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ExamICBB Exam NameIASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
ExamICGB Exam NameIASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
ExamICYB Exam NameIASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
ExamLSSBB Exam NameLean Six Sigma Black Belt
ExamLSSGB Exam NameLean Six Sigma Green Belt
ExamLSSMBB Exam NameLean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
ExamLSSWB Exam NameLean Six Sigma White Belt
ExamLSSYB Exam NameLean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
ExamSSBB Exam NameSix Sigma Black Belt
ExamSSGB Exam NameSix Sigma Green Belt
ExamSSWB Exam NameSix Sigma White Belt
ExamSSYB Exam NameSix Sigma Yellow Belt

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The Six Sigma training and certification program offered by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) covers four levels, namely, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. These Six Sigma certificates help the specialists validate their skills in reducing errors and improving project productivity. Also, there’s a Lean Six Sigma program offered by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) that emphasizes the vendor’s “lean” principles, which are usually used in public institutions.

Six Sigma Certification Program offered by ASQ

Six Sigma designations are dedicated to those individuals who have quality solving and analyzing responsibilities in their jobs. Also, these validations help the candidates get familiar with Six Sigma techniques, production quality, and management. The certification program delivered by ASQ is the following:

  • Yellow Belt (CSSYB) – this certification focuses on entry-level specialists who want to learn about Six Sigma methodology and its principles. It is suitable for those candidates who lead limited improvement projects or are part of a team that works on a more complex project, which is usually led by a Green Belt or Black Belt certified specialist.
  • Green Belt (CSSGB) – this certificate is dedicated to those specialists who know the fundamentals of advanced Six Sigma Methodology elements. The certified individuals have the necessary knowledge to lead improvement projects or be part of teams that are led by Black Belt certified professionals.
  • Black Belt (CSSBB) – this is a professional certification that is usually obtained by those individuals who lead complex improvement in a project on a full-time basis. The candidate who gets certified understands all aspects of Six Sigma Black Belt methodology and can implement correctly the DMAIC principles.
  • Master Black Belt (CMBB) - this designation is targeted at the professionals who are able to lead teams in successfully executing huge projects. The Master Black Belts report directly to unit managers or senior executives. They also act as advisors to the senior executives.

Popular Lean Six Sigma Certifications Endorsed by IASSC

In all, the candidates who want to differentiate themselves from their colleagues and advance in their career can count on the following Lean Six Sigma certificates offered by IASSC:

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (ICYB)

    This is the first level of certification that the candidates can take to validate their skills. During the preparation process, they will learn about the Lean Six Sigma principles and methodology. Also, by attending the training classes, the individuals will get ready to lead limited improvement projects. This certification also makes them eligible to be part of teams that lead complex projects, which are usually conducted by Black Belt certified professionals. A specialist who possesses the ICYB certification understands the basic aspects of Lean Six Sigma Methods and also has the necessary competence to apply Define, Measure, and Control principles. The ICYB certification exam consists of 60 questions that might be multiple-choice or the true or false types. Also, the candidates will need to find the correct answers to them in 120 minutes. Besides, the minimum passing score that applicants can obtain is 70%. The registration fee for the certification exam is $195.

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (ICGB)

    The ICGB validation can be considered the intermediate level for any specialist who wants to understand how to apply the Lean Six Sigma Methodology to improve projects. This certification allows the successfully certified candidates to be part of complex teams that are led by a Black Belt certified professional. By getting this endorsement, the candidates validate their skills of understanding the DMAIC principles and have a high level of understanding of how to perform, apply, interpret, and perform the Lean Six Sigma requirements. As for the ICGB test, it includes 100 multiple-choice and true/false type questions. The exam-takers have 180 minutes to answer all questions. The candidates will be considered successful if they provide the correct answer to 70% of all exam items. Also, the enrollment fee for this exam is $295.

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (ICBB)

    The individual who gets the ICBB validation is a real professional in using all Lean Six Sigma Methods and knows how to apply the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control principles in a real-world environment. The ICBB certification exam consists of 150 questions. Also, it is a proctored, closed-book exam that can be solved in 4 hours. The candidates will have to answer questions that have multiple-choice as well as true or false formats. It can be taken in Testing Centers from anywhere in the world. Also, to get this certification, the candidates will need to answer correctly to 70% of all tasks. The registration fee that they have to pay is $395.

Training Courses to Get Six Sigma Designations

Getting Lean Six Sigma certifications from the first attempt is possible through intensive training. IASSC works with various accredited training providers who help the candidates get the type of belt they need. Thus, you can opt for the following courses offered by the official training partners of ISAAC:

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course Delivered by SimpliLearn

    This course provides information for getting the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and understanding the DMAIC methodology. The learning objectives are aligned with the vendor’s chapters, which means that the students shouldn’t worry about the information’s validity. This class focuses on the following skills:

    • Implementing Lean Six Sigma projects;
    • Becoming an expert in project management;
    • Implementing a measurement system analysis;
    • Working with data analysis and Lean principles;
    • Hypothesis thesis;
    • Defining process analysis;
    • Using DFSS tools.

    To know more, this training consists of 56 hours of applied learning, where the attendees will have access to 4 real-life projects and 4 simulation test papers to check their preparedness level. Also, when they enroll in this class, they will get an IASSC exam voucher and 33 PDUs. The class is available in self-paced learning for which the individuals need to pay a price of $699. They can also choose the online Bootcamp and pay a registration fee of $1299.

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Provided by SimpliLearn

    During this course, the candidates can develop the necessary knowledge to master the combined Lean and Six Sigma concepts. Also, they will get an in-depth understanding of how to apply the Six Sigma phases consisting of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control principles. Overall, the students will develop the following skills:

    • Applying Lean concepts;
    • Understanding advanced statistical analysis;
    • Managing team dynamics;
    • Working with multiple levels;
    • Being able to work with the project prioritization matrix.

    In particular, such a course offers 150 hours of applied learning. Also, the students will receive 35 PDUs and have access to six quizzes at the end of each chapter. Moreover, they will gain experience while learning through case studies. They will also get access to four Lean Six Sigma Black Belt simulation tests. Thus, they will get used to the exam structure and difficulty. Finally, they will get two-course end projects. If they choose the self-paced learning type of class, the examinees will pay $999 to have access to all materials. In case they prefer the online Bootcamp, then they should pay a fee of $1499.

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Provided by Grey Campus

    During this preparation class, the attendees will understand how to manage Six Sigma tools and problem-solving basic statistics. Also, they will be able to evaluate the measurement of the DMAIC principles. Another learning objective included in this training class is the ability to deal with the voice of customers and SIPOC. Besides, at the end of this class, the examinees will be able to quantify and measure process performance as well as develop variance analysis. Finally, the candidates will have two enrollment options. In case they want to register in the version without Bootcamp, they will need to pay $270. If they opt for the Bootcamp, then they will need to pay $770.


Getting Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma certifications will help you consolidate your career and get the necessary skills to manage complex projects and improve their performance. A Six Sigma international certificate is valid proof that the individuals have gone through intensive training and they can contribute to a company’s performance. Thus, they will receive generous salary offers and bonuses.

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