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The Open Group TOGAF OG0-091 Practice Test Questions and Answers, The Open Group TOGAF OG0-091 Exam Dumps - PrepAway

All The Open Group TOGAF OG0-091 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the OG0-091 TOGAF 9 Part 1 practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

Bonus Lectures

1. $117 per hour as an Enterprise Architect

So this is 16 months. The previous one was 15 months. Obviously, you must have government experience as an architect. So that disqualifies a lot of people. But they are calling out Gafford Zachman, which they misspell as Zachman. It's amazing how many spelling mistakes there are in these things. Again, artifacts. Maybe there's a spelling of "artifact" that I'm not aware of. This is the second one that spells it this way. So again, these are enterprise architecture positions that are open to you that wouldn't be open if you didn't have that experience, especially with the training and the certification.

I went to this website; clearly, it's pay scale. And you can see it here in Canada, where I am. The average salary is $103,000, but it tends to range between $77,000 and $130,000. That's just one representation. Obviously. We saw a couple of jobs that were paying between $170 and $200. There are bonuses and profit sharing that bring that salary up. Even Indeed has a salary search function. And you can see that the pace of increase in terms of enterprise architecture salaries is going up faster than the rest of the market. So this is a field where they're making 10%. This is 20% higher this year than it was two years ago. So that salary is increasing at a faster rate compared to normal inflation. There's another site called Glassdoor that shows enterprise architecture salaries. Now, this is an American figure of, I guess, $95,000. But you can see here that if you worked for TD, that's paying 120, or $30 an hour. IBM.

One hundred and twenty-five K. One hundred thirty thousand. The Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation, one hundred and twenty K. One hundred thirty thousand. So they're in BMO, another bank. 112 119. There's a range of salaries, but all of them are north of CIO magazine, which is a magazine that informs chief information officers. So many very senior technical people within companies have seen this posting about enterprise architects. Obviously, this posting is a bit old, but it does say that you need one and that there are justifications for it. And even in 2007 figures, they're recommending 130 to 150K. That's obviously why we just saw that salaries are going up at a higher rate than inflation found. It's interesting to note that he's leery of candidates who claim their IT projects have been 100% successful. As a result, in the technology industry, projects will inevitably change and fail.

And here's another site, WowJobsthat, that lists architect jobs. There are tonnes of these salary sites, and salary.com is one that I just love because of the domain name. Again, the median was around 115, with values ranging from 145 to 92. These are still very high salaries. Now, finally, the Open Group itself has a list of all of its members. And there is clearly platinum, gold, and silver, with 265 members. There are hundreds; I think there are over 400 members. There are some academic members as well as others. So with all of these names, these actually become places to look for work. So once you become TOGAF-certified, here is a list of companies that use TOGAF. So if you are looking for Boeing Jobs and Dell Jobs at Fujitsu, NASA, and Microsoft, you can expect that they do architecture because they're part of the Open Group. They do architecture according to the TOGAF method. And so these become candidates for your job search. You start looking on those sites, looking for those companies, seeing their career section, sending them your resume unsolicited, talking to the HR department, trying to find people that you know—all those usual techniques.

But if you're looking for someone who's going to hire you once you get TOGAF certified, This is the master list. The final thing I would say to originalindeed.com is that you should go through these job listings one at a time. So open them one by one, one by one, and you're going to see complementary skills. So they're not just looking for people who are Talaf certified; they're also looking for people who, say, meet the TOGAF requirements, such as SQL Server, DB, and two Oracle data modelling software as a service and infrastructure as a service. All of these things come together in the middle with service-oriented architectures. So once you've gotten into this TOGAF space, you'll see here that there are related terms and related technologies. And so once you've done this one, it might behove you to go and learn some additional skills that are related, like ITIL.

COBITs, I see, are clearly networking certifications. You don't necessarily have to go that route unless you're a networking infrastructure person. But, in these job descriptions, I notice that you don't just stop at TOGAF; you also look for related technologies, such as rest APIs and other such things. Anyway, that's pretty much what I wanted to talk about. You can see that there are a lot of good, high-paying jobs available, so if this is one of your motivations for getting TOGAF certified, you'll see that the market for your skills is quite robust. Anyways, I really hope you've enjoyed this course, and again, I say this a lot, but please send me a comment with your feedback, post the discussions, and I'm here to help you. I want to make this the best course on the subject, and I also want you to pass your certification so you know how to reach me. But thanks a lot, guys.

Preliminary Phase In Detail: Step by Step

1. Preliminary Phase, Step 1

Lesson on the preliminary phase steps In this lesson, we're going to get deeper into the pulmonary phase. Go through each of the steps one by one. You can see on the screen a diagram of the pulmonary phase. Again, it sits above the ATM cycle. It is the first phase of the AD. The first step of the preliminary phase is to define the scope of the organisations impacted. This is super, super critical, and that's why it's the first step. Okay? So in any situation that you're going to find yourself in, you're going to need to know, and everyone that's a stakeholder of importance needs to agree, what exactly your job is going to be. Okay?

