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All Veeam VMCE2020 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the VMCE2020 Veeam Certified Engineer 2020 practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

The Veeam VMCE2020 test checks the competencies of administrators concerning the protection of the data in an organization using the Veeam Availability Suite. The exam as well applies to engineers who intend to provide similar solutions. Regarding these individuals, they bear a deep perspective on the vital functions that the company needs to implement to ensure that their data is actively protected. The central issues also touch on the capability of growing and adapting to the evolving requirements for data security in an organization.

What Certification to Achieve by Passing VMCE2020

Those taking VCME2020 exam and attaining the passing grades will earn the Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) 2020 certificate. This document has no expiry, but in the case of ProPartners, there could be a requirement for them to have their accreditations renewed. This will validate that the certification remains up-to-date so that there is compliance with the program for Veeam ProPartner.

Who Is the Best Candidate for the Veeam VMCE2020 Exam?

The most appropriate group of candidates for VMCE2020 includes specialists with responsibilities regarding data protection. Also, these are individuals who know how to utilize the Availability Suite for Veeam right. In most cases, these people serve in the roles such as engineers and administrators.

What Are the Veeam VMCE2020 Exam Prerequisites?

First, candidates for VMCE2020 test should pass through training that covers the specifics of the Veeam Availability Suite. This course is focused on configuration and management and is availed through the vendor’s approved partners. Secondly, the applicants must consider arming themselves with action-based experience with an emphasis on the execution of the Availability Suite. Such experience should be of six months and more and also has to include skills related to other key technologies that support Veeam Backup and Replication. These are the areas like virtualization, storage, Microsoft Windows Server, as well as networking, among others.

How Is VMCE2020 Exam to Appear?

50 MCQs as well as items necessitating multiple responses will be in VMCE2020, which is provided in English. The exam has a duration of 1 hour and 70% as the passing score. Candidates registering from the US pay $180 for the voucher. Still, the amount varies based on where you will be registering. Acquiring experience through self-study, course attendance, and working with the concerned technologies will significantly enhance the possibility of reaching the needed grade. That’s why individuals are called upon to explore the test’s objectives in a more detailed manner.

Objectives of the Veeam VMCE2020 Test

The Veeam VMCE2020 exam’s attention is on different subjects that include key concepts of creating a strategy for successful backup, building backup capabilities, the creation of replication capabilities, 3-2-1 strategy, and testing backup as well as replication. Other topics talk about how to restore from backup, recovery from a replica, and handle monitoring in addition to reporting. The mandatory training and study guides are what you need when wishing to enhance your preparedness.

About Veeam VMCE2020 Official Training

Veaam approved trainers deliver special courses led by tutors. Currently, there is a class available for the exam aspirants that is called “Veeam Availability Suite v10: Configuration and Management”. The sessions take three days to complete and avail a comprehensive look into how setting up and administration of the Availability Suite are performed.

Those attending this VMCE2020 learning program will achieve effectiveness in data management within a business environment that experiences constant changes. The delving into the theory as well as extensive practice during labs will bring out the much-needed experience.

Before applying for the course, some prerequisites have to be satisfied by the attendees. These include a solid awareness of storage, servers, networking, as well as virtualization. Once fulfilled them, the candidates will go through the content that involves the parts such as introduction, building the capabilities for backup, restoration from backup, backing up copy jobs, replication, and failover. More areas include advanced repository abilities, testing of backup in addition to replication, Veeam ONE, Veeam backup enterprise manager, and support. As you come to the end of the training, here is what you should have attained:

  • Awareness concerning components for Veeam’s Availability Suite, their usage instances, and how relevant they are to their environment
  • Effective management of data availability within off-site, on-site, cloud, as well as a hybrid environment
  • Competencies in ensuring the meeting of both RTOs as well as RPOs
  • Abilities in the installation and configuration of the Availability Suite
  • Skills in adapting the evolving needs of an organization that include business, technical, and regulatory ones
  • Proficiency in ensuring the possibility of recovery as well as its effectiveness, efficiency, security, and compliance with legal and business requirements
  • Ability to provide visibility when it comes to data assets for business, producing effective reports, as well as dashboards for the monitoring of performance in addition to risks
  • Effectiveness in conducting basic troubleshooting as well as analysis of the environment regarding the Availability Suite

Official Self-Study Guides to Use

Veeam itself provides numerous product guides that can better help exam candidates in exploring the required technologies and products. The free PDF guides help to delve into the details of fields like Veeam Availability Suite, Veeam One, Veeam BackUp Essentials, and more. To access them, click on the ‘Documentation’ tab at the bottom of the official page. You can select what you need and download the respective document. Apart from extending guidance on the products shown in each of them, scrutinizing the content can be a great way to secure knowledge that will be helpful during both testing and handling job responsibilities.

Other Valuable Study Guides

Amazon is another site to search for valuable guides for the exam. The updated “Veeam Certified Engineer VMCE” is one such resource. It is to cater to the demands of the latest VMCE2020 test. The book is majorly focused on presenting assistance in gaining skills needed to solve challenges that a candidate might experience in the exam and in the workplace. The creators of the book have ensured the questions and their respective answers have been vetted and are a true representation of the actual test.


Skilled candidates with experience acquired through labs and utilization of the necessary Veeam solutions will be fully prepared for VMCE2020 exam. Therefore, aspiring engineers and other technical personnel are urged to take up the requisite training and practice a lot to acquire knowledge from study guides and other resources assigned for self-study. Of course, as they present themselves for the exam, they need to apply the right tactics to answer the questions fast and pass!

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