400-251: CCIE Security Written Exam Exam - Certification Training Course

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400-251: CCIE Security Written Exam Training Course
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400-251: CCIE Security Written Exam

PDFs and exam guides are not so efficient, right? Prepare for your Cisco examination with our training course. The 400-251 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Cisco certification exam. Pass the Cisco 400-251 test with flying colors.
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Curriculum For This Course

Switching Introduction
Time 00:26:56
Switch Port Configuration
Time 00:35:06
Fundamentals of Switching
Time 00:36:39

About This Course

Cisco 400-251, popular as CCIE Security Version 5.0, is a practical and written exam, which comes with documented topics giving the seekers a different curriculum. The certification test also allows to disclose the side of domains along with their weight, which is helpful during the exams. The course is eligible to teach the individuals appearing for the exam how to deploy the actual network of Cisco WSA and its installation process. The course also teaches the process of despoliation of the proxy related to Cisco WSA, the configuration process of any Custom URL with Cisco WSA, installation of VMware with Cisco WSA, deploying Transparent Proxy with Cisco WSA, configuring the filtering or URL with the help of Cisco WSA, and configuring the limits of downloading with the help of Cisco WSA. Apart from all these, there are various other concepts that are included in this course that gives it due importance.


The Cisco CCIE Security certification with version 5.0 prepares the seekers to grab expertise in designing, describing, operating, implementing, and also troubleshooting the solutions and technologies of complex security. It also gives the students applying for the course understanding the needs of security, the different interoperate components, and helps in translating every bit of it into configurations of the device. The course comes with both lab and written contents that are capable to prepare for the certification exam.

Contents of Cisco 400-251 labs
  • Introduction to Topology
  • Configuration of Topology Initial
  • VMware Workstation with Installation of using OVF
  • WSA Initial Configuration
  • WSA related to Installation of License
  • Setup Wizard with Run System
  • Settings on WSA to Verify Web Proxy
  • Client Explicit Proxy Configuration
  • Checking whether Traffic is Hitting to WSA
  • Search Engines and Portals Blocking
  • Blocking of Social Site
  • Blocking of References Sites
  • Blocking of Internet Telephony Site
  • Configuration and Verification of HTTP/HTTPS/FTP Download Limit
  • Configuration and Verification of IP Based URL Blocking of HTTP
  • Configuration and Verification of IP Bases URL Blocking of HTTPS
  • The configuration of IP Base URL Blocking of FTP etc.
CCIE Security lab contents
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography and IPSec
  • Fundamentals of Site to Site Virtual Private Network on Cisco IOS
  • Implementation of Site to Site Virtual Private Network on Cisco IOS
  • Remote Access and Fundamentals Virtual Private Network on Cisco IOS
  • Implementation of Remote Access Virtual Private Network on Cisco IOS
  • Secure Socket Layer and Fundamentals Virtual Private Network on Cisco IOS
  • Operations of Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network on Cisco IOS
  • Operations of DMVPN on Cisco IOS
  • Operations of GETVPN on Cisco IOS
  • Operations of Flex VPN on Cisco IOS
  • Operations of IOS VPN Using Microsoft Server 2016
  • Troubleshooting Labs
Exam details
  • The exam time period is about 120 minutes
  • The paper of the exam contains nearly 90 to 110 questions
  • The test is available in the English language
  • The paper comes with multi-choice questions
  • The CCIE Security certification is associated with the 400-251 exam
Exam topics
  • Intrusion Prevention and Perimeter Security
  • Content Security and Advanced Threat Protection
  • Segmentation and Secure Connection
  • Information Exchange, Assess Control, and Identity Management
  • Virtualization, Automation and Infrastructure Security
  • Evolving Technologies
Audience it targets
  • Any individual willing to earn the Cisco CCIE Security certification
  • The candidates of CCIE Security
  • The candidates of CCNP Security

The certificate comes with a single authorized course material provided by Cisco that is Cisco IT training. The course is prepared by the certified instructors of Cisco.


Henceforth, the Cisco CCIE Security certification is an ultimate course that would help the candidates on various aspects not only for the exam, but also for the lab for specific security scenarios.

Job description
  • IT Security Manager
  • Network Manager
  • Security Technology Manager
  • Sr. Manager for Security Network

The basic pay of the CCIE Security certificate holder ranges from around $86,454 to $139,650 on annual basis.

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Student Feedback

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Mar 19, 2020
An intelligent course by an intelligent instructor. He has made learning easy and enjoyable by giving us the video lectures that also explain the lab concepts well. Choose the 400-251 course if you want to prepare for both written and lab exams at the same time.
Mar 04, 2020
A sure to use and recommend the course. The chapters and modules give a brief explanation of the concepts, while for those who are preparing on short terms, videos are the best way to move with. With zero buffering, the instructor has given a mind-blowing way to clear the 400-251 certification test.
Feb 18, 2020
Simple language, downloadable references, quick to refer modules, straightforward lectures, and whatnot would you achieve by getting this course. Thanks to the instructor for designing this multi-purpose course and giving us a clear path for the exam preparation.
Feb 04, 2020
This 400-251 course has gifted me with desired scores. I began with it in the mid of the course, and from there, I began to prepare for the exam with the required accuracy. The modules and most of all the lectures on video by a professional instructor helped me too much to get to the depth of the topics and concepts. The labs are fun to attend and learn practically. Thanks, you for helping me complete my dream.
Jan 20, 2020
Nothing would have been better like this course designed by an intelligent instructor. The advance level it comes with adds to the benefits of having the videos for learning. Brief explanations, HD videos, soft tone language, and much more helps you prepare for the exam with fun. Also, the modules and the paper set that are easy to download are much helpful for the last moment referring. Thank you for this set.
United Arab Emirates
Jan 01, 2020
No doubt on the first view of the 400-251 course I literally got goosebumps by looking the long list of the topics and modules. However, when I went through the video lectures provided by the instructor with a knowledgeable language, it was a great relief. The videos made my learning easier and more comfortable as they could be gone through anywhere. Heartily thanks.

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