Do you need to define which core enterprise units are going to be most effective and are going to achieve the most value? These are the ones, if you're talking about moving from hosted platforms to cloud platforms or whatever the driver is, that get you to the point where you're starting proper architecture work. Those are going to be the core enterprise units that are most effective. It would be like the technology group and the development groups and things like that. Okay. There are also going to be enterprise units that can see the change but are not directly affected by it.

Right? So these are going to be people who may interact with those systems, but if the system itself is not changing, they only need to be made aware that these changes are happening. But they're not exactly key stakeholders. Of course, there are going to be enterprise units outside of your own scope that will see the change and may have heard about it. The order form that they get is a little bit different, or whatever it ends up being in this extended enterprise. You've got a couple of other groups. These are communities, okay? These are the stakeholders who will be affected and will organise into groups. So, these could be customers, or they could be salespeople, or they could be people from outside your company, vendors, or suppliers, okay? And governance.

So you're going to be impacting, say, your core enterprise units that are in a single state or geographically in the same building. Well, that makes things easier. Are they going to be across states or across countries? Some of them are in Asia, Europe, and North America. Are there different laws? You're going to have privacy laws that change things, right? Retention. So there are certain laws and geographies that affect this. You need to ensure that the scope is clear. Okay? That's the first step. In the next video, we're just going to get onto the next step, so stay tuned for that.

2. Preliminary Phase, Step 2

Alright, so we're talking about the preliminary phase of the application and the steps. And this is step two. The second step is to confirm governance and support frameworks. The keyword here is governance, of course. And governance. And we have a whole lesson on this in the course, but governance is basically that hierarchy of decision-makers. When you go to make a decision of some impact, okay? You need to go there, present the request for change, present the business case, come up with all your documents, and they're going to assess whether it's worth being done, whether that kicks off a new ADMS cycle, whether this falls within architecture principles, the document, you know, logging happens, things like that.

So you need to determine all of the processes that you're about to undertake, all of the administration, the architecture, the definitions, the artifacts, and how that gets brought under governance. Now, Toga does have a governance model. You may have an existing governance model in your organization, depending on the maturity of your architecture and what you were doing before you started the TOGAF model. So there are likely going to be changes to how governance works in your organization. and part of this preliminary phase is assessing that. So, yeah, assessing your current governance models and establishing proper governance So that is the key bit of step two: to make sure that when you start up this machine of architecture creation, you've got the proper governance in place. So that was step two. In the next video, we're going to talk about steps three and four, so stay tuned for that.

3. Preliminary Phase, Step 3

Alright, so we're talking about the preliminary phase of the idea and going through each of the steps. Right now we're on step three, which is to define and establish the architecture team and organization. So, obviously, this is critical when you're in the start-up phase, or the preliminary phase of the AD cycle. You want to establish the people—the business experts and the software experts—in all of the various roles on an architecture team. Okay? You need to determine what your existing enterprise and business capabilities are in these areas. There are things called maturity assessments. This course includes a lesson on maturity assessments and business changer assessments. So if you need to do some serious thinking about your target, what kind of enterprise architecture team you want, how much you're willing to spend on it, and to what degree it makes sense for your organization, you don't need a 100-member enterprise architecture team.

So you need to make those kinds of decisions and identify the gaps. So from where you are to where you want to be, you need to allocate key roles. This is where, within the architecture team and within governance even, we need to identify who these individual people are and who's going to lead the architecture, who's going to do this, who's the business architect, who's a technical architect, etc. Okay, we're going to have to define requests for change. So if there are existing processes or existing projects or things that are done a certain way, those need to be documented right off the bat. And we need to go, and we've already talked about the architecture and governance; we have to go and basically sell others on this need. We need to modify the way we do business over here in order to support proper architecture.

OK, this group over here can't be in charge of designing, developing, and deploying their own applications without having to talk to anybody. Now we need these processes to be put into place, which include existing enterprise architects and any sort of impact assessments. So if somebody's already in the process of doing some big project, well, you can't stop the company while you're doing your architecture work and while you're in the primary phase. So things are going on, and you need to assess the impacts and find any sort of differences in areas of interest and conflicts of interest. Anyway, there's more. So we need to determine any constraints on architecture work. Okay, so there may be certain decisions that your company has made that are locked into, and maybe they've got a long-term contract with IBM, and IBM is the host of your applications, and all of your solutions must work within the IBM environment.

So you may have those sorts of constraints. You need to understand going into it that you cannot make certain decisions. Maybe there's a budget constraint, maybe there's a time constraint, maybe there's a new law going into effect July 1, and now it's May. You only have two months. And you have to make some allowances for things that have to go live before others that may not logically do so. You need to review all of this with your sponsors and the architecture board, and, finally, everything costs money. You need to have a budget for your architecture work and basically say, "I need six months, this many thousands of dollars, and the attention of this many people." Get those signed off. That was a big one. That was step three of the primary phase. In the next video, we'll talk about step four. Stay tuned for that.

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