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Should Senior Network Administrators Obtain Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Certification to Perform Their Daily Tasks?

The CCIE R&S (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Routing and Switching) certification validates the knowledge and skills needed by an expert-level network engineer or a senior network administrator to plan, troubleshoot, and operate complex and congregated network infrastructure. The professionals taking this credential must be ready to cope with some difficulties because the exam is one of the toughest that is offered by Cisco. Those network administrators who want to demonstrate high-level skills in their daily tasks will benefit greatly from the certification content.

No doubt, this Cisco certification is one of the most reputable and rewarding IT credentials in the field of networking. Many professionals, including senior network administrators, shy away from this certificate because of the notion that it is very expensive and difficult to obtain. However, nothing good comes easy. If you want the best, you must be ready to give much in terms of financial and mental resources. If your goal is to enhance your career as a senior network administrator and distinguish yourself due to your skills and knowledge, CCIE Routing and Switching is the perfect tool you need to achieve this. Before we go on to look at the various reasons why you should consider achieving this credential in order to carry out your daily tasks in the workplace, it is essential to understand what the CCIE R&S exam is all about.

Overview of the certification exam

To earn the CCIE R&S certificate, one must pass the written exam and the lab exam. The written test, 400-101 CCIE Routing and Switching, is a two-hour qualification exam administered by Pearson VUE, the authorized test provider for Cisco. The exam is made up of simulations and multiple-choice questions to test the skills and knowledge highlighted under the exam objectives. It is important to mention that it is a closed book format test, and no reference resources are allowed during the exam. It measures the candidate’s understanding of some equipment commands and networking concepts. It is critical that the students pass this test before they can proceed to write the lab exam that is an eight-hour test that checks one’s capability to troubleshoot network and configure real equipment under a timed situation.

How the CCIE R&S certification helps Senior Administrators conduct their daily tasks?

The Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching credential proves that you have mastered the specific networking technology skills needed to function as a senior administrator. It also indicates that you have an extensive knowledge of the networking domain. These skills and knowledge are very critical to the day-to-day tasks of a senior network administrator in any organization. This knowledge includes routing and switching, collaboration, service provision, data center, and security. The professionals with this level of knowledge are competent in administering and managing networking features. It is crucial to mention that these experts are perceived to be more competent than professionals with the CCNA or CCNP credentials.

The CCIE Routing and Switching certified professionals have an expert-level skill set that is comparable to the best in the industry. The senior administrators with this certificate must be ready to handle difficult issues regarding troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networking system. In other words, if there is any network issue that cannot be handled by professionals with the CCNA and CCNP credentials in your organization, you will be required to solve it. The senior network administrators have vast knowledge about subnetting skills, BGP commands, and LSA types. Among other things, all these areas are learnt when preparing for the Cisco 400-101 written test and lab exam. For the real professionals, it is not just about learning. What is more important is that they are able to use their knowledge in their daily tasks. As a matter of fact, being a CCIE certified professional means you are almost a walking encyclopedia in everything related to system and networking. A lot is expected from you on a daily basis, and thanks to your knowledge and skills acquired while preparing for your exam, you have everything to deal with different tasks. Your expertise in routing and switching, unified communications, security, and wireless LAN are needed in the workplace every day, and you must be able to provide the service perfectly. You do not have to worry about anything though. As long as you studied and prepared for your written and lab exams before taking them, you are assured of managing exceptionally well in your daily tasks.

3 main reasons why Senior Network Administrators should get the CCIE R&S certification

Generally, not all professionals want to pursue the certificate because of its cost and difficulty involved in passing the exam. However, if you would like to acquire the CCIE Routing and Switching certification, you can be rest assured of amazing rewards that will be waiting for you at the end of everything. Some of the top reasons why professionals pursue it, apart from helping them perform optimally in their job roles, are highlighted below.

  • Salary Potential

IT certifications generally increase your earning potentials. Of course, money is not the only reason why you should get a certificate, but the fact is that it is usually a motivation to pursue it. Hence, if it is a motivation, nothing stops us from highlighting it. CCIE R&S is a highly valued and respected credential, and attaining it is indeed difficult. However, the market for it is very competitive. There is high demand for these professionals, but the supply is very low. This is believed to have a significant effect on the salary potential of professionals with the certification. Over the years, this Cisco credential has remained one of the top certificates that attract the highest salaries in the IT industry. The average salary of a professional with this certification is currently between $93,000 and $111,000. It is important to mention that there are other factors that contribute to the level of salary you earn other than the credential. Some of these factors include your years of experience, specialization, location, status of employment, and many other things.

  • Challenges and Accomplishment

If you love challenges, the CCIE R&S certification is the right track for you. It is the most difficult credential in the Cisco certification program, except the latest CCDE certificate. Taking up the challenge and succeeding is a great accomplishment that you can boast of anywhere. As a matter of fact, this Cisco certification positions you as a member of an exclusive group of a professional network. There are huge opportunities that you can explore as a member of this group.

  • Job Opportunities and Advancement

In case you are not happy with your current job as a senior network administrator, you can easily change an organization. With your credential, you can find new job easily because you are in a high demand in the industry. Besides, if you like your job, you can also advance your career in your current organization rapidly.


If you want to be respected in your working sphere, you must be able to carry out your daily tasks with utmost effectiveness and the way you can achieve this is by knowing your stuff. The CCIE Routing and Switching credential is designed to equip you with all you need to function in your role as a senior network administrator. While preparing for your exam, you will be taken through some important skills and will develop hands-on experience to carry out roles relating to the exam contents in a real world scenario. No doubt, there are huge benefits that come with earning this certification, and becoming a better professional is definitely one of them.