experience.

The holders of this certification are capable of earning a minimum package of $91,230 to $121,790 on yearly basis.

Certified Project Manager (Exam: CPM)

This is an internationally accepted certification, however, it comes with more recognition in the Pacific Rim Region. The certification holds a complete focus on advanced skills like communication, integration, finance, information technology, human resource management, risk and issue management, marketing management, and quality management. The main objective of the CPM certification is the promotion of professional project management with resources like time, money and people that are involved in the project.

The CPM examination basically focuses on the project management skills that include integration, marketing, HR, finance, communications, risk and issue management, etc.

The basic pay scale of the CPM certification holders aims to around $55,500 to $100,000 on yearly basis.

Project Management in IT Security (Exam: PMITS)

This certification was introduced by the EC-Council in September 2001, after the attack of the terrorists that includes issues of cyberterrorism and information security of nations. The certification explores the complex situations faced by the while managing the project based on IT security along with IT skills. It also helps the candidates in reinforcing their project management skills that are still in existence and editing them to the variety of necessities regarding the implementation and management of the IT security in their respective organization.

For opting the certification, the candidates need to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the information security and educational grounds that reveal their level of dedication to the security. The individuals can also go for attending the EC-Council training program before going for the exams.

The initial salary of the Project Management in IT security certification holder is ranged to be around $84,500 to $121,000 on annual basis.

Associate in Project Management

Associate in Project Management, popular by the name APM, is administered by the Global Association for Quality Management. The certification comes from the category of not for profit cert that offers diploma in various IT specialties. This certification has a complete focus on the knowledge grounds and also gives due attention to the resource allocation, adaptability to change, clear direction, effective communication, minimizing risks, etc. APM program is well established on the entry-level management of the project and is the best for those people who are willing, to begin with, a career in this particular field.

The individual appearing for this certification requires zero years of prior experience and no prior education. The only demand for this certification is e-course and knowledge study.

The certification holder of APM is capable of earning a minimum pay of $30,300 to $60,300 on annual basis.

Professional in Project Management

PPM is a mid-term project introduced by the GAQM. The project basically has a focus on broad knowledge grounds, effective allocation of resources, adoption to change, clear direction, effective communication, assurance of quality results in cost-effective price, etc. The PPM certification serves as an intermediate for the project managers that come with experience and are involved in crisis management and risk management, as well as the daily management of projects too.

The individual appearing for the certification needs to have the basic knowledge of the course, without any demand for formal education. The candidates also don’t require to have any kind of experience. However, they need to some experience in project management programs for clearing the examination.

The salary of the PPM certification holder ranges from $72,760 to $122,513 on annual basis.

Certified Project Director (Exam: CPD-001)

The Certified Project Director, globally-recognized credentials, is honored by GAQM for senior and practiced project management executives. Thought of mutually the celebrated level of project management certifications within the world, it demonstrates that project executives to amass new skills to manage today’s complicated comes and programs – by managing risks, scope, quality, and budget. The program focuses on managing, budgeting and determinative scope for multiple come, multiple project groups, and assessing and mitigating mutualist risks to deliver comes with success. The CDP program is simply for people who have vital project management expertise.

The individuals seeking for this certification need to be known to the principles and the methods of the project management. They also need to clear the PPM exam or any other similar valued certification.

The certification holder can look for a minimum pay of $43,900 to $93,250 on annual basis.

Certified ScrumMaster (Exam: CSM)

The Certified ScrumMaster certification holders are much in demand these days, as the use of agile methods has increased in the standard of the IT companies. This has increased the demand for the IT practitioners who are there to manage the agile projects. The Certified ScrumMaster is a certification that brings wonders to the holders, mostly the project managers. The Scrum Alliance, a parent organization of the certification, is a non-profit organization which works to boost the scrum and agile practices and providing professional development to the holders.

The certification requires a basic experience of nearly 2 days of the ScrumMaster training course.

The average pay of the Certified ScrumMaster holders is around $86,305 on yearly basis.

PRINCE2 Foundation (Exam: PRINCE2 Foundation)

The projects handled by the PRINCE 2 Foundation certification are quite valued in foreign countries, mostly in U.K. and its government entities. The certification is administered by the ILX Group which comes with a complete focus on managing, directing and delivering of the projects, through all the phases, initiation, pre-project, delivery, etc. The qualification comes with Foundation and Practitioner. The foundation is an entry-level certification which examines the basic project management, while the Practitioner is an advanced level test which includes the project managers who have cleared the foundation part.

The basic requirement for this certification thorough study of the Foundation course, Practitioner course, PMP course, CAPM course and IPMA certification.

The PRINCE2 Foundation certification provides an initiative salary of $32,000 on annual basis.


When it comes to the project managers, they are much in demand around the world. The recruiters are looking each and every curriculum which comes with such skills and interesting experience. They are also in search of such well-known certifications along with their basic education qualifications when they carry out the process of hiring. The Project Manager certification takes your career to a new level, and gives you fruitful rewards, at the best level. Along with all these, there are various other certifications available also, that come with IT vendor-specific project management certification, provided by the companies like Microsoft Project Certification and many more. The requirements and the basic education cost also varies according to the university you opt for the course and the duration too. The certifications mentioned above come with amazing demand, and the holders of these certifications depart you from the uncertified candidates that also help you out in building up the best project management job work.