All ISTQB Exams

Exam Exam Name
ExamATA Exam NameAdvanced Test Analyst
ExamATM Exam NameAdvanced Test Manager
ExamATTA Exam NameAdvanced Technical Test Analyst
ExamCT-TAE Exam NameCertified Tester Test Automation Engineer
ExamCTAL-TA Exam NameCertified Tester Advanced Level - Test Analyst V3.1
ExamCTAL-TM Exam NameISTQB - Certified Tester Advanced Level, Test Manager
ExamCTAL-TTA Exam NameCertified Tester Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst
ExamCTFL v4.0 Exam NameCertified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) v4.0
ExamCTFL-2018 Exam NameISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level 2018
ExamCTFL-AT Exam NameCertified Tester Foundation Level Agile Tester
ExamISTQB - Agile Public Exam NameISTQB - Agile Public

ISTQB Certification Practice Test Questions, ISTQB Certification Exam Dumps

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The International Software Testing Qualifications Board or best known as ISTQB is a software testing certification organization that was founded in 2002. Currently, ISTQB is one of the world’s leading software testing qualifications operating in more than 100 countries, which means that the candidates will get certified based on the best practices. With such a company, IT specialists can acquire competent knowledge starting from the basic to in-depth understanding of software testing. The ISTQB qualification makes you eligible to get software-testing jobs anywhere in the world. So, if you are starting your career in software testing, the ISTQB validation is a great move.

ISTQB Exams Outlines

The ISTQB certification mainly divides into three parts, which are the foundation, the advance, and the expert levels. So, let’s look into some of ISTQB validations:

  • ISTQB - Certified Tester Foundation Level

    If you are a fresher or new to the industry IT practitioner, the ISTQB Foundation Certification is the entry gate towards your software-testing career. The ISTQB CTFL aims to provide candidates with extensive awareness and a foundation for the professional development of the basic best practices and the core principles of software testing. Its syllabus discusses six major topics like testing fundamentals, testing through the lifecycle of the software, static methods such as reviews, test architecture for behavioral and technical, test management, and testing tools. Overall, there are 40 multiple-choice questions in the Foundation Level test, with a pass mark score of 65 percent to be achieved within 60 minutes.

  • ISTQB - Certified Advanced Level

    The ISTQB Advanced certificate is intended for those with industrial experience as testers. You can take the Advanced level exam after successfully completing the ISTQB - Certified Foundation Level. The goals of the ISTQB Advanced Level certification are to ensure an understanding of the best practices and key concepts in software testing and to promote continuous professional growth. The ISTQB Advanced exam has three core parts: Test Manager, Test Analyst, and Technical Analyst. Once you have completed all three modules, you can obtain the full ISTQB Advanced Level certification. When it comes to these three exams and their details, they are as follow:

    • Advanced Test Manager (ATM) - the Advanced Test Manager exam focuses on the concepts of testing processes, test management, reviews, defect management, automation, and people skills. Although this exam focuses on the syllabus which offers you the best chance of passing the test, it also has examples from the real world. The exam is ideal for test program managers and test managers to advance their knowledge of testing.
    • Advanced Test Analyst (ATA) - the Advanced Level Test Analyst exam focuses on high-level topics such as test analytics processes, risk-based testing, testing techniques, testing software, reviews, and automation. The certification is best suited for software test architects, quality managers, automation specialists, and project managers. Visit the ISTQB official website to get a detailed career path based on your skill level.
    • Advanced Technical Test Analyst (ATTA) - the Advanced Technical Test Analyst validation covers radical topics such as technical test tasks in risk-based testing, white-box testing, analytical techniques, quality testing, reviews, and testing tool automation. Such an exam is based on the syllabus, which can be found on the official ISTQB website.

Study Tips to Ace Your Tests

The most critical resource to prepare for your ISTQB exams is to refer to the syllabus as the entire certification is based on this. So, the first thing you need to do is to download the syllabus from the ISTQB official website and study the learning outcomes. Looking into the ISTQB exam glossary of terms will also help you to understand the complicated testing terminologies. Also, there are sample exams on the ISTQB website.

Career Benefits of Certification

Currently, software testers play a major role in the IT industry so their quality assurance experience is important for any IT project. Therefore, there is no argument that the demand for the software testing profession is increasing day by day. And as the need for such expertise grows rapidly, businesses are searching for certain ways to get top-qualified testing employees. A great way to promote the development of these top testing skills is to have a defined career path for testers to pursue. This career path is provided by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).

Resources to Prepare for Exams

With many practical activities and practice review questions, the ISTQB official website fully prepares you for the ISTQB certification. Additionally, you can also look into various supportive books from Amazon. Listed below are some top-rated books to prepare for your ISTQB tests:

  • ISTQB Certification: Foundations of Software Testing by Dorothy Graham, Rex Black, and others - this material provides you with a comprehensive reflection of the most changes in the ISTQB exams and covers the fundamental topics of testing. It’s to be mentioned that its authors were the developers of the ISTQB syllabus and are highly respected in the field.
  • Guide to the ISTQB Certification as an Advanced Test Manager by Rex Black (2nd Edition Vol. 2) - such a study guide teaches what you need to know about test estimation, test planning, test monitoring, and test control to attain advanced skills. For the systems being tested, you will learn how to define the overall testing goals and strategies.
  • Self-Study Guide: ISTQB Foundation Exam by Chhavi Raj Dosaj - if you are planning to self-study for the ISTQB Foundation Certification exam, then this book is the best as it provides you with many practical and hands-on approaches to software testing. Such a book also covers you with a practical approach and real-life case studies.
  • ISTQB Foundation Level: Sample Exam Questions by John A. Estrella and Maria C. Estrella (2nd Edition) - this handy book is concise and contains a complete set of questions for the ISTQB Foundation Exam. What’s more, this material highlights the most challenging questions strictly and proportionally discussing all topics in the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level Syllabus.


The ISTQB qualification is a magnificent start to your software testing career and can add great value if you are already in software testing. The related tests are not too hard to plan for and are rather easy to crack. So, plan well, remain positive-minded, find & make use of the aforementioned study guides, be prepared, and acing the ISTQB exam will be a walk in the park for you.

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