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VMware VCP-DTM 2020 Certification Practice Test Questions and Answers, VMware VCP-DTM 2020 Certification Exam Dumps

All VMware VCP-DTM 2020 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are prepared by industry experts. VMware VCP-DTM 2020 certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps, study guide and training courses help candidates to study and pass hassle-free!

The VMware Certified Professional-Desktop and Mobility 2020 (VCP-DTM 2020) certification is meant to verify the skills of IT professionals who are tasked with using View Environment for the design, installation, and management of VMware Horizon as well as are focused on the implementation of vSphere. Before delving into details of the certificate, let’s observe the whole accreditation path.

About VMware Certification Program

As a company that keeps pace with the latest trends, VMware recently updated its certification track to assume a job-focused approach that validates the technical skills and knowledge required to manage VMware products and solutions in different environments. The new path is organized according to specific technologies and job roles and includes the following areas:

  • Data center virtualization
  • Network virtualization
  • Cloud management and automation
  • Digital workspace
  • Security
  • Application modernization

Covering multiple technologies and offering opportunities for candidates with different levels of experience, from aspiring IT nerds to seasoned individuals, the VMware certificates are arranged according to the following levels:

  • VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA): These are beginner-level accreditations that target all individuals who are completely new to the IT industry.
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP): This category suits engineers and administrators of an intermediate level tasked with installing, configuring, managing, and optimizing VMware solutions.
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP): This is the best choice for engineers, architects, and administrators who play a key role in designing and building more complex VMware solutions as well as managing and optimizing them.
  • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX): This is the topmost VMware stage that validates the architects’ competence. It recognizes the technical knowledge related to creating, building, and managing VMware solutions.

About the VMware VCP-DTM 2020 Certification

VCP-DTM 2020 was designed to assess and validate one’s skills and technical ability to successfully handle the management and configuration of VMware environments. It is one of the best certificates in the field since it addresses a series of concepts related to delivering customized IT solutions involving desktops, online services, and applications. Job roles one can apply for after attaining it include infrastructure engineer, systems administrator, operational technologist, infrastructure architect, and others.

Becoming VMware VCP-DTM 2020 Certified

The first step on your journey to becoming the VCP-DTM 2020 certified IT professional is to acquire the relevant experience with Horizon 8.x or 7.x. After fulfilling this requirement, you must attend one of the recommended training courses, and pass the required foundation and professional exams as they relate to desktop and mobility. These tests are 2V0-01.19 and 2V0-51.19, respectively. The first one mostly assesses the ability to manage networking and storage solutions of vSphere 6.x, install ESXi 6.x hosts along with vCenter Server and configure them, and understand the features of resources management. Also, it requires one to be skilled in deploying VMs as well as vApps, handling troubleshooting tasks, and performing monitoring. On the other hand, 2V0-51.19 is focused on Horizon 7.7, the management of its components and pools, Identity Manager, app volumes, an vRealize operations. Also, the applicants should be able to configure all the above technologies and solutions.

Top Courses to Help You Study for the VMware VCP-DTM Exams

1. VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage

The VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage training runs for 5 days and is available via classroom learning, onsite, vFlex-ILT, and live online sessions. This is a comprehensive course that equips candidates with the skills they will need to successfully deliver secure applications and virtual desktops through the virtual desktop infrastructure. During this program, you will solidify your skills in configuring and managing the VMware Horizon 8 using a combination of effective hands-on exercises and well-researched lectures. You will not only understand the installation and configuration of the VMware Horizon Connection Server but also master the configuration of a load balancer for the Horizon platform. Preferably, this training should be taken by architects, administrators, and operators with genuine experience in the required Microsoft Windows system administration concepts.

2. VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes Fast Track

This is the second course associated with the VMware VCP-DTM 2020 certificate. Like the above option, it also runs for 5 days and can be taken via the live online platform, classroom learning, onsite, and through the vFlex-ILT. This training recognizes the basic characteristics and advantages of the VMware Horizon, a mastery of the VMware vSphere, and how to design VMs. What’s more, it will address your skills in creating and optimizing Windows VMs, installing and configuring the Horizon Agent, app volumes, and work with Dynamic Environment Manager, among the rest.

3. VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage – On Demand

The VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage – On Demand is a course that combines the concepts of VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration with VMware Horizon 8: Skills for Virtual Desktop Management. It was created to help candidates get aptly prepared to deliver real business value in all aspects. This training comprises hands-on labs and interactive lectures that focus on the configuration and deployment of virtual machines, and the provision of customized desktop solutions to end-users. By verifying your skills through this training, you will be validating your technical ability to manage a wide range of concepts related to VMware Horizon 8. In essence, the list of the topics and skill areas you should have mastered by the time you complete this program include basic knowledge of the VMware Horizon, vSphere concepts, VMware Horizon desktops, VMware Horizon Agent, RDS sesktop and application pools, the monitoring of VMware Horizon, authentication, scalability, security, and others.

The Best Revision Books for the VMware VCP-DTM Training

The following books are written by experienced IT specialists and verified by industry experts to help with exam content mastery:

  • Mastering VMware Horizon 7-Second Edition

    This book is specifically written by Peter von Oven to help learners pass the VCP-DTM certification exams. It is one of the best books you can use for preparation as it gives advanced knowledge of desktop virtualization techniques in addition to providing information for an in-depth mastery of the VMware Horizon 7. By learning with this book, you will understand how to constantly enhance the end-user experience, the principles of development and deployment of end-to-end solutions, perform the optimization of desktop OS images, and many more.

  • Implementing VMware Horizon 7, Second Edition

    Written by a seasoned IT professional, Jason Ventresco, this is another excellent study material that gives comprehensive coverage of the certification exams content using a practical approach to ensure students are prepared to handle various services and solutions. The concepts addressed by this book are exactly what you need to thrive in an administrator or architect role after validating your skills related to the VMware Horizon 7. This guide not only gives a detailed account of security concepts but also has an overly simplified overview of Horizon 7. It will also walk you through the concepts of VMware Horizon configuration, covering the major details of the Horizon Access Point appliance, the implementation of multi-site VMware Horizon pod, and the relationship between VSAN and VMware Horizon.

In Conclusion

Considering the value of the VMware VCP-DTM certification and the complexity of its exams, candidates should make use of the available courses and books for preparation. The skills gained through the above study options will be beneficial both in the tests and in the future workplace as well. Choose the materials and training that suit your expectations and preferred learning style, and become VMware certified with fewer efforts.

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