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Dell DES-1D12 Practice Test Questions and Answers, Dell DES-1D12 Exam Dumps - PrepAway

All Dell DES-1D12 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the DES-1D12 Specialist - Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Exam practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

Become a dependable Technology Architect who can gain unmatched expertise about the Dell EMC Midrange products by scoring passing grades in the Dell DES-1D12 exam. This test is linked with one specialist certification and promises candidates better career prospects and salary.

Certification Overview

Success in the Dell DES-1D12 exam leads to becoming a certified Specialist - Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions specialist as it will earn you the namesake certificate. This certification is the quality standard for the recruiters when hiring a Technology Architect with a real-world perception of Dell EMC Unity and PowerStore midrange storage solutions that are the need of the hour.

Basic Certification Requirements

Being a specialist designation, the Specialist - Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions asks for some notable prior understanding. Thus, the certification vendor allows only those who have earned any of the Associate - Information Storage and Management certifications from version 2.0 to 4.0 to move ahead and aim at the DES-1D12 exam. These validations are suggested for candidates to become equipped with foundational subject matter understanding and increase the odds of success. Once a Dell DES-1D12 aspirant has earned any of these associate-level designations, the elementary understanding can be imbued, and hence, it will be easy to grasp what a higher-level exam like DES-1D12 is trying to convey.

Exam Profile

Structure-wise, DES-1D12 is the same as any other specialty exam. It features 60 questions to assess test-takers’ understanding of products like Dell EMC Unity and Dell EMC PowerStore. The permitted exam time is 120 minutes and the minimum passing score is 60. The official evaluation is globally available and is administered through Pearson VUE, which is the sole exam provider for Dell Technologies tests. To know more, the exam fee is $230 per attempt and will be paid in the form of an exam voucher. This exam voucher is redeemable only by the one who has purchased it so it is neither refundable nor transferable. In addition, candidates have been granted full freedom in using the voucher. Thus, they can pick an exam date of their choice and schedule the actual test. However, keep in mind that the exam voucher is valid for only 365 days from the date of purchase.

Topics Tested by Final Evaluation

What concerns the exam domains, the official Dell DES-1D12 validation is focused on three topics. Using these tested areas, the final exam covers a wide range of concepts, tools, and technologies. For instance, the aspirants will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of Dell EMC Midrange Product Solutions, architectures, sizing, and design. In addition, concepts like Unity Data Protection, PowerStore Data Protection, PowerStore HA features & Data Services, Dell EMC midrange ideal practices, block storage, and file storage are well covered here. Apart from these, becoming a real-world Dell EMC problem-solver is possible as one can easily learn about midrange best practices, system, host application configuration, and sizing methods by the time the exam domains end.

Means of Test Success

Though the outcomes of the Dell DES-1D12 test are lucrative and abundant, weaving success is not as easy as it seems. One can give life and blood to score the passing grade. Still, this can be simplified up to a greater extent if an aspirant manages to have hold of some quality exam preparation resource. Indeed, there is nothing better than vendor-provided training courses so we have picked some of the most useful ones for you:

  • PowerStore Installation: Supplemental Guide for Customers

    Dell EMC PowerStore is one of the major exam objectives and comprises a huge portion. Thus, with this free training course, a DES-1D12 aspirant can gain an in-depth understanding of this concept and attempt the pro-level questions smoothly. It is available in English and explains the PowerStore T and Power Store X models in detail. Also, applying for a PowerStore license is another much-discussed topic detailed there.

  • PowerStore Concepts, Features, and Migration

    Again a free yet highly informative training class from the vendor is here to help the partakers to understand the gist of PowerStore. Its key features, facilities, and capabilities are covered impressively in such a session. Also, it is available on-demand and is a perfect study resource to gain mastery of all the subject domains.

  • PowerStore Implementation and Administration

    For more understanding of PowerStore, go for this paid training class. It is an instructor-led classroom training that explains the exam domains with the help of a seasoned instructor. The course is available globally and lasts for 5 days providing a detailed understanding of the installation and cabling of PowerStore systems. The successful completion of this training will help participants to perform the basic administrative tasks with perfection. Finally, the course fee is $5,500.

  • Dell EMC Unity Concepts & Features

    Take the help of this free on-demand session to gain an in-depth knowledge of Unity concepts & features. It is available in the English language and throws light on the available models of Unity including the Dell EMC Unity Platform.

  • Dell EMC Unity Installation and Service

    This on-demand training course is paid and fruitful. In a nutshell, participants will be able to know more about every aspect of the Unity XT storage system like installation, identification, replacement, and initialization. The enrollment fee is $300 and the supported language is English. Also, note that candidates, who are going for a paid training course, will be able to earn training credits that equal the course fee. Luckily, these training credits are redeemable towards other training courses.

Ending Notes

With the Dell DES-1D12 test, one can easily gain notable competency about Dell EMC Midrange products and pave the path to a successful career. We know that it is not easy to nail the official exam in one go so this is why we have mentioned some of the most dependable and viable training courses proffered by the vendor itself. With the help of these free or paid lectures, it is easy to gain mastery over all exam objectives. Remember, if paid due attention, weaving success in such an evaluation is possible. Good luck!

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