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All Dell DEA-64T1 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the DEA-64T1 Associate - Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Exam practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

Individuals performing technical roles can aim at passing the Dell DEA-64T1 test to qualify for the Associate – Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud certificate. This exam checks the candidates’ knowledge of the converged systems, cloud native apps, cloud computing, and the part they play in accelerating digital as well as IT transformation. Also, candidates need to possess capabilities in articulating related activities. Awareness of the role of Dell EMC in those specific processes is another thing that should be mastered.

More about DEA-64T1 Exam

To ace DEA-64T1 exam, the candidates have to reach a score of at least 60%. The test lasts for 1.5 hours and carries 60 questions. The registration steps include creating an account on the Pearson VUE platform, paying a fee of $230, and scheduling the assessment.

For those who fail to pass DEA-64T1 on the initial try, there is a chance to retake the test after one week. If there is a need for more attempts, a candidate has to wait for two weeks before any of them. Note that training courses and books can make an astounding difference and will boost the chances to succeed in one go.

Training Course for DEA-64T1

The ‘Introduction to Dell EMC Converged Systems & Hybrid Cloud Platforms for Digital & IT Transformation’ is an on-demand course for those pursuing the DEA-64T1 test. It provides candidates with an overview of the systems and their portfolio, while going into the specifics of the dynamics of the subject matter. This 3-hour training is free and includes case scenarios extended to illustrate issues that companies face when moving along the transformation path.

The most suitable applicants for the program include employees for Dell EMC, the company’s partners, as well as customers needing a basic comprehension of transformations within the digital as well as IT space. They also have to know the purpose of varied solutions for Dell EMC and their role in the said transformations. However, there are no strict prerequisites for the course, so every professional can enroll in it.

Once completed training for DEA-64T1, the candidates will get skilled in the following areas:

  • Describing strategies for IT and digital transformation, and this includes reasons for organizational changes.
  • Separating between the different solutions that reinforce IT as well as digital transformation.
  • Explaining technologies for converged as well as hyper-converged architecture, cloud native apps, and cloud computing. Also included are the benefits of each of these technologies.

Being an on-demand arrangement, this course for the Dell DEA-64T1 test is brought to candidates through recorded videos that can be accessed anytime. It is likely to also include voice-over, student guides, assessments, simulations, links to helpful content, and more, apart from videos.

Helpful Study Guides for DEA-64T1 Exam

To align your knowledge with the objectives forwarded for DEA-64T1 and improve your knowledge of the theory, there are also revision guides you can utilize during the preparation process. They include different options, and some of them are discussed below.

  • Driving Digital: The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation through Technology

    This is a book by Isaac Sacolick that discusses issues around technologies and how they can be harnessed to enable transformation in business. It explains in detail what is the need to update products, what are the most current and crucial technologies, as well as how to handle business processes efficiently.

    Those who are in charge of leading their organizations in embracing changes that are driven by technology face a lot of pressure. Therefore, the creation of this vital book is to assist readers to understand and carry out the formulation of digital strategies and transformations as well as IT practices to make this path much simpler. Other topics covered in it include alignment of development in addition to operations and piloting emerging solutions.

  • Dell EMC VxRail System TechBook

    This official PDF book created by Dell Technologies discusses VxRail, which is a hyper-converged infrastructure. This extremely new technical guide written in April 2021 covers an overview of IT transformation and issues related to VxRail such as licensing, hardware, networking, and ecosystem, among others. Among the topics for the DEA-64T1 exam is the subject on solutions regarding hyper-converged infrastructure that goes into the technology for VxRail. Therefore, the book can offer the support you might require to comprehend the objectives in a deeper manner.

  • VxRack SDDC Deep Dive by Dell EMC

    This is another related technical resource provided by the vendor. It talks generally about VxRack SDDC and can be best in getting to know more about this important solution. The content of this material covers HCI, customers’ challenges, SDDC features, VMware SDDC Manager, VxRack SDDC lifecycle management, various domains and their components, hardware, services, and more.

  • Cloud Computing: A Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Computing

    Among the subjects of interest in the DEA-64T1 exam’s syllabus is cloud computing. This study guide prepared by Austin Young is best for helping you master this topic. It explains issues concerning cloud adoption and how it enhances the scalability of data while ensuring risks as well as cost are minimized. Things to learn when reading this book involve leveraging practices in building successful cloud environments that are cost-effective, managing changes during cloud transition, and executing solutions for cloud computing, among the rest.

  • Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack VxRack AS Guide

    This concepts guide is created by the vendor and elaborates on the issue of cloud computing as well as Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft AS. It covers the topics of configuration, deployment process, environmental prerequisites, hardware infrastructure, networking, management and operations, security, and maintenance.


The Dell DEA-64T1 exam explores digital transformation, cloud computing, and converged infrastructure, among other subjects. Professionals intending for various roles that can be IT-based or non-IT-based need to go for it in case they want to get certified. With the ongoing transformations in the IT realm, you should not be left behind. Taking part in the transformation is vital if you intend for your career to grow and achieve immense success. The training as well as study guides are meant to highlight essential subjects concerning the test, which will help you achieve success easier.

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