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Exam Exam Name
ExamSPLK-1001 Exam NameSplunk Core Certified User
ExamSPLK-1002 Exam NameSplunk Core Certified Power User
ExamSPLK-1003 Exam NameSplunk Enterprise Certified Admin
ExamSPLK-1004 Exam NameSplunk Core Certified Advanced Power User
ExamSPLK-1005 Exam NameSplunk Cloud Certified Admin
ExamSPLK-2001 Exam NameSplunk Certified Developer
ExamSPLK-2002 Exam NameSplunk Enterprise Certified Architect
ExamSPLK-2003 Exam NameSplunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer
ExamSPLK-3001 Exam NameSplunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin
ExamSPLK-3002 Exam NameSplunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin
ExamSPLK-3003 Exam NameSplunk Core Certified Consultant
ExamSPLK-4001 Exam NameSplunk O11y Cloud Certified Metrics User

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Splunk offers different cloud transformation solutions to organizations to help them accelerate their digitization, secure business resilience, and find the best opportunities of today and tomorrow for their businesses. What is more, it includes a Data-to-Everything platform that comprises all the best digital initiatives that an enterprise can use to succeed.

Splunk Certification Program

The Splunk certification program includes different certificates that the candidates can obtain to leverage their digitization and cloud transformation skills. Among them, you’ll find the Splunk Core Certified Power User. This certification validates the candidates’ skills in gaining foundational competence over the Splunk core software. Next to explore is the Splunk Core Certified Advanced Power User. With it, the certificate holders will become skilled in generating complex reports, searches, and dashboards using various Splunk products. What’s more, you can opt for the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin, which signifies that the individuals will be able to find solutions for daily administration activities using and creating a healthy enterprise environment using Splunk solutions. Then, you can also earn the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect, which proves that the individuals who manage to get this validation will be able to manage, deploy, and troubleshoot elaborated Splunk Enterprise environments. The Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin is another certification included in the vendor’s program. It validates the candidates’ ability to configure, install, and manage a Splunk Enterprise Security deployment. On top of these, the Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin certification will demonstrate that the certified individual is able to deploy, manage, and use Splunk ITSI to achieve mission-critical services monitoring. So, if you want to check the whole list of the certifications offered by Splunk, check their official website but now let us dive deeper into some of the Splunk certificate options to fully grasp what they entail.

Splunk Core Certified Power User

The specialist who gets the Splunk Core Certified Power User certification will have a basic understanding of how SPL works. Therefore, he/she will be able to search and report different commands as well as creating different knowledge objects. Also, he/she will become proficient in using calculated fields, field aliases, creating event types and tags, together with using data models & workflow actions, and normalizing data with the Common Information Model in Splunk Cloud platforms or Splunk Enterprise. The certification exam to get this validation is coded SPLK-1002 and has a registration fee of $125. It is a proctored test, which means that the candidates will need to register for it on the Pearson VUE platform and look for the most appropriate testing center to take the official test.

Splunk Cloud Certified Admin

This certification helps the candidates get the necessary knowledge of managing and configuring the Splunk Cloud environment. This implies that examinees will become skilled in working with data inputs and forwarded configuration. Also, they will gain knowledge of handling data management, user accounts, problem isolation, and basic monitoring. This certificate validates candidates’ knowledge of supporting daily admin activities and provides a healthy business environment operating with Splunk Cloud solutions. To get this qualification, the vendor recommends that the candidates should follow the Splunk Fundamentals 1 and 2, and Splunk Cloud Administration training classes.

Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect

A certified Splunk Enterprise Architect has a solid understanding of how to use Splunk Deployment Methodology and implement the best practices related to data collection, planning, and sizing to troubleshoot a standard distributed deployment by using search head clustering and indexer. This certification is the validation of specialists’ skills in managing, troubleshooting, and deploying complex Splunk Enterprise environments. The vendor doesn’t have any mandatory prerequisites for this certification. Still, it recommends that the candidates should attend the official courses for the final test SPLK-2002 by code.

Splunk Official Courses

To master their skills and pass the certification exams from the first attempt, the candidates are advised to attend the classes below:

  • Splunk Fundamentals 1

    This course teaches attendees how to use Splunk resources to create dashboards and reports. In addition, they will be exposed to Splunk reporting commands and searching tools as well as learn how to use the vendor’s interactive Pivot tool. Such a class is organized in hands-on challenges and scenario-based examples that will help the candidates create robust charts and search reports. Overall, this course will cover such topics as:

    • Introduction to the interface developed by Splunk;
    • Fundamental searching tools;
    • How to use fields for searching;
    • Search fundamentals;
    • Transforming tools;
    • Creating dashboards and reports;
    • Understanding how to use the Common Information Model;
    • Using and creating lookups;
    • How to use scheduled reports;
    • Managing alerts;
    • How to use Pivot tools.

    To add more, the training has no prerequisites and it comes in eLearning & instructor-on-demand modes.

  • Splunk Fundamentals 2

    This course includes knowledge of more advanced reporting commands, searching tools, and helps the candidates understand how to create complex reports, searches, and charts. The most important topics measured here include transformation commands, filtering, formatting results, correlating events, calculated fields, creating workflow actions and data models, as well as using the Common Interface Model to normalize data. The candidates can enroll in this class only if they have previously gone through Splunk 6.6 Fundamentals Part 1. To know more, this class is organized as instructor-led lectures that also include labs and are delivered either via virtual classroom or on-site.

  • Splunk Cloud Administration

    This is a 3-day course that helps administrators to get the necessary knowledge to get data in Splunk Cloud and manage users. Therefore, they will learn everything about data inputs and management, forwarder configuration, user accounts, problem isolation, and basic monitoring. The main focus of such training is to determine the best practices, knowledge, and Splunk Cloud configuration details. When it comes to the prerequisites, the candidates need to have previously attended Splunk Fundamentals 1 class. Also, the vendor strongly recommends that the candidates should have gone through Splunk Fundamentals 2 as well. This course is delivered as instructor-led lectures with labs and the candidates can attend it either in a virtual classroom or on-site.


In case you have recently evaluated the possibility of getting a Splunk certification, you shouldn’t think twice and start learning to get the validation that best fits your needs. For example, you can opt for the Splunk Core Certified Power User or Cloud Admin. Irrespective of the certification you decide to obtain, the vendor’s official classes will help you get the necessary information to get the passing score in the exams from the first attempt.

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