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All CWNP CWS-100 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the CWS-100 Certified Wireless Specialist practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

The CWNP CWS-100 is the only exam that specialists should take to get the Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS) certificate. This designation validates the candidates' knowledge of marketing & wireless sales and offering entry-level support.

Candidates for CWS-100 Exam

This exam targets those individuals who want to start learning the Wi-Fi language. Therefore, the right candidates for this test are those who want to learn how to use typical software and hardware in WLANs. Also, it targets those specialists who want to learn about CWS terminology and Wi-Fi processes. As a rule, the vendor doesn’t have any mandatory conditions for the eligible candidates. However, they should be prepared for the exam structure, which includes 60 multiple-choice or single-answer questions. To know more, the test is delivered in the English language, its duration is 90 minutes and finally, the candidates should pay an enrollment fee of $150.

Topics Tested in CWS-100

The candidates who want to pass CWS-100 certification exam should be ready to demonstrate that they possess the following skills:

  • Understanding how the fundamental RF functions and hardware work;
  • Identifying 802.11 functions and features;
  • Identifying Wireless LAN software and hardware;
  • Understanding the organizational goals and how to use 802.11 functions to support them.

Preparation Materials for CWS-100 Test

The candidates can use the following materials to increase their chances to pass the CWNP CWS-100 exam from the first attempt:

  • CWS-100 Official Study Guide

    The candidates will find the official study guide for CWS-100 if they go to the CWNP Store and buy it for $49.99. This guide will help them understand where to start their training and understand the exam complexity. What’s more, it covers all the exam objectives. Therefore, the candidates will learn about all subjects tested in CWS-100 and increase their chances to get the passing score from the first try. Also, it includes notes, exam moments, and definitions that will help the exam-takers understand the most complicated topics much easier and faster. The examinees will also discover challenging questions at the end of each chapter to help them review the most important pieces of information and prepare them for the final exam day. Finally, it includes a comprehensive glossary of terms related to Wi-Fi technology.

  • CWS-100 Practice Test

    The official practice test is available on the CWNP Store as well. The candidates can buy it at a price of $74.99. This is a non-refundable offer that includes valuable information for the CWS-100 exam-takers. In it, they will find different questions that focus on the test objectives. The package includes two pools that contain 60 inquiries each. Besides, this is an online material that offers unlimited uses to those who buy it. Another important aspect to mention is that it includes detailed explanations after each question. Thus, the examinees will understand better the topics where they struggle the most and be 100% ready for the real exam. When it comes to accessing the files, the buyers should know that it is compatible with any popular browser. For example, they can open it on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

  • CWS eLearning Bundle

    This bundle is also available in the CWNP Store for a price of $299.99. Once candidates finalize the payment, they will have unlimited access to different materials that focus on preparing them to pass CWS-100 exam with flying colors. In all, this is an excellent alternative for candidates from anywhere in the world as everything happens online. Particularly, this package includes different videos recorded with Tom Carpenter, who is one of the most skilled trainers on CWS topics. Also, the candidates can watch the animated videos that explain the most important concepts and terms tested in the official CWS-100 exam. To