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All Dell DES-1221 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the DES-1221 Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerStore Solutions practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

The Dell DES-1221 test is for those who want to acquire the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerStore Solutions Version 1.0 certificate. It mostly targets individuals who are responsible for the execution and administration of storage arrays for PowerStore in environments for open systems.

More Exam Facts

The central point of the exam syllabus involves configuring, administering, migrating, upgrading, as well as basic troubleshooting tasks for PowerStore. Other topics that those sitting for the test can possibly face include concepts as well as features of this solution, cabling, implementation, and configuration. Also, questions on working with software and hardware will be there.

When it comes to the format, DES-1221 test is set to include two sections. Section 1 has 54 questions and timing of 1.5 hours while Section 2 includes 6 simulations that should be done within a duration of 30 minutes. The passing mark for Section 1 is 60% and that for Section 2 is 66%. One should meet the minimum score for each section to pass the exam.

Requirements for DES-1221 Exam Candidates

The most suitable candidates for DES-1221 are those specialists who have reached a specific level in their expertise and can prove it by having one of these certificates:

  • Associate – Information Storage and Management V 2.0;
  • Associate – Information Storage and Management V 3.0;
  • Associate – Information Storage and Management V 4.0.

Study Guides for DES-1221 Exam

There are official PDF guides and technical whitepapers that provide coverage on differing features of PowerStore and help one get ready for DES-1221 test. One of them is the “Dell EMC PowerStore: Introduction to the Platform” material that targets storage architects, IT administrators, and Dell employees and partners. Also, those doing evaluation, acquisition, management, operation, or designing of Dell networked storage surroundings while using PowerStore systems can undergo it. This small document contains PowerStore overview, hardware overview, PowerStore models, and more.

Another helpful resource to guide you during preparation for DES-1221 is the “Best Practices Guide” also created by Dell Technologies. It captures the most updated techniques and tips applied during the installation and configuration of the PowerStore systems to enable performance as well as availability at the optimal level.

Training Options for DES-1221 Exam

The recommended curriculum for training includes two options when it comes to Dell employees. The first one comprises nine courses, while the second one consists of two. These programs cover every aspect of the DES-1221 evaluation. The first set of courses includes Concepts & Features; Installation; Installation Cabling; Implementation; Implementation Configuration; and Administration. The others are Migration; Basic Troubleshooting; and Upgrades. All these are on-demand classes. On the other hand, the second set comprises the Upgrades on-demand course as well as Installation & Implementation course, which is either classroom or virtual classroom-based.

There are also study alternatives for Dell partners as well as customers, and these appear in two options too. The first one includes the two on-demand courses about Concepts, Features, as well as Migration for PowerStore and Implementation & Administration for PowerStore. The other which is virtual classroom or classroom-based includes a single course on Implementation & Administration of PowerStore.

DES-1221 Courses’ Overview

When it comes to the training touching on Concepts, Features, as well as Migration for PowerStore, it covers discussions around the basics of this product as well as migration from external storage to PowerStore. The audience of interest includes professionals who position, design, deploy, manage, and support solutions with the use of PowerStore systems. Anyone looking for knowledge on the core topics concerning PowerStore are free to undertake the training. Note that potential learners are expected to be familiar with the following:

  • Hardware concepts as well as technologies utilized in customer-associated environments like compute nodes, system infrastructures for networks as well as storage
  • Software technologies used in customer-associated environments that include end-user apps, OS, databases, and more
  • Ethernet as well as TCP/IP networking
  • Basic user as well as file management for Unix/Linux
  • Basic administration for MS Windows user, domain, and file
  • Fiber Channel Storage Area Networks such as zoning, LUNs, WWNs, and masking •
  • Basic terms in addition to techniques for backup as well as recovery

Those who complete the course will be skilled in applying key use scenarios; discussing configuration as well as modes for PowerStore products; describing base enclosure for PowerStore; and identifying switching options for networking. Clarity is also expected in spheres such as scaling options for hardware; PowerStore licensing; locating reference guides as well as information for PowerStore; verifying requirements for host MPIO; administering operations for data migration; and others. The outline of the course also includes an introduction to PowerStore, hardware and software, and reference documentation for PowerStore. The two plans are packaged with practical exercises taking place in a lab-based environment.

The course covering PowerStore Implementation & Administration differs in duration based on the mode of delivery. Both the classroom and virtual classroom programs go for 5 days each, while the on-demand one runs for 21 hours in total. The purpose is to instruct students on matters of PowerStore systems physical installation as well as cabling. Captured is initializing and deploying instructions and practice opportunities for achieving function production states for storage. Daily tasks on administrating block, file, as well as VMware services and resources for storage will be provided as well. Course content also includes PowerStore system software and hardware upgrades, as well as basic troubleshooting.

The appropriate audience includes those who use PowerStore systems to position, design, deploy, maintain and support solutions. To undertake this training, participants are advised to have skillsets that are similar to the prerequisites of the above course. By the end of the program, one will gain mastery in the following objectives:

  • Ability to physically install as well as cable systems for PowerStore
  • Capacity in initializing and deploying systems for PowerStore
  • Administering storage resources as well as services for PowerStore
  • Upgrading hardware as well as software for PowerStore systems
  • Carrying out basic tasks in troubleshooting for PowerStore systems

The modules that will enable the coming up of such knowledge include physical installation, system initializing, configuration for deployment, and administration, among the rest.


Going full swing into the Dell DES-1221 test ensures you walk away with the accreditation and become proficient in implementing PowerStore solutions. For success, learn with the official courses and study the available guides that capture its aim. Becoming an implementation engineer takes proper backup and this is what the exam offers.

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