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Exam Exam Name
ExamMCD - ASSOC Exam NameMuleSoft Certified Developer - Integration and API Associate (Mule 3)
ExamMCD - Level 1 Exam NameMuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4)
ExamMCIA - Level 1 Exam NameMuleSoft Certified Integration Architect - Level 1
ExamMCPA - Level 1 Exam NameMuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1

Mulesoft Certification Practice Test Questions, Mulesoft Certification Exam Dumps

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MuleSoft is a company that has been providing API services and certifications for over a decade. It was founded in 2006 with the sole purpose of creating API and other forms of coding easier through the use of its MuleSoft APIs. As of now, the company provides various courses that boost the student's skills as well as increase their chances of getting better jobs and hitting their career goals.

Certification Program

Overall, MuleSoft offers various certification programs scattered across multiple technologies and candidates’ level of understanding. Thus, there are 2 categories of certifications offered by MuleSoft, known as Developer and Architect validations. Both of these levels are meant to enhance the candidates' skills and understanding of the particular role and skillset.

Certificates Offered

Currently, the vendor offers 7 certifications, namely the MuleSoft Certified:

  • Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4);
  • Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) DELTA;
  • Developer - Integration and API Associate (Mule 3);
  • Developer - Integration Professional (Mule 3);
  • Developer - API Design Associate (RAML 1.0);
  • Platform Architect - Level 1;
  • Integration Architect - Level 1.

Below are some of those certificates and their required exams in brief:

  • MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1

    Such an exam checks if architects have the necessary expertise as well as skills to work with the process of the efficient usage of networks by taking advantage of the Anypoint Platform. After passing such a test, the certified candidates will be capable of optimizing and shaping the Anypoint Platform execution in the specific enterprise context, dealing with various businesses, architecture, InfoSec, and other teams. The candidate will also be able to support guidance and drive the outline of standards and reusable assets. This certification lasts for 2 years after passing the related exam. The cost of this test is $375.

  • MuleSoft Certified Developer - Integration Professional (Mule 3)

    This test checks if the developer has the required knowledge and skills to configure as well as create flows and their processes for performance and reusability. The use of appropriate modules & transformers in order to use data and write MEL expressions will as well be looked into by this test. What’s more, candidates will as well know how to monitor message content, flows, and processing features by choosing and executing appropriate filters, connectors, and scopes. Finally, while sitting for this test, you’ll learn how to arrange and put into operation Mule apps to the cloud hub of a cluster of or a single customer Mule runtime. When it comes to the exam details, the format of the MCD - Integration Professional (Mule 3) is multiple-choice and the cost to take the exam is $250. To know more, the passing grade is 80% and the total duration of the exam is 120 minutes.

  • MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4)

    The MCD - Level 1 (Mule 4) proves that the developer has the required expertise to design, build, test, and debug as well as deploy basic APIs. The candidate is certified to use MuleSoft hosted API through all the steps of its lifecycle such as design, build, deployment, management, and government. With such a certificate, the candidates can also control event flow and handle errors while processing batch records. As for the test details, the format of the exam is multiple-choice, closed-book, and proctored. The time of the exam is 120 minutes, where candidates will need to finalize 60 items. Finally, the passing score is 70% and the cost of the final exam is $250.

Official Courses

The MuleSoft company themselves provide various training courses or training exercises for the students to practice for the upcoming MuleSoft exams. These courses are catered towards each topic that has been provided by the vendor. Thus, the required courses for the aforementioned certification exams are as follows:

  • Anypoint Platform: Flow Design

    This free self-paced deals with the practical experience of making use of the Flow Designer. The main objectives of this course are to arrange, debug, and execute Mule applications. Retrieving various data chunks from databases, REST API, and SOAP API will also be covered during the class. Moreover, you’ll have to know how to transform data by using a visual mapper. The prerequisites of this course are a basic understanding of data formats such as XML, CSV, JSON.

  • Anypoint Platform: API Design

    This instructor-led 2-day course is created for API designers, architects, and developers. The course itself focuses on translating functional design requirements into API resources and methods. Plus, you will be detailed on how to use the API Designer to make up API specifications and will define API resources, methods, parameters, and responses with the help of RAML. The documentation and testing of APIs and making them discoverable and checking various versions of theirs will also be highlighted in this training.

  • Anypoint Platform Development: Basics

    This training is for the architects and designers who want to build API and integrations. It can be a self-paced and free course that will last for 5 days or it can be conducted by a tutor depending on your liking. After the completion of this course, the students can attempt the official exam twice, which is a big plus. The objective of this course is to create an app network by using API-led connectivity and the Anypoint Platform, connect files, databases, web services, SaaS apps, queues for JMS, and deal with data processing for batches.

  • Anypoint Platform Architecture: Application Networks

    Such a course is for those who want to pass the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1 certification exam and it includes concepts of API-related assets, connectivity, the effective use of automation capabilities of the Anypoint Platform, and more. All in all, this training is designed for individuals with hands-on experience with common integration approaches.


The popularity of API services is undoubtedly increasing. So, to become skilled in this field, you have to get certified by MuleSoft. As of now, this vendor offers a lot of valuable certificates for interested candidates. Thus, you can choose the MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) or the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1 validations. On top of that, MuleSoft also provides the examinees with the opportunity to enroll in free or instructor-led courses that will bring quality to one’s preparation.

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Monika Agrawal
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@Swarna, TBH, I’d commence with the MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1. It at best will give you the idea of what you need to develop in the field
United Kingdom
May 11, 2024
Folks, I’m wondering which cert of Mulesoft to follow in pursuit..For each have pros & cons. For my background, I’ve been working as a developer for arnd half a year and at my workplace need to deal with APIs..
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Apr 18, 2024
thanks for awesome Mulesoft MCD - Level 1 practice questions and answers! they opened my eyes on the areas I hadn’t understood before

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