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ExamEX200 Exam NameRed Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)
ExamEX294 Exam NameRed Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
ExamEX300 Exam NameRed Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
ExamEX407 Exam NameRed Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation exam

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Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, including high-performing Linux, cloud, container, Kubernetes, and other technologies. It supplies its products to more than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies, such as airlines, commercial banks, healthcare organizations, and Internet service providers. For many, Red Hat is known due to its Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) but its certifications are also worth your attention. It offers a number of professional certificates relating to software products, including virtualization, operating systems, cloud, and storage.

Red Hat Certificates’ Overview

Red Hat offers accreditations in five major areas. These are management, virtualization, middleware, cloud computing, storage, and Linux. There are more than twenty options available, but still some of them are more popular. These are as follows:

  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator. This certificate proves one’s administrative abilities as well as readiness to perform general tasks in this role. It covers the understanding of tools, VMs, shell scripts, file systems, the management of groups and users, and others.
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer.This one is most suitable for those interested to validate their proficiency in automation. It targets RHCSA holders and checks their knowledge of how to handle the integration of Red Hat technologies, deploy and support the container-based architecture, etc. The latest update of this certification implies checking your automation skills related to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.
  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization. This certification is dedicated to guests, hosts, and virtualization infrastructure, including their management and deployment. It covers the concepts related to administrative tasks, installation and configuration of associated solutions, as well as creating templates, clusters, datacenters, and others.

Popular Red Hat Exams

These are some of the sought-after Red Hat accreditation exams that are now available for remote delivery:

  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ceph Storage Administration exam (EX125) lasts for 3 hours and tests if the candidates are skilled at installing, configuring, and managing Red Hat® Ceph Storage clusters. Also, it checks the knowledge needed to work with different types of storage, manage cluster maps, troubleshoot issues with server, and others. Based on Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.0, the exam is perfect for RHCSA certified system administrators and Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE) or individuals with similar experience. The registration fee for this exam is 400 USD or 2 Training Units.
  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containers and Kubernetes exam (EX180) is a practical, hands-on exam with real-world tasks for software developers, architects, and administrators. The rules do not allow the candidates to use any books, notebooks or electronic documentation during it. Within the 2 hours of EX180 exam, you will have to demonstrate skills in image implementation and management using Podman, basic OpenShift knowledge, such as creating applications, specifying parameters, and troubleshooting. The registration fee is now 400 USD or 2 Training Units.
  • Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer exam (EX183) covers the following groups of objectives: Bean Validation, JPA mapping, JPA query, Messaging, CDI, Security, and REST services with JAX-RS. The exam lasting 2.50 hours will cost you 400 USD or 2 Training Units. You will not be allowed to use notebooks, books, or electronic documentation for this test. As it focuses on the minimal set of JEE APIs applicable in Enterprise Java application development environments, the candidates should be experienced JSE developers and are required to be familiar with Red Hat Jboss Developer Studio.
  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Services Management and Automation exam (EX358) is ideal for system administrators of large enterprises, system administrators of network services, and Red Hat Certified Engineers interested in becoming a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA). Before enrolling in the test, make sure you meet the requirements: the candidates should have taken Red Hat Services Management and Automation (RH358), be a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) or Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) or have similar work experience and skills. During the four hours of the exam, one will have to demonstrate solid skills in the management of network services, firewall services, SELinux, system processes, link aggregation, DNS, DHCP, and others.
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack exam (EX210) has been designed to check the candidate’s skills in creating, configuring, and managing private clouds using Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat® OpenStack Platform. The successful test-takers will become Red Hat Certified System Administrators in Red Hat OpenStack. Based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13.0, the exam is a way to go for Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCEs) with an ambition of being a Red Hat Certified Architects (RHCAs) or for system administrators skilled in working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration exam (EX280) will test one’s skills in cloud application platform creation, configuration, and management. The successful candidates verify their knowledge of how to handle OpenShift Container Platform, administer users and policies, ensure access control, configure networking components, pod scheduling, and cluster scaling.

Red Hat Online Courses

Apart from professional certifications, Red Hat offers various courses to help IT specialists gain necessary skills. Some of the options are the following:

  • AD183 Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE has been created for Java developers interested in the specifications that comprise Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) environment. To enroll, you will have to be experienced in developing Java SE applications, and have a hands-on work record of at least 2 years. Proficiency in Red Hat Developer Studio or Eclipse along with familiarity with Maven is also a plus.
  • AD240 Build and Administer APIs with Red Hat 3scale API Management will boost your competence in 3scale API Management for API billing and security and access control. If you are a system architect and administrator working on a portal for monetizing APIs, this 4-day course is a suitable one. It will teach you the following: end-user signup flows, ActiveDocs documentation, custom workflows, rate limits and SOAP, and ODATA web services. For 2,700 USD, you will understand how important 3scale API Management is in digital transformation and agile integration practices
  • Red Hat Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager for Business Users (AD371) gives in-depth coverage of the skills with Red Hat® Decision Manager and Red Hat® Process Automation Manager. You will be taught how to navigate the improved user interface for the mentioned solutions while transforming to process-driven applications. The contents of the course include navigating the user interface for Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager, designing forms with Form Modeler, and the development of business processes with Business Central among other topics. If you have a basic understanding of data structures and business rules and know how to work with spreadsheets, you meet the set prerequisites and will surely benefit from this 3-day course that is available for 1,800 USD.

In Conclusion

A wide scope of exams and training options makes Red Hat popular among those willing to advance their IT competencies. This company provides significant certifications in the most demanded areas nowadays and thus enrolling in some of the programs will be a wise step. Choose the most suitable certificate, check if you fulfill the requirements, get ready for the exam, and gain the recognition you deserve.

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Ashley Rosa
Apr 13, 2024
@David, if you need help, I also passed this very exam. Basically, I didn’t use lots of materials, only the RedHat training courses + related exam dumps. For the former, I took RHCSA Rapid Track & Red Hat System Administration III: Linux Automation with Ansible courses. For the latter, I used PrepAway.
South Africa
Apr 01, 2024
@Carla Houston, which resources did you use to prep?
PS: congrats!!!
Carla Houston
Mar 17, 2024
Hi, folks. I passed the EX-294 test and it was taken on the Linux model. So, having practice with it would be helpful. Wish you, folks, good luck!
Maria smith
Mar 06, 2024
I have taken some ex-200 practise tests before sitting for the red hat certification exam. IMHO if you really want to crack this test, then definitely get a premium file to help you solve and understand the problems.

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