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Fortinet NSE7 Certification Practice Test Questions and Answers, Fortinet NSE7 Certification Exam Dumps

All Fortinet NSE7 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are prepared by industry experts. Fortinet NSE7 certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps, study guide and training courses help candidates to study and pass hassle-free!

Fortinet’s NSE7 certification which is also known as the Network Security Architect qualification recognizes the technical skills associated with administering, deploying, and troubleshooting Fortinet security solutions. Therefore, this validation way is highly recommended for typical security and network professionals whose day-to-day role involves designing, administering, and supporting security infrastructure with the help of Fortinet.

An In-depth Look at the NSE7 Exams

At the same time, to qualify for this designation, candidates must excel in at least one of the available NSE 7 certification exams issued by Fortinet. The full list includes the following:

  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Advanced Analytics
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Secure Access
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Public Cloud Security
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Advanced Threat Protection
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - SD-WAN

So, below you can see the details of the three most popular exams that are part of the NSE7 certification path:

Fortinet NSE 7-Enterprise Firewall 6.4

This test also known as NSE7_EFW-6.4 features 35 questions and runs for 60 minutes. Thus, in the allotted time, you will need to demonstrate skills in implementing, diagnosing, and managing an enterprise security infrastructure consisting of numerous FortiGate devices alongside background experience working with FortiOS 6.4.

Fortinet NSE 7 – Secure Access 6.4

This exam is known under the code NSE7_SAC-6.4 and checks one’s skills to work to implement, administer and operate Fortinet identity management, and secure access products for wired and wireless networks. The exam is aimed at network and security professionals, who should be able to use LDAP and RADIUS to configure advanced used authentication, troubleshoot user authorization problems, complete the tasks related to FortiSwitch and Wireless. This exam contains 37 questions of the multiple-choice type and lasts for 70 minutes.

Fortinet NSE 7-Advanced Analytics 5.2

Usually, this test is denoted as NSE7_ADA-5.2 and consists of a maximum of 30 questions related to management, administration, monitoring, configuration processes of FortiSIEM devices. Thus, Fortinet recommends that all applicants pursuing this qualifying exam should demonstrate a solid understanding of the FortiGate 6.2.2 and FortiSIEM 5.2.5 technologies. Everyone will have 60 minutes to do this on the designated day of the final test.

Fortinet NSE 7-Advanced Threat Protection 3.2

Conversely, this official 60-minute exam by code NSE7_ATP-3.2 will bring a total of 35 items concerning ATP solution with FortiSandbox during its implementation, design, and maintenance. In other words, students are advised to obtain some experience working with the FortiSandbox 3.2 before scheduling this Fortinet test.

Recommended Training Courses

Not everyone knows that Fortinet developed a clear learning path to support candidates working towards their NSE7 accreditations. This involves training courses, practice test questions, as well as hands-on lab environments. Next, you can check out the study tools that the vendor offers to prepare for the tests described above.

Advanced Analytics Course

This three-day course is designed specifically for those wishing to take the NSE7_ADA-5.2 test on the first try, as well as adding various organizations to FortiSIEM and identifying devices for each. You will be able to distinguish events and lags from every organization and apply the necessary rules. And thanks to interactive lab sessions, you'll understand the role of the FortiSIEM solution, learn how to log events, log agents, and create your own rules.

However, keep in mind that the vendor recommends that you learn the topics covered in the NSE 5 FortiSIEM course before registering for this training program. It is also assumed that all students will have knowledge of networking protocols, firewall concepts, SIEM products, and Linux functionality before enrolling in the course.

Advanced Threat Protection Course

This preparation program is the best option for candidates that are going to pass the NSE7_ATP-3.2 exam. It aims at network security engineers who serve the ATP solution with FortiSandbox in their Enterprise network environment. Furthermore, it requires that candidates have had experience with FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiWeb, FortiClient or have taken the relevant Fortinet course.

After that, in two days, these candidates can learn how to secure their organization and improve security, understand how FortiSandbox identifies threats and how it generates security threat intelligence. You will also understand how other ATP components are involved in security against various levels of threats.

Enterprise Firewall Course

To answer all the questions on the NSE7_EFW-6.4 test correctly, candidates are offered this training course, which covers skills for working with various FortiGate devices. Thus, those with knowledge of networking, as well as working experience with FortiGate, FortiManager, and FortiAnalyzer will learn how to integrate FortiGate devices through the Fortinet Security Fabric. Students will also gain skills of how to optimize FortiGate resources, and diagnose user traffic using FortiGate debug tools.

Note also that each course developed by Fortinet is available in a different format. So, the student can choose instructor-led training either online or in the classroom and may also be interested in the self-paced online study.

Revision Book

Of course, you may use the following book as an additional resource to help you prepare for the NSE7 accreditation exams:

Network Security, Firewalls, and VPNs (Issa) 3rd Edition by J. Michael Stewart and Denise Kinsey

This book is written by real IT experts in the security field to help candidates excel in the field of network security. It gives in-depth coverage of this field from a unique perspective, addressing the key business challenges and threats associated with working on the public internet. This official guide provides a detailed explanation of network security terms and concepts including hacking tips and what a reader needs to know to outsmart such offenders. If you are keen to become part of your enterprise’s first line of defense against cyber-attacks by disarming security threats and maintaining secure systems every day, getting this edition should be a no-brainer. As you explore the network security basics covered throughout this book, be sure to understand the concepts of firewall configuration, deployment, and security which will be key to building a career as a network security architect.

The Bottom Line

As you know, a competent Network Security Architect must have the right combination of extensive skill set and deep knowledge that will help them cement their reputation in the organizations they are working for. That’s the same motive behind the creation of the NSE7 certification, an all-inclusive qualification path that offers applicants formal confirmation of their expertise to thrive in a new sought-after role. What's more, it will expand your financial options, as according to Payscale.com average Network Security Architect salary is $126,166 per year. It's all worth the time and effort it takes to prepare. So take the exam, register, and start studying today. That's your first step on the road to success.

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