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ExamPSM I Exam NameProfessional Scrum Master I
ExamPSM II Exam NameProfessional Scrum Master II
ExamPSPO I Exam NameProfessional Scrum Product Owner I
ExamPSPO II Exam NameProfessional Scrum Product Owner

Scrum Certification Practice Test Questions, Scrum Certification Exam Dumps

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SCRUM principles have been developed by professional trainers to help individuals tackle complex issues in an agile and effective way which includes a set of principles, training, resources, certifications, and exams dedicated to finding solutions to teams' complicated issues.

SCRUM Professional Certifications

All in all, SCRUM has different certifications that help candidates get a certain knowledge level on how to apply their principles. The first category is the Professional SCRUM Master certificates which include three validations like the PSM I, PSM II, and PSM III. All these certifications check the candidates’ skills in using SCRUM principles and how they apply such knowledge. The second level is the Professional SCRUM Product Owner qualifications that are also split into three levels and certify that the candidates have Scrum Product Ownership knowledge and can properly apply it. The third certification offered by SCRUM is the Professional SCRUM Developer. It is structured to validate that the candidates have the right knowledge and abilities to build complex software while they are members of the SCRUM Development Team. The fourth validation to pursue is the Scaled Professional SCRUM. It consolidates the candidates' skills in scaling SCRUM, using Nexus Framework, and applying the respective knowledge in real-world scenarios. The next qualification is the Professional Agile Leadership certificate which proves the examinees’ understanding of how Agile principles can influence their leadership methods, as well as how essential Agile practices are. The following stage of certifications when it comes to Agile principles is the Professional Agile Leadership Evidence-Based Management that leverages the candidates’ skills in becoming a leader with a higher level of understanding of how to have an empirical approach over an organization. The seventh certification level is the Professional SCRUM with Kanban. Through it, the candidates will validate and certify their knowledge of how to combine SCRUM principles with Kanban and add value to the organization, as well as secure proper measurement and delivery. The final certificate issued by SCRUM is the Professional SCRUM with User Experience. It validates the candidates’ understanding of how UX practices can be integrated into SCRUM so that the certified specialist can deliver the highest possible value to the company.

Professional SCRUM Master

The candidates who succeed in obtaining any of the Professional SCRUM Master certifications can demonstrate that they have the right knowledge of how to implement SCRUM principles in real-world scenarios. As you remember, there are three levels of difficulty. The PSM I one helps the candidates prove that they have the fundamental knowledge of SCRUM principles. Thus, such certificate holders can prove that they understand how the SCRUM guide is applied when they are working with SCRUM Teams and have a consistent approach and terminology about SCRUM. The second certification, which is the PSM II, will take the applicants’ understanding to a higher level meaning that they will manage to deal with SCRUM principles and apply them in complex situations. Finally, the highest stage, the PSM III, will enable examinees to have a strong understanding of SCRUM values, practices, and applications in various teams and organizational scenarios.

Professional SCRUM Product Owner Certifications

The candidates who manage these certifications can demonstrate that they understand how SCRUM works and can apply this knowledge in different real-world cases. The first certification under this category, also known as the PSPO I, helps the candidates understand more about the SCRUM infrastructure in addition to how they can apply it to maximize the value of products. The second PSPO II qualification will help the exam-takers demonstrate that they have an advanced level of Professional SCRUM Product Ownership and can contribute to supporting the value creation. The PSPO III is the third validation that helps the candidates achieve a distinguished level of understanding of how to manage Product Backlog and have a clear vision over it, as well as engage with customers and stakeholders to use SCRUM in delivering products.

Professional SCRUM Developer

This certification is available to any specialist who wants to validate his/her knowledge of using SCRUM in creating sophisticated products for software. Therefore, once they go through the SCRUM certification process, they will become able to demonstrate mastery of the content and become members of a SCRUM Development Team. While applicants prepare to get this certification, they will learn about Done definition, pair programming, code quality, and many more.

SCRUM Official Classes

If examinees want to get the highest results in the certifications above, they should enroll in one of the classes below:

  • Applying Professional SCRUM

    This is a hands-on class that helps the candidates get the foundational knowledge to work with SCRUM principles in a very practical way. Particularly, it includes a combination of team-based exercises and instructions. During this training, the attendees will go through a series of Sprints to learn more about SCRUM products while using SCRUM principles. In all, this is an excellent opportunity for students to experience first-hand how they can use SCRUM to improve their skills in delivering value in comparison to using the traditional methods.

  • Professional SCRUM Master Training

    This course is organized with a duration of 2 days and allows students to learn how to optimize their processes using SCRUM knowledge as well as understanding the total cost of ownership. Therefore, they will use tools that will help them relate to behavioral shifts, work with teams and people, facilitation, and coaching techniques, together with addressing them in the organization. As for the target audience, this class is open to anyone who wants to get involved in product delivery while using the SCRUM framework. It is particularly advantageous for anyone who works in an organization that wants to implement SCRUM principles and wants to get the most out of using SCRUM in building their processes.

  • Professional SCRUM Product Owner

    This is a 2-day class that focuses on showing students how to maximize the value of their systems and products. Overall, this is an excellent learning opportunity for Agile product managers and Product Owners who are responsible for achieving the success of products on a market. Therefore, while attending this training, the candidates will consolidate their knowledge of being a Product Owner through team-based exercises and instruction. Particularly, such a class focuses on helping the attendees get a clear understanding of how to use SCRUM mechanisms. Also, they will discover how they can integrate Product Ownership into SCRUM rules. Another learning objective is dedicated to developing the ability to work in SCRUM Teams including different stakeholders. Finally, during such training, applicants will learn how to increase their business agility.


The SCRUM certifications will help the candidates become dexterous specialists who know how to apply SCRUM principles and methods in real-world scenarios. Therefore, whenever they are exposed to a difficult problem, they will know exactly the best approaching method and what solution to implement. And if you are the one who’s preparing to sit for any of the SCRUM tests, remember that there are plenty of helpful official courses that you can bank upon.

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