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220-1001 Exam - CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1

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  • Premium File 355 Questions & Answers. Last update: Sep 26, 2022
  • Training Course 125 Lectures
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220-1002 Exam - CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2

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220-1002 Premium Bundle

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CompTIA CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Questions and Answers, CompTIA CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Dumps

All CompTIA CompTIA A+ certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are prepared by industry experts. CompTIA CompTIA A+ certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps, study guide and training courses help candidates to study and pass hassle-free!

The CompTIA A+ certification has been for a long time and is still the main goal for many entry-level specialists in the Information Technology field. Many young IT graduates count on this credential to catch the attention of the potential recruiters and increase their chances to get hired by a multinational company.

Since the CompTIA A+ certificate isn’t easy to earn, we have developed this guide to help you understand what steps you should take to become certified. Basically, the certification process involves passing two qualifying exams. Here we will talk in detail about these two tests and their structure. We will also discuss what study materials are the best to use to ensure success in gaining the passing score.

Comprehensive Overview of CompTIA A+ Certification and Its Exams

You can obtain your CompTIA A+ credential if you pass two prerequisite exams. The first one is 220-1001. To excel in it, you should develop the skills listed below:

  • Troubleshoot hardware devices
  • Manage networking issues
  • Deal with Cloud computing and virtualization concepts
  • Handle mobile apps and devices features

The passing score for this exam is 675 points on a scale of 100-900. Once you have cleared this test, you can then move forward to the second one, referred to as CompTIA 220-1002. The topics covered in this exam include:

  • Installing and configuring operating systems
  • Expanded security
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Operational procedures

After getting the passing score, which is 700 on a scale of 100-900, you will complete the CompTIA A+ certification program and will be awarded your badge. Both these exams have the duration of 90 minutes and consist of 90 questions, including different types: multiple choice, drag and drop, and performance-based. The tests are available in several languages, which are German, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, and English. You can take them online or at the nearest testing center after paying the fee of $226 for each exam.

Why Is It Important to Use Practice Tests for CompTIA A+ Certification Exams?

Now that you already know the steps to obtaining your A+ credential, you should prepare for intensive training. Start by exploring the official preparation resources from the CompTIA website. Among these study materials, you will find practice tests. One of the main benefits of this tool is that it can help you get used to the exam structure so that you won’t get surprised when you finally appear for the real test. It will also help you evaluate your preparedness and identify strengths and weaknesses in your knowledge of the exam objectives. Besides the official materials, you will find a host of other resources on other learning platforms.

Study Tips and Resources

While there are many supporting materials on the CompTIA website to refer including video-based training, Instructor-led training, virtual labs, and more, it’s always the best practice to look into the additional materials that are available on the internet. However, finding the right resource for your CompTIA A+ can be tricky, so we’ve gathered the most helpful options below. These are some recommended books that you can use to prepare for the exams, and all of them are available on Amazon.

  • All-in-one study guide for CompTIA A+ Exams 220-1001 & 220-1002 by Mike Meyers (10th edition). The book covers all the objectives of the two exams 220-1001 & 220-1002. Also, it is top-rated and is recommended by many security experts and past students.
  • Complete Certification kit for CompTIA A+ Core 1 220-1001 and Core 2 220-1002 exams by Quentin Docter, Jon Buhagiar, Jeff T. Parker, Troy McMillan (4th Edition). This book contains a complete review of the exam objectives with associations to critical hardware and operating system support. The authors also elaborate on sample questions, flashcards, and tips for the exam.
  • Study Guide for CompTIA A+ 220-1001 & 220-1002 by Faithe Wempen and Jane Holcombe (10th Edition). The book covers you up with the step by step exercises, preparation tips, and mock questions and answers. The authors reflect a proven methodology based on real-life experiences in troubleshooting, security, and configuring operating systems.
  • The Ultimate Core 1 and Core 2 Training bundle by James Pengelly and Pam Taylor. This material explains all the practical scenarios of the exam and focuses on both the tests in two different books that come in a bundle. They support you with essential training even if you don’t have any on-the-job experience.

It’s known that books are not for everyone, so if you are looking for an alternative learning method, here are some resources that can accompany you to prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification.

  • Blogs and Forums

    There are many security experts who talk about the CompTIA A+ certification and their experiences on the exams. The CompTIA blog publishes useful content on the latest updates, tips for their tests, and other related articles. Some other blogs provide you with free resources and the latest additions to prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification as well.

  • Podcasts

    Listening to podcasts is the most effortless way to learn anything. CompTIA Volley, Professor Messer’s A+ Study Group series, and CompTIA Biz Tech Podcast have some great content on the A+ tests. The hosts highlight the exam objectives, questions and answer sessions, and tips.

  • Video-based Training and Webinars

    Many security experts create videos to help you with the exam. Don’t forget to enroll in the webinars and online events hold by CompTIA and explore their CertMaster study options that are highly interactive.

These are some recommended resources you can refer to when preparing for the A+ exams. Nevertheless, it’s all up to you which of them to choose. Select the most appealing ones and set a timeframe for studying with each of them. Right effort and dedicated time can make you CompTIA A+ certified easily!


By getting CompTIA A+ and adding such a credential to your resume, you can prove to your potential employer that you possess the necessary expertise and that your knowledge and skills have been verified. Thus, you can significantly increase your chances of landing a rewarding job in the IT sector and add real value to the team that you will become part of.

CompTIA A+ certification practice test questions and answers, training course, study guide are uploaded in ETE files format by real users. Study and pass CompTIA CompTIA A+ certification exam dumps & practice test questions and answers are the best available resource to help students pass at the first attempt.


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Christian Gebeor
Aug 04, 2022
Good to start my IT career with you.
United Kingdom
Jul 24, 2022
I do not often write reviews - but last week I took my CompTIA A+ 1001 exam and passed with 83%. Not as much as I hoped, but most of the questions are the same as what's in the question dump.
I think 10 questions out of 78 were new and not in the dump.
But a pass is a pass!
Daniel Paul
Jul 17, 2022
Imho wonderful practice test questions. They are comprehensive and cover most exam objectives. I recommend them to anyone who would like to pass their actual A+ exams. However, don’t forget about CompTIA’s materials either.
United States
Jul 12, 2022
@Milissa, I recently used them for my 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams. They assisted me to find my loopholes and I managed to get the cut score in both the tests. I’m sure they’ll be worth your time! Good luck!
Jul 07, 2022
good day everyone. I’m new here. can anyone tell me if these comptia a+ dumps are valid? I'm gonna take an exam in 5 weeks. thanks in advance.
Mzwandile Biyela
South Africa
Jun 28, 2022
I want to take A+ Certification this year I need any help to Succeed

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