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All Fortinet NSE5_FCT-6.2 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the NSE5_FCT-6.2 Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiClient 6.2 practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

The Fortinet NSE5_FCT-6.2 exam is directly related to the Fortinet NSE5 certification, commonly known as the Network Security Analyst. It is a multiple-choice test with a total of 30 items. Students are allowed to complete the test in 60 minutes and they must be familiar with the FortiClient EMS 6.2 product version to schedule it. Also, they can enroll in one of the Japanese or English exam versions depending on the most suitable option.

Overview of NSE5 Certification

The Fortinet NSE5 is a definitive learning path that testifies the learner’s aptitude for implementing network security analytics and management with the aid of the Fortinet security devices. Usually, this option makes for an excellent choice if you are a network or security specialist who’s keen to showcase his/her aptitude for performing key features on Fortinet security devices. This could involve managing, analyzing, or simply reporting on these solutions. All in all, to attain the NSE5 certificate, you need to pass two evaluations. While passing the aforementioned NSE5_FCT-6.2 exam alone will not qualify you for this certificate, the full list of exams that candidates can choose to attain the same certification program also includes the following:

  • Fortinet NSE 5-FortiAnalyzer;
  • Fortinet NSE 5-FortiEDR;
  • Fortinet NSE 5-FortiManager;
  • Fortinet NSE 5-FortiSIEM.

Studying for Your Exam with Vendor’s Materials

Fortinet strongly suggests that all trainees who are working toward the NSE5 certification should register for the corresponding courses to help them prepare well for the official exams. So, read on to get more details about the two best products you may want to check out to improve your chances of cracking the NSE5_FCT-6.2 exam.

  • FortiClient EMS

    First things first, the FortiClient EMS training is open to all learners working toward the NSE5 designation. It is a neatly compiled, detailed, and interactive course that will ensure candidates have what it takes to use and provision FortiClient, specifically with the help of the FortiClient EMS. Through interactive labs, you will master the features and installation of FortiClient. Also, much emphasis will be placed on operation modes, the management of databases, deployment of FortiClient, and EMS components just to mention a few. With a total of 16 self-paced activities and 4 upcoming classes, the lead instructors will hope that upon completing this training, candidates will have built a strong knowledge of the implementation and management of the Security Fabric and endpoint security. And that’s clearly what you need to clear the actual NSE5_FCT-6.2 test.

  • FortiClient EMS 6.2 Sample Questions

    The second product is all about knowing the type of questions to expect in your real NSE5_FCT-6.2 exam. Unlike in the first option, the focus here will be on providing useful sample questions to help you prepare for the exam using the best resources. These questions are extracted from the actual evaluation curriculum and the latest content outline and are likely to be the same concepts that will be addressed by the FortiClient EMS official course. If you want to pass the NSE5_FCT-6.2 exam by first getting a glimpse of what the actual testing experience might look like, this is hands down one of your best options.

Look at Recommended Revision Books

Getting success in a certification exam requires real commitment. And below, we will be discussing the three best books found on Amazon you can use to prepare for the Fortinet NSE 5_FCT-6.2 exam:

  • Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards (6th Edition)

    William Stallings has compiled a definitive guide to network security applications & standards to suit both students and instructors alike. This book assumes a practical approach, with much emphasis given to applications commonly incorporated into the internet and corporate networks. An additional learning package for students and instructors streamlines the teaching experience by ensuring these individuals only focus on what matters most. While the content of this guide is largely inspired by Cryptography and Network Security, the author has done plenty of modifications to give a concise coverage of the most useful domains such as the aforementioned cryptography. In summary, the 6th edition of this material has been updated to focus on wireless network security, system security, and firewalls, with specific attention to IPsec in this field.

  • Network Monitoring and Analysis: Protocol Approach to Troubleshooting

    This is another important guide for your test preparation written by Ed Wilson. It focuses on Windows NT network troubleshooting using a combination of practical examples, detailed illustrations, and simple examples. This book will answer all your questions if you’ve been wondering what goes on inside the network, what causes a sudden breakdown of multi-tier applications, and why important network elements would disappear on specific instances. Ed Wilson and many industry experts see this book as the definitive, hands-on guide to mastering the skills needed to monitor and analyze Windows NT networks. That being said, this material will provide an important guideline on understanding TCP/IP, Ethernet, IPX/SPX, network traffic, internet email, and DHCP among the rest.

  • Network Security, Firewalls, and VPNs (Issa) (3rd Edition)

    This book was written by J. Michael Stewart and Denise Kinsey to provide exhaustive coverage of the key business challenges involving the public internet. It costs about $84 on Amazon and focuses on network security fundamentals using exercises, examples, and hands-on activities. These include the use of VPNs and Firewalls when providing security measures and how malicious hackers may obtain access to active networks. The progressive review of this book’s content outlined by industry experts means it is not just good for passing the related exams, but also effective for securing your long-term career.

Bottom Line

Breaking into IT is difficult. Maintaining your skills is even harder. That’s why many people struggle to fulfill their potential in this field, especially when they are getting started in a new role. The same can be said about the Fortinet certifications, which, despite being one of the best options, may prove too hard to obtain, even for experienced professionals. Indeed, it takes determination, commitment, and self-discipline to take your career to a whole new level. And we hope this guide has done enough to enlighten you on what it takes to pass the Fortinet NSE5_FCT-6.2 exam. So, what are you waiting for?

Fortinet NSE5_FCT-6.2 practice test questions and answers, training course, study guide are uploaded in ETE Files format by real users. Study and Pass NSE5_FCT-6.2 Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiClient 6.2 certification exam dumps & practice test questions and answers are to help students.

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