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Exam Exam Name
Exam4A0-100 Exam NameNokia Scalable IP Networks
Exam4A0-102 Exam NameNokia Border Gateway Protocol
Exam4A0-103 Exam NameNokia Multiprotocol Label Switching
Exam4A0-104 Exam NameNokia Services Architecture
Exam4A0-105 Exam NameNokia Virtual Private LAN Services
Exam4A0-106 Exam NameNokia Virtual Private Routed Networks
Exam4A0-107 Exam NameNokia Quality of Service
Exam4A0-108 Exam NameNokia Multicast Protocols
Exam4A0-111 Exam NameNokia Network and Service Router Security
Exam4A0-114 Exam NameNokia Border Gateway Protocol Fundamentals for Services
Exam4A0-115 Exam NameNokia Ethernet Virtual Private Network Services
Exam4A0-116 Exam NameNokia Segment Routing
Exam4A0-205 Exam NameNokia Optical Networking Fundamentals
Exam4A0-AI1 Exam NameNokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional Composite Exam
Exam4A0-C02 Exam NameNokia SRA Composite Exam
Exam4A0-M02 Exam NameNokia Mobile Gateways
Exam4A0-M03 Exam NameNokia Mobility Manager
Exam4A0-M05 Exam NameNokia Cloud Packet Core
Exam4A0-M10 Exam NameNokia 5G Packet Core Architecture
ExamBL0-100 Exam NameNokia Bell Labs End-to-End 5G Foundation Exam
ExamBL0-220 Exam NameNokia Bell Labs Distributed Cloud Networks

Nokia Certification Practice Test Questions, Nokia Certification Exam Dumps

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Nokia is one of the oldest tech companies in the market currently, which offers services and products to customers worldwide. Apart from these, this corporation also issues prestigious certificates to interested candidates. And it’s to be noted that the certifications that this company provides are looked upon very greatly and commonly, Nokia validations are awarded to those specialists who have completed all the requirements for passing the certification related exams.

Certification Program

Overall, Nokia provides various certificates that are normally centered around networks and systems and are built upon the candidates' level of expertise. Currently, the certifications offered by this vendor are of three levels like the Nokia Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I), Nokia Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II), and Nokia Service Routing Architect (SRA). Below, you’ll find the details for these qualifications.

Nokia Certificates in Detail

  • NRS I Certification

    This qualification is the starting point for the students who have little knowledge about IP and Ethernet Technologies. The main goal of this training is to provide the students with basic knowledge of the basics of the packet forwarding facets, TCP/IP model, Ethernet traits, and Internet addressing. This certification also gears the students towards the route of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and creates a base for them to further their knowledge of IP technology for other certifications and courses as well. To acquire such a qualification, candidates must ace one exam coded 4A0-100.

  • NRS II Certificate

    The NRS II is the advanced version of the Nokia NRS I validation. The goal of the NRS II is to enhance the foundation of the students that have passed test 4A0-100. The NRS II, in particular, will cover IP/MPLS networks, Nokia layer 2 & layer 3 services, and the Internet Routing Protocol (IRP). To earn this validation, applicants should pass one lab test coded NRSII4A0 and either sit for one composite test known as 4A0-C01 or take the three separate exams as described below:

    • 4A0-101

      The total exam time is 90 minutes with an extra 45 minutes of tutorial on the computer-based test. The cost of this test is $125 and it covers concepts of routing processes, OSPF, ECMP, and BDF.

    • 4A0-103

      Such a validation lasts for 90 minutes, where applicants will have to solve 60 items. The total cost of this exam is $125. Also, this exam includes topics such as RSVP, resiliency, and MPLS basics.

    • 4A0-104

      This test has the same features as the above exams with the domains tested being Virtual Private Wire Service, LAN, and mirroring of services.

      When it comes to the facts for the lab exam, the Nokia NRS II lab is a 3.5-hour test designed to test the knowledge of the students to design and implement networks. The prerequisites for this validation are tests 4A0-101, 4A0-103, and 4A0-104. The cost of such an exam per attempt is $725.

  • SRA Designation

    Such a certificate is the highest degree of certification provided by Nokia in the SRC program. The SRA is made for engineers who want to be skilled in all the aspects of designing, building, and supporting Service Router networks and services. If you want to earn this certificate, you will have to pass two exams. For the first evaluation, you may opt for one composite 4A0-C02 test or sit for four individual exams known as 4A0-102, 4A0-105, 4A0-106, and 4A0-107. As for the second test, it’s the Nokia ASRA4A0 lab test that will last for 8 hours and will cost $1,275.

Book to Master Nokia Tests

The following study guides will be a great help for you to earn the Nokia certifications:

  • SRA Guide for Self-Study by Nokia

    Such a guide is written by the testers of the Nokia corporation. It goes through the intricacies of all the required topics that the entrant has to focus on to pass the SRA exams. As this material is offered by the vendor itself, you can be sure about its authenticity.

  • NRS II Self-Study Guide by Nokia

    Likewise, this guide is written and provided by Nokia itself. Such a book goes through the advanced core mechanics necessary for mastering the tests for the NRS II. If you’re interested, this material can be bought directly through the vendor’s official website.

Official Training Courses for Nokia Validations

As a rule, there are various courses that you can enroll for to pass the Nokia exams. Thus, you can opt for the following:

  • Nokia IP Networks and Services Fundamentals Course

    This is a 4-day course, which is designed for students who have limited knowledge about the IP and Ethernet. In particular, this training focuses on creating a solid foundation for the students to progress through other qualifications & courses as well. In all, the course is divided into 6 modules, and each one details various topics that include layered protocol stacks, boot processes, MAC addresses, among many other domains. All in all, this class is recommended for all candidates who target to obtain the NRS II certificate.

  • Nokia Interior Routing Protocols Course

    This training option focuses on routing protocols, OSPF, IS-IS, and their implementation in large-scale networks if to name a few. Also, this course will last for 5 days and will cover all the objectives for test 4A0-101 in the form of the 7 extensive course modules.

  • Nokia Services Architecture Course

    The Nokia Services Architecture is an official 4-day course focusing on VPN, residential services, and MPLS along with other related technologies. This training also includes Virtual Private Wire Services and Virtual Private Routed networks and will fully prepare you to sit for 4A0-104 exam.


Nokia is a real game-changer when it comes to the field of IT. So, getting accredited by this vendor is a wise step regarding one’s career and personal development. Don’t waste your time, enroll in the Nokia official courses, read their helpful study guides, and attain such certificates like the NRS I, NRS II, and SRA.

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