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Exam Exam Name
ExamD-ISM-FN-23 Exam NameDell Information Storage and Management Foundations 2023
ExamD-PST-DY-23 Exam NameDell PowerStore Deploy 2023
ExamD-UN-DY-23 Exam NameDell Unity Deploy 2023
ExamDEA-1TT5 Exam NameAssociate - Information Storage and Management Exam
ExamDEA-2TT4 Exam NameAssociate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services v.4 Exam
ExamDEA-3TT2 Exam NameData Protection and Management Version 2
ExamDEE-1111 Exam NameExpert - PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Solutions
ExamDEE-1421 Exam NameExpert - Isilon Solutions
ExamDES-1111 Exam NameSpecialist - Technology Architect, PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Solutions
ExamDES-1121 Exam NameSpecialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions
ExamDES-1241 Exam NameSpecialist - Platform Engineer, PowerStore
ExamDES-1423 Exam NameSpecialist Implementation Engineer Isilon Solutions Exam
ExamDES-1721 Exam NameSpecialist - Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam
ExamDES-2T13 Exam NameDES-2T13: Specialist - Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Exam
ExamDES-5121 Exam NameSpecialist - Implementation Engineer, Campus Networking Exam

Dell Certification Practice Test Questions, Dell Certification Exam Dumps

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Dell is a global corporation in the business of designing, developing, and manufacturing PCs in addition to varied computer-based products. The company is also leading in offering technology-based certifications that assist professionals in realizing their full potential. The areas covered include data protection, cloud, converged infrastructure, data science, networking, storage, servers, and security.

Dell Certification Program

Learning the approach of leveraging Dell solutions takes the Proven Professional program that also awards those who pass relevant exams with certifications. The levels include Associate, Specialist, and Expert. Overall, the certificates boil down to one’s role along with technology or product. They are related to the jobs of cloud architect, implementation engineer, data scientist, and systems administrator, to name a few.

Most Dell certifications don’t expire. However, it’s highly advisable to maintain them by taking the required test again, especially if three years have already elapsed from the time you got accredited. This is to keep the value of the certificate and ensure your skills are still valuable.

Dell Certifications and Exams

Seeking a specific Dell certification means one needs a good score in the certain exam, which also requires diving deeper into the pertinent topics. Thus, through courses, revision guides, and other valuable preparation materials, one can go strong in the test. Below, we will disclose the most important information about some certificates and later look at their respective study resources.

  • Associate – Information Storage and Management (DCA-ISM)

    The process of acquiring this one involves passing DEA-1TT4 V4 test, which is dedicated to information storage in addition to management within a specific data center. Topics included are networking, storage, and third-platform technologies, along with storage systems, backing up, archiving as well as replication, and security, among others. The exam comes with 60 questions to be completed in 1.5 hours, a passing mark of 60, and a fee of $230.

  • Associate – PowerEdge (DCA)

    To get this certificate, a person needs to ace DEA-41T1 exam. It checks one’s comprehension of servers in addition to the technologies associated with them. It’s also about gaining networking, maintenance, and security skills that are specific to products for Dell EMC PowerEdge Server. The testing procedure includes 60 questions that are to be done within 90 minutes. The passing grade is 63%, while the registration formalities cost $230.

  • Specialist – Implementation Engineer PowerStore Solutions

    The exam to take for this certificate is DES-1221 by code. Its aim is individuals in the execution and administration of PowerStore arrays for storage within open systems. It’s all about how to configure, administrate, migrate, upgrade this solution, and perform basic troubleshooting. It has two parts, where Part 1 has 54 questions and lasts for 90 minutes, while Part 2 has 6 simulations and endures for 30 minutes. The passing score for Part 1 is 63% and that for Part 2 is 66%. The exam’s voucher can be purchased at $230. The pre-requisite for the test is the associate-level DCA-ISM certification.

  • Specialist – Implementation Engineer, VxRail Appliance (DCS-IE)

    Concerning the DCS-IE certification, it’s necessary to pass DES-6321 exam. This is about the technology called VxRail Appliance that is vital as it offers businesses the ability to begin small as they integrate into their required data centers and grow seamlessly. The requirements include an earlier achievement of the Associate – Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud v1.0 or v2.0 certificate. The test includes 60 questions that are to be answered within 1.5 hours. The passing score is 63% and going through registration will cost $230.

  • Specialist – Systems Administrator, VxRail Appliance (DCS-SA)

    To obtain the DCS-SA certification, a candidate should pass DES-6332 exam. It assesses the presence of skills and knowledge on the product, software, and hardware elements within the VxRail Appliance. Covered are matters such as CI/HCI benefits, appliance management, components, monitoring, provisioning, REST API, as well as maintenance using standard activities in addition to troubleshooting. Before undertaking the test, there is the prior requirement of version 1.0 or 2.0 of the Associate – Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud certification. The skill areas covered about VxRail include system architecture, expansion & maintenance, availability & management, and appliance REST API. Others are such as vSAN management and virtualization.

Official Training Courses

There are technology-focused as well as role-based courses that one can embrace to prepare and pass the exams. Below are some of the options available:

  • Dell DEA-1TT4

    DEA-1TT4 exam course is for administrators, storage architects, managers, project managers or CIOs, or those who were recently absorbed into the teams dealing with information as well as storage management. Through it, one learns the skills needed in making informed decisions regarding storage, administrative tasks, and protection of digital information within virtualized, classic, as well as cloud environments. There are various formats offered, and each of them runs for 5 days. These on-demand classes, virtual classes, and classroom training. The on-demand variant has two options, which are the English course going for $1,500 and coming with a free exam voucher, and the one available in varied languages and costs $1,500, but does not come with a free voucher. For the classroom as well as virtual training, learners will be parting with $2,700.

  • Dell DEA-41T1

    The DEA-41T1 PowerEdge Server Concepts training is a 3.5-hour long on-demand course that prepares learners on PowerEdge products and technologies associated with it. The topics considered during this session include introduction to servers, their security, networking, applications, and maintenance. The delivery is in English and the course costs $360.

  • Dell DES-1221

    DES-1221 training course is instrumental in developing one’s skills in deploying and administering PowerStore arrays. Topics in consideration involve PowerStore concepts & features, cabling, configuration, administration, and implementation. Others are basic troubleshooting and software & hardware. Regarding the course, there are two choices to pick from and which include classroom and on-demand training. The first option goes for $7,000 and it runs for 5 days. On the other hand, the on-demand classes are available for $1,000.

In Conclusion

Dell certifications are so varied that everyone can find the most suitable one. Different areas of focus and levels of expertise make it possible for any aspiring IT professional to advance their careers. Choose the certificate that fulfils your needs and expectations, enroll in associated course, and expand your skillset to achieve new heights.

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