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Anypoint Studio Advanced

1. Error Handling

We want to know how to handle errors. Because in flows and in code, errors are bound to happen, but how? You can handle it gracefully; that's what comes. You will discover whether you want to use, continue to use, or spread certain types of errors to your parents. In Flows, you can use your custom errors. You can even look at the success and error responses for an HTTP listener. We look at what the default behaviour of any Mule API is. How does an error occur in a flow? What happens to the normal execution? How do events pass to the first processor or the different flows? And you're also familiar with error objects and what they contain? So let's see that now.

2. Creating Error Handlers in Flows

Think about the use case where a rocket has to be launched to a particular planet. So we want to make sure that the planet does not have any moons. So if it does have moons, then we would have to do some extra calculations to see if we could navigate it. Or will the moon appear in the middle of the launch of the rocket to that planet? So let's take a look at that flow.

So we have an HTTP listener that is listening to an ID that we'll be sending in this call. There's a set variable connector that makes sure that ID is placed inside the planet ID variable. I have a request HTTP method that intends to call the cloud hub API that we had created earlier to get more information about the planets. So we pass this ID to the planets API, and we get more information about the planets for a particular planet. It will give me information about the distance from the sun and the number of moons it has. And depending upon that, I made the if-else statement that, yes, if there are moons, then we need to do more calculations. If not, you can take the rocket right now to that place as if that's true.

So But let's say this is the use case, and these are all the calculations needed. Let me run this Okay, so the API is running. Let me go to the post office. If I press the send button, I'll send the ID three. Three is Mars, and it's going to go to our API, make a call to the cloud of API, and get information about how many moons it has. And we will receive word that you are going to Mars. Let's say you want to go to Jupiter; because Jupiter has moons, you'd have to do more calculations to get there. Okay, so this is the case. This is the happy part, right? What happens if I choose number 40? Let's take a look at that. If I send, if I click on send, it makes a call, and we say we haven't received a response.

So So let's look at what happened in the endpoint studio. Okay, you can see here that there is a red dotted line, and we are not going to do anything about it. We are just going to resume it. So it looks like there was an error, and we can take a look at it in the logs themselves. We can also look at it here and see that it is saying that you cannot compare the value of null with the expression. And I think we are trying to do this method, and we're trying to compare it while the payload is null. So how do we handle this? Okay, so to fix that, we need some kind of error handling. So let's take a look at that. I'm going to get an error message to continue flowing into our workspace. And what I'm going to do is click on the search icon, and I'm going to say, "If you find any kind of error," there are many that you can choose from.

So I'm just going to say, if you find any kind of error and the value is true, then execute this. and I'm going to add a transform message inside of this. If I click on the transform message, I want to add a new message inside of this one that, let's say, is an informative message. I'm going to say, "Press save, go to the console." As a result, it is initialising our API. It looks like the API is working. Now, if I go and run the same command, which will call the ID for 40, I should be able to see the same information message that was being shown. That's right. It went into our error handler, which found out that yes, there was an error, and we returned it to the user.

So The user hadn't seen the other message earlier. We don't want to show that to the user because that is more of a logger message. And you can come back to any point. Studio, you can see that same message. It is being shown here, but you don't want to show it to the user. So you can have this kind of global error handler whenever there's a case where you don't get certain information. It could be that the API is done; it could be anything. So you want to have those error handler connectors in place.

3. Sync Data and Trigger

So, in this case, we're looking at how to synchronise data using APIs or applications, as well as how to move files between folders. So I created a new flow and I added a connector to the new or updated file, and I created the configuration in which I mentioned the workspace that I wanted to work on. And I also added a scheduling strategy. So basically every 1000 milliseconds, which is 1 second, it's going to look at a particular folder and then log the message that yes, there is a fire.

So As you can see, there is nothing in the log, so I don't have any files in it. So let me just go to the folder. So there's this text file I just copied, and the folder I'm watching is this inside and folder. And then I'm going to copy it and quickly return to any point in Studio. And I see there are logs that are coming in, and it says I have a file that is a message that I put inside a locker.

So So we can see that we are able to monitor that particular folder. The next thing that we are going to do is figure out how to copy or move this file from this particular location to another folder. So it's actually pretty easy to do. If you search for copy, there are three connectors, which you'll see by default. You want to make certain that you're using the one from the file. We don't want to do FTP or SFTP. It's going to drag it over here. It's going to ask me a bunch of questions about what the connector computations are. I'm going to keep it the same. The source folder that I want to make sure of is that I'm taking leave of the underscore atmosphere folder, and then I want to make the target this one, which is inside space.

So So basically, we are highlighting the fact that if you put something inside the atmosphere, it will end up in space. So I'm just making sure that the project is on. Yes, it is. So now I'm going to go and copy this text file and put it inside. So the rocket has been placed to leave the atmosphere, and if we look at any point, it has a few errors. But let's see if we can see the file side of this. It created a new folder called "underscore atmosphere," and when we opened it, we found the payload inside. So everything is working as it should. I do know why the error is coming: when we opened the copy configurations, we did not make sure we chose override as true. That's why it's trying to override that pipe.

4. For Each and Batch

So, let's take a look at how to use each scope.

So I have a new or updated file connector, which is basically looking for a particular folder as we did before. The only change I made was to include a post-processing action to ensure that the same file does not continue to process. Then we also need a transform message to convert. So the CSV file that I will be putting in has to be converted into a Java option, and then for each method there is a payload, and then we are logging that payload. I'm setting it as "record processed."

And then finally, I also sent a recorder message for the log, which will lock the payload. So we look at what the payload looks like within each message and then on the outside. Okay, so let's look at the console. Let me go to the file processing folder. I'm going to copy the results to a CSV file. Let me open it up and show you what it looks like. Okay, so it has ten rows versus a header, and then there is information about the planets and the moods. So I'm going to close this, copy it, and put it inside that CSV, which is the same folder that I am processing. I have pasted it here, and let me open up any point. Studio looks like the file was processed and also moved. We look at the logs. I got records processed probably nine times because that was the number of messages or records that were there in the CSV. And the final log message has this as the payload.

So you can see that even though we processed each flow for each report individually for each scope, as you see, I made some changes to the flow in which I replaced A for each scope with a bath scope. Within the Bath scope, you would see that the bad job includes multiple bad steps. It has an incomplete scope, a processor scope, and an aggregator scope.

So let's say you want to do something related to some batch records together and you want to, let's say, sum them up, add them, subtract them, or do some other manipulations. You can do that. So it gives you more power to do different things related to the records. Also, when you want to have multiple batch steps, you would want to use a batch scope job. In terms of scope, this also provides you with more configuration options than A. When you want to make sure the number of records being processed is configured, among other things, So depending on your use cases and how many records you are processing, you would have to choose between an A for each and a bad scope job.

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