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Juniper JN0-1361 Practice Test Questions and Answers, Juniper JN0-1361 Exam Dumps - PrepAway

All Juniper JN0-1361 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the JN0-1361 WAN Design, Specialist (JNCDS-WAN) practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

Service Provider design is a challenging field but not if you have the Juniper JNCDS-SP certification. Once passed its corresponding JN0-1361 exam, individuals verify their competence and prove their knowledge and hands-on skills.

Exam Pattern

JN0-1361 test has a 90-minute length and includes a maximum of 65 items in multiple-choice format. It is administered by Pearson VUE and covers everything a learner should know to obtain the Juniper Networks Certified Design Specialist – Service Provider (JNCDS-SP) certification. After taking the test, you will obtain the results with a Pass/Fail outcome without a detailed report on your performance.

The objectives of JN0-1361 are as follows:

  • WAN Connectivity
  • Network Availability and Traffic Prioritization
  • Service Provider Core WAN Design
  • Service Provider Edge WAN Design
  • Enterprise WAN
  • Data Center WAN
  • WAN Security
  • WAN Management
  • SDN in the WAN

Certification Overview and Prerequisites

JNCDS-SP certificate relates to the Juniper’s Design certification path that validates if a candidate is proficient in Juniper Networks design and the relevant technologies. This certificate is best for network designers and those professionals who have an in-depth mid-level knowledge of the industry’s concepts.

Juniper states that all candidates aiming to obtain their JNCDS-SP must first acquire the associate-level Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate (JNCDA) certificate. This will ensure they have the right skills and experience to manage network design concepts at an advanced stage.

Recommended Online Course: Juniper Networks Design-Service Provider (JND-SP)

Juniper Networks Design-Service Provider (JND-SP) is an intermediate-level training course that runs for 5 days. It was created for JN0-1361 applicants with a solid understanding of operation and configuration principles willing to add more skills to their resume by mastering the WAN design sphere. As it is one of the most comprehensive courses associated with the JNCDS-SP certification, candidates are expected to satisfy the following prerequisites before enrolling in it:

  • Proven knowledge of routing and switching protocols and architecture
  • Strong understanding of Juniper network solutions and products
  • Knowledge of infrastructure security principles
  • Successful completion of the relevant fundamental course JNDF

Also, to have a better chance of passing the test, candidates should be familiar with several products offered by Juniper such as Junos OS, QFX Series, MX Series, Junos Space, LN Series, JSA Series, ACX Series, M Series, and NFX Series, among the rest. When preparing for the exam through this course, you will train yourself on an everyday basis and can be sure you are going to solidify your skills with the help of practical labs.

For instance, at the beginning of your training, the instructors will introduce the course details and objectives and will provide you with an overview of WAN design and WAN connectivity. The topics like the prioritization of traffic and network availability will be covered as well. On the second day, you are going to learn more about Service Provider Core WAN with a core emphasis on the CoS considerations, MPLS design, and routing. Day three is only focused on one topic: Service Provider Edge WAN.

On the fourth day, the instructors will explain the specifics of the enterprise WAN, Data Center WAN, WAN Security, as well as related subtopics. At the end of the program, you will be gaining skills in the areas of WAN Management, WAN Virtualization and SDN, and WAN Device Portfolio.

Recommended Study Guides

The vendor offers JN0-1361 candidates two comprehensive guides that cover Enterprise WAN Domain solutions and Business Edge solution 1.0. Still, there are also other helpful resources such as Juniper Day One Books. These are some of the best revision materials you can use to prepare for the certification exam. They give step-by-step coverage of networking technologies supplemented with practical examples. The three best options you can find for the JNCDS-SP certificate include:

1. Deploying BGP RIB Sharding and Update Threading (author Ravindran Thangarajah)

The book is focused on BGP RIB and its related topics. It starts by covering the concepts of design, update threading, and sharding. It also highlights the client use cases and different configuration concepts, and Juniper BGP implementation. Its short and precise content makes it one of the best Day One books for studying for the aforementioned Juniper JN0-1361 exam.

2. Contrail DPDK vRouter (author Kiran KN)

Studying for JN0-1361 exam with this book, you will understand everything about DPDK and the relevant technologies including CPU Pinning NUMA, and huge page. It also addresses the design of the vRouter DPDK and the associated installation details. With DPDK being one of the most vital parts of SDN data implementation, this revision book will show you exactly how to optimize SDN data planes and NFV and improve data plane performance, which in turn accelerates network applications. Everything you have ever wanted to know about this area is all in the six chapters that cover SDN Overview, setup, toolbox, and architecture of the DPDK vRouter, the installation of Test Tools, the basics of virtualization, and contrail networking.

  • Routing in Fat Trees (RIFT) (author Ravindran Thangarajah)

    Routing in FAT Trees or RIFT as it's commonly known is one of the most recent additions to the Juniper Day One books collection. Written by Melchior Aelmans alongside Leonardo Alberro, Oliver Steudler, and others, it gives comprehensive coverage of RIFT and the relevant technologies. Through this material, you will master RIFT installation and its configuration on different platforms, details of the new RIFT protocol, knowledge of Juniper and open-source RIFT implementations, and review of the major considerations as far as RIFT goes. In summary, this book has a total of six chapters includes information about Data Center routing and IP Fabrics, Routing in Fat Trees Protocol, Juniper deployment and implementation, Junos RIFT monitoring and troubleshooting, Wireshark RIFT Dissector, and Open-Source RIFT implementation.

To Sum Up

A variety of books available for free and an exhaustive official training course ensure you have all the chances to pass JN0-1361 exam in one go. Study with dedication, use extra tools like flashcards or practice tests, and you’ll gain both the needed knowledge and confidence. In this case, earning the JNCDS-SP certification will be easy for you.

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