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Meant to make the career path of an entry-level wireless technician easy, the CWNP CWT-100 exam measures one’s knowledge of WLAN processes and basic configuration tasks. Passing the test and obtaining the corresponding certification is the first step that a freshman can take to have an assuring career in the wireless industry.

Certification’s Quick Sketch

CWT-100 is equated with a vendor-neutral certificate, CWNP Certified Wireless Technician (CWT). This is a foundational accreditation escorting aspirants to aim at various support job roles like install technician, administrator, help desk technician, and wireless technician.

The certification holder is known as a skilled professional who is capable to perform APs installation as well as handle their configuration for better connectivity, troubleshoot basic wireless security issues, and provide dependable remote assistance.


As CWT is for industry entrants, no prior cognizance or hands-on expertise is needed to aim at the CWT-100 exam. However, having a basic understanding of wireless set-up and installation doesn’t harm. It will only make the job easier.

Exam Profile

CWT-100 is a professionally designed test intending to warrant the basic wireless troubleshooting and installation aptitudes of the candidates. To verify all this, the applicants should answer 60 multiple-choice and single answer questions in 90 minutes. The exam can be taken via online mode only and in the English language. The registration fee required is $150 which should be paid as an exam voucher.

As far as the passing score is regarded, one has to obtain a minimum of 70% marks to get a pass status. On the other hand, if an instructor, teaching CWT, takes up the CWT-100 test, the minimum score changes. Such individuals need to acquire 80% or higher. Once earned, the CWT certification remains valid for three years, and one has to take-up the current CWT exam version to fulfill the recertification criteria.

Primary Exam Domains Details

The very basic step that one should take-up to ensure success in the CWT-100 exam is to scrutinize all the topics covered in the syllabus in a detailed manner. Doing so gives clarity of what you are going to face on D-day and thus prepare accordingly.

Though CWT-100 relates to the entry-level, it touches almost every possible aspect of wireless technology, device installation, and basic troubleshoot scenarios using its five domains.

  • Basic RF Characteristics

    In this section that takes about 15%, applicants will be asked to describe the RF signal characteristics, explain key RF behaviors and signal propagation, ways to detect the RF signal factors, basic RF plan drafting, knowledge of the basic differences between the antenna types, and selecting the right kind of antenna as per the situations.

  • WLAN Client Features and Capabilities

    A total of 25% of exam content is covered by this domain. The key focuses here include basic client types and their capabilities, fundamental WLAN location processes & understanding related elementary steps to be followed, knowing the channels & streams compatible for client devices, and configuring clients’ wireless devices as per the needs.

  • WLAN AP Features and Capabilities

    The third module covers 25% of total exam content and requires one to master the concepts like key AP capabilities as well as features, configuring AP as standalone devices, picking up the right mounting kit for a specified location, proper PoE provisioning, and validating AP WLAN configuration & wired interface connectivity.

  • Configuration of 802.11 Security Parameters

    Going through this domain is the ideal way to advance our knowledge of the concepts such as the basics of 802.11 standard security solutions, Personal and. Enterprise differences, basic EAP methods, and identifying not usable security technologies & legacy ones. Also, the candidates should gain skills in configuring security parameters in a client device, WEP and its usage scenarios, shared key authentication, MAC filtering, hidden SSIDs, the configuration of security parameters in an AP, WPA‐WPA2, and usage of Pre‐Shared key.

  • Troubleshooting Common WLAN Connection Issues

    The last exam domain covers 20% of the syllabus and it is all about troubleshooting the connectivity issues, including configuration errors, interferences problems, issues with poor signal strength, supplicant & driver issues, etc. In addition, one should know how to resolve problems with low data rates, configuration errors, co-channel interference, and how to handle improper network settings. Besides, some unsupported fast roaming methods are also well covered in this domain along with non-implemented roaming features and other mobile issues.

The Ideal CWT-100 Exam Preparation Options

CWT-100 exam demands reliable study resources for successful accomplishment. Fortunately, the vendor does a great job in offering verified and updated preparation options. Here are some of them:

  • CWT-100 Official Study Guide

    The official study guide is here to explain all the CWT-100 objectives in a clear manner. This material allows one to master every minute topic effortlessly by using not only standard informational texts but also notes and definitions, challenging reviews, and an extensive Wi-Fi terminology glossary.

  • CWT eLearning

    For more detailed exam preparation assistance, the vendor offers an extensively designed eLearning program. It comes with unlimited access to learning materials and unique features. For instance, it includes detailed video lectures by a leading CWT instructor, Tom Carpenter. Besides, there are also animated videos explaining key important terms and tested concepts, a CWS glossary, and an acronym list of common Wi-Fi terms.

    This course is a perfect beginning for anyone involved in the help desk, install technician, and basic administration job roles as it throws light on primary wireless LAN installation and configuration tasks. Due to relevant examples, candidates have all the chances to understand the specifics of the field and pass the exam in one go.

  • CWT-100 Live Class

    The vendor also offers live classes, provided in association with its learning partners, at various locations. Candidates interested in studying in a classroom environment can pick this option and have an impactful experience.


The easiest way to have a hold of basic yet essential wireless-related cognizance and ensure a smooth career launch as a wireless technician is to earn the CWT certification by CWNP. It is known to generate a skilled workforce that fits well in various entry-level jobs. Choose the most suitable training option or even use several of them to prepare thoroughly and gain the passing mark with no effort.

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