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Dell DCA-ISM Certification Practice Test Questions and Answers, Dell DCA-ISM Certification Exam Dumps

All Dell DCA-ISM certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are prepared by industry experts. Dell DCA-ISM certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps, study guide and training courses help candidates to study and pass hassle-free!

The Dell DCA-ISM certificate serves as a confirmation of one’s all-embracing comprehension of differing storage infrastructure elements within varying scopes. This includes traditional, virtualized, and SD data center surroundings. Through the certification process, learners corroborate their skills in using technologies associated with storage within IT environments that keep getting complex. To get accredited, one has to pass the DEA-1TT4 exam.

More Certification Facts

The DCA-ISM acronym stands for Associate – Information Storage and Management. The realms within which the DCA-ISM certificate operates include the fast transforming IT environments that result from adopting third-platform associated technologies such as Big Data, cloud, as well as mobile.

This accreditation reflects one’s powerful comprehension of solutions related to storage, ensures their proficiency in handling complex concepts, processes, and more. To review are subjects like modern infrastructure for data center, networking technologies aimed at storage, and systems for storage. Other domains from the outline involve backing up, archiving, and replicating as well as securing and managing systems.

Exam Overview

The Dell DEA-1TT4 test leading to the DCA-ISM Version 4 certification is bearing 60 questions. The finishing time is 1.5 hours. 60% is the stated official passing mark for this evaluation. Candidates opting for registration for this test must also consider the fee of $230.

When it comes to preparation, reviewing study guides and attending classes will bring clarity to the substance of the exam, thus making real the achieving of the passing mark. Some of the most helpful variants are observed below.

Study Guides to Use for the DCA-ISM Certificate

The options to learn with include unique study guides availed through Amazon. Their exact particulars are the following:

  • Information & Storage Management Study Guide by EMC Education Services

    This vital revision material provides the candidates with clarity the DCA-ISM certificate demands. This 1st Edition considers the fact that the ever-evolving digital space implies that there is a growing skill gap as well. Also, it takes into account that IT management is pushed to new sophisticated levels and complexity, and this exposes the gap in competencies that poses challenges to IT managers.

    Note that the book is developed by storage experts from EMC and thus offers an open perspective to providing instruction on information storage in addition to management. It observes concepts as well as principles, as opposed to product specifics, that are applicable within the entire IT environment. The guide offers support to current IT professionals as well as those aspiring to enter the space. Other groups that can greatly benefit from the book include students, faculty, as well as those in need of improving their skills in the area of IT infrastructure.

    The basic intention of the material is to draw a deep awareness of matters concerning segments that relate to technologies for information storage. It includes 16 chapters that have been organized into four major sections. They are information storage & management targeting today’s world; storage options in addition to protocols; business continuity & replication; and security as well as administration.

  • Information Storage & Management Prep Guide, New Edition by EMC Education Services

    The book is the newest version of ISM and has also been prepared by professionals from EMC Education Services. It is comprehensive and can act as a complete learning material for the DCA-ISM accreditation. Working for the world’s leading storage organization, the EMC professionals responsible for the content in the book, have ensured this critical resource meets the expectations of the users

    What is covered comprises the elements of storage systems as well as the varying models on the same. Also, the book offers the most recent and necessary information that deeply investigates the advancements within present technologies in addition to the emerging cloud platform. Explored as well are updates and essential concepts that capture new technologies. The main highlights of this book are as follows:

    • The emerging sphere of cloud computing.
    • Coverage of new technologies that include unified storage, data de-duplication, virtual provisioning, flash drives, FCoE, storage tiering, and big data, among others.
    • Detailed overview of storage models like NAS, SAN, Object Based Storage together with virtualization within varied elements of infrastructure.
    • Advanced appendix offering additional information.
    The guide is authoritative and brings critical information that is helpful in moving faster with the latest developments in information storage as well as management.

Training Course for the DCA-ISM Certificate

The needs of the DCA-ISM exam can best be approached through classroom training or the other alternative of on-demand learning. The course presented for it is called “Information Storage Management V4”. It is beneficial for storage architects, managers, or administrators; Information & Storage Management team members; and CIOs/project managers. The basis is to have participants grow their awareness of subjects like storage, management, and protection of digital information within a classic, virtualized, as well as cloud environments. The course helps to draw up their abilities in making the appropriate decisions concerning technologies associated with storage.

The 5-day instructive program expects a prior understanding of the computer architecture, OS, databases, and networking. Those having practical experience in particular aspects of storage architecture can attend the class as well. Those who completed the course are expected to gain capabilities in:

  • Discussing modern technologies that drive digital transformation, including cloud, IoT, big data, as well as machine learning
  • Describing today’s infrastructure for data center alongside its components
  • Explaining intelligent systems for storage, including their types (block, file, and object)
  • Evaluating varied networking technologies aimed at storage as well as their deployment
  • Describing storage as well as networking that is software-defined
  • Articulating solutions for business continuity in addition to data protection (includes replicating, backing up, and archiving)
  • Describing security as well as management processes for storage infrastructure

The outline for this course intended for the DCA-ISM certificate includes 13 modules. They are information storage introduction; modern technologies that drive transformation in the digital space; a modern environment for the data center; intelligent systems for storage; and more. Its availability is through ILT, ILT-Live, and an on-demand format. The ILT version also comprises exercises intended for learning reinforcement.


Ideally, the DCA-ISM certificate captures the exact needs of storage professionals who intend to flourish in the sphere. These architects, administrators, project managers, and other specialists will realize their potential after taking the course and reviewing the study guides. Beyond this, their skills will be verified when they pass the respective exam. In short, this certification is going to be your evidence of having modern skills in the latest storage technologies.

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