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Exam Exam Name
ExamCBAP Exam NameCertified Business Analysis Professional
ExamCCBA Exam NameCertification of Competency in Business Analysis
ExamECBA Exam NameEntry Certificate in Business Analysis
ExamIIBA-AAC Exam NameAgile Analyst
ExamIIBA-CBDA Exam NameCertification in Business Data Analytics

IIBA Certification Practice Test Questions, IIBA Certification Exam Dumps

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The International Institute of Business Analysis or IIBA was set up to promote a community of professional Business Analysts. This non-profit professional network aims to provide tools and opportunities for the development of the business analysis field. IIBA has a history of 15 years of championing the growth of business analysts through the provision of various validation-based certifications, building professional networks and content. To be part of this beneficial community, all you’ve got to do is to sign up to become a Member of IIBA. There is a lot of information about this on the official IIBA website, but before that, this article covers what you and your career can gain from IIBA, especially the IIBA certifications, which surely will bolster your career in Business Analysis.

So, What Does IIBA Offer You?

The IIBA organization provides you with many tools to help you grow your professional career in business analysis. Thus, you can opt for the following:

  • Webinars: As a rule, IIBA hosts webinars locally, regionally, and globally. These webinars are delivered by business analysis (BA) professionals allowing you to learn fascinating information relevant to the field. Some exciting webinars that have a direct impact on your BA career and personal skills include Leadership Development, Preparation for Certification, and the Basics of Business Analysis.
  • Podcasts: IIBA organizes podcast series, which are conducted by BA Times. Here, you can listen to speakers from various BA disciplines, discussing tips, tricks, and challenges for a BA career. Examples of podcast topics include Building Your Cybersecurity Analysis Career, What Does It Take to Be a BA, and Advancing Your Agile Career Path.
  • BA professional resources and IIBA certifications: IIBA provides curated content to advance your BA career, along with world-class certificates that can equip you with professional skills and provide validation of your expertise. BA resources include a blog on business analysis, BA salary survey for career trends, and certifications.

How to Get Certified With IIBA

Getting BA certified is the ideal way to survive in such a growing and competitive field. Certified individuals are more in-demand and sought out by employers. Further, it prompts you to learn professional skills and fine-tune your abilities. What is more, your certifications with IIBA are globally recognized, which widens your scope of opportunities. All in all, IIBA certifications are available at all levels of skill from basic to advanced including specialized ones, such as cybersecurity. What’s great is that you can even obtain your certification online! So, follow the simple steps below to begin your certification journey:

  • Decide on what validations to choose from and their eligibility. Overall, you can choose between core certifications at three levels like the ECBA, CCBA, and CBAP (from entry to advanced level), and specialized certifications such as Cybersecurity Analysis, Agile Analysis, and Business Data Analytics.
  • Prepare for your certification exam, understand the standards, exam objectives, and practice sample questions.
  • Register for your certification test! All information on this is provided on the official IIBA website.

Core Certifications Offered by IIBA

You can take core certifications from IIBA to gain essential skills to be a specialist in Business Analysis. Indeed, refined skills mean that you can increase your employability and reach career goals. Currently, IIBA offers the following certifications to achieve your BA career aspirations:

  • The ECBA or Entry Certificate in Business Analysis: This is a first-level qualification for those who are new to developing their BA skills. You need to have finished at least 21 Professional Development (PD) hours in the last four years, which can be any training or educational programs such as online courses, webinars, or workshops before you can apply for this certification. To attain the ECBA certification, you need to pass the ECBA test. This exam has 50 multiple-choice questions that applicants must finalize in 1 hour. To pass it, you need to know key BA concepts, techniques, and BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas.
  • The CCBA or Certification of Capability in Business Analysis: This certification can be a great step if you have 2 to 3 years of experience being a business analysis practitioner. It would propel your career by allowing you to handle more complex tasks. To enroll in this training, you need to complete at least 3750 hours of Business Analysis work experience in the past 7 years and have at least 900 hours in 2 out of 6 BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas, along with 21 PD hours in the past four years. For this certificate, you need to pass the CCBA exam, consisting of 130 multiple-choice and scenario-based items to be accomplished for three hours.
  • The CBAP or Certified Business Analysis Professional: If you have many years of BA experience, attaining the CBAP validation can further develop your leadership skills into a senior BA member. Thus, you need to complete at least 7500 hours of BA work experience in the past 10 years and 900 hours in 4 out of 6 BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas. You also need at least 35 hours of PD in the past 4 years. To earn this certificate, you'll need to pass the CBAP exam that is now available online and has 120 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 3.5 hours.

Training Courses Endorsed by IIBA

There are various exam preparation courses offered for the aforementioned certifications. A full list of the available IIBA-endorsed exam prep courses can be found on the IIBA website. Here are some of them:

  • Business Analysis Pathway Course: This is an ECBA, CCBA, or CBAP exam preparation course, with a total of 36 IIBA PD hours and is provided by Agora Insights, the official IIBA training partner. It covers the BABOK Guide, basic concepts and techniques in BA, strategy analysis, planning & monitoring, and more.
  • CCBA Master Class: This training covers all topics comprehensively to ace your CCBA exam. It is for 36 IIBA PD hours and is also offered by Agora Insights. Such a course has assignments, which are reviewed to provide feedback to students. There are also practice tests so that you can get a mock glimpse of the real CCBA exam.
  • CBAP Master Class: A course like this is also endorsed by Agora Insights and will thoroughly prepare you to become CBAP certified. In addition, attending it will earn you 40 PD hours and give you the opportunity to deal with more than 1000 practice tests & drills.


If you want to develop in the sphere of Business Analysis, then it's advisable for you to gain some prestigious validations issued by IIBA. This vendor has ample certificates that will cater to your experience and knowledge level. Thus, you can attain either the CCBA or ECBA, among other options, and what concerns the preparation for the official tests, enrolling in the training provided by the IIBA official partners is a must for successful test completion!

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