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Exam Exam Name
ExamCIPM Exam NameCertified Information Privacy Manager
ExamCIPP-A Exam NameCertified Information Privacy Professional/Asia (CIPP/A)
ExamCIPP-C Exam NameCertified Information Privacy Professional/Canada (CIPP/C)
ExamCIPP-E Exam NameCertified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E)
ExamCIPP-US Exam NameCertified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US)
ExamCIPT Exam NameCertified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT)

IAPP Certification Practice Test Questions, IAPP Certification Exam Dumps

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The IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) organization targets specialists who are interested in developing and enhancing their careers by assisting their companies in managing risks and protecting their data. This non-profit company with a sizable membership was established in 2000 and is involved in certifying specialists in varying disciplines.

IAPP Certification Program

The IAPP association has developed a forum, where members or specialists can track any new trends or news in the industry and share processes and best practices. It’s also a great place for the members to articulate any concerns regarding privacy management. Their widely-accepted certification program renders a number of certificates that include the CIPM, CIPP, and CIPT. Below, we will cover the exams associated with each certificate.


The Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) exam is operation-based and is targeting those performing daily operations that include privacy administration, establishing, maintaining, and managing privacy programs throughout their lifecycle. The holders of this certificate will ensure regulations for data privacy work for their organizations since they will be conversant with the process of implementing them in regular operations. By seeking such validation, one will be learning the following:

  • The creation of a company’s vision;
  • Structuring of privacy teams;
  • Developing and executing the program framework for privacy;
  • Communication with stakeholders;
  • Measuring of performance;
  • The operational life cycle for a privacy program.

CIPP Tests

The CIPP stands for the Certified Information Privacy Professional. The CIPP exam is stipulated for those candidates who practice privacy by first seeking to understand the related laws as well as concepts. Also, it’s in reference to the policies governing data privacy and how the individuals concerned can apply them. Passing this test indicates that you have mastered the jurisdictional laws, enforcement models, regulations, and legal requirements necessary during data handling and transfer. Particularly, the CIPP certifications are four with each targeting a particular region. The CIPP/A targets Asia, the CIPP/C is for Canada, the CIPP/E is for Europe, while the CIPP/US targets the USA. Further discussion on the CIPP/E and the CIPP/US certification tests is as below:

  • CIPP/E Validation

    Such a test concerns European data protection laws and touches on pan-European as well as national laws for data protection and core privacy terminology. It also touches on practical concepts concerning protecting personal data as well as trans-border flow of data.

  • CIPP/US Test

    The CIPP/US exam checks if one is familiar with US privacy. It also examines their awareness of limits placed on how the private sector collects and uses data, access to information belonging to the private sector by the government and the court, workplace privacy, and privacy laws governing the State.


With authorities that are concerned with data protection enforcing regulations that govern the capturing, storage and usage of data, there is a need to have employees with the necessary literacy in data privacy as well as technological elements. This is to make sure that the operations align with privacy goals and risk mitigation strategies. The Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) is responsible for ensuring that the organization applies the data privacy laws to avoid any loss of trust in as far as customers are concerned. Their mandate is to help their companies in applying strategies, processes, policies, and techniques in managing cybersecurity risks. This takes place even as they ensure that data is prudently used for the right purpose. Overall, topics mastered by this validation include building products, processes, and services that are privacy-friendly, realizing the benefits in addition to challenges that an emerging technology poses, protecting data, designing software as well as systems to support privacy, and more.

IAPP Certification Exam Details

For the CIPM, CIPP, and CIPT tests, each will be having 90 questions that will be running for 2.5 hours. On a scale of 100-500, a candidate has to reach at least 300 points to pass his/her tests. Those having a first attempt at their exam will have to pay $550. Finally, the language options available for applicants are English, French, and German.

Study Guides for IAPP Exams

To be more precise about your exam requirements, getting the relevant body of knowledge from the IAPP website is highly advisable. Also, the vendor’s study guides offer proper reinforcement of content, and we will deal with a few for the CIPT exam below:

  • IAPP Store Books

    There are varied titles in the IAPP Store for the exams that they offer. One is the official guide for the CIPT test that was created for developers, data architects, systems administrators, cybersecurity professionals, and others. Such a book by a number of authors like Lujo Bauer, Lorrie Faith Cranor, etc. puts you into focus in addressing how privacy intersects with technology. In addition, it critically examines the key areas, which are of concern within the industry. Provided in the book are core concepts as well as techniques that one can utilize in the entire life cycle, and they include:

    • How privacy impacts engineering;
    • How to incorporate privacy in risk analysis;
    • The role played by encryption & nonrepudiation during the building of solutions;
    • Identifiability & anonymity concepts;
    • How privacy impacts tracking as well as surveillance;
    • Privacy interfaces that are usable and helpful;
    • The role of privacy governance and how to manage it;
    • Integrating security & privacy.
  • CIPT Exam Study Guide

    This Amazon revision manual, whose author is Charlie Dwayne, is a great introduction to the CIPT validation. It’s best for industry practitioners who desire to better comprehend the privacy requirements that are needed in technology. As a rule, these are individuals who do the development, engineering, deployment, and auditing of IT services and products. The guidance you’ll be picking from this book will aid you in the test preparation and with this, you’ll be more at an advantage of passing it.

  • CIPT Complete Guide

    This book by the Art of Service-CIPT Publishing is a self-assessment tool featuring scenario-based questions that is available on Amazon. These questions are arranged into all key levels as covered in the exam blueprint and they will help you know where you need improvement. Also, with it, you’ll identify what the CIPT test is about and come to the awareness of the all-important exam format and how to best respond to questions as you go through the official test.


The IAPP is a renowned association that can equip you with a solid knowledge of privacy, jurisdictional laws, and customer communication skills. So, if you want to achieve its prestigious certificates like the CIPM, CIPP, or CIPT, you should pass the related exams by referring yourself to reliable prep resources like study guides that can be found on the official IAPP site or Amazon.

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Sylvain Nadeau
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@Sunchuanxu, hi, IAPP itself provides a handbook and body of knoweldge for CIPT for free, these will help you to know which topics to focus on. also, there are a couple of good books on Amazon... I myself also bought a complete IAPP guide by Blokdyk, this is a useful book. hope this will help, good luck
May 22, 2024
got my CIPM certificate!! the topics of data governance and incident responce were tough! however, pay attention to each and every concept included in the body of knowledge. some questions were quite tricky!
May 09, 2024
guys anyone passed the CIPT exam recently? which resources would you recommend me to use to ace it? TIA for your answers....
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I was looking for credible iapp cipm practice tests and finally found them here... thnx a lot

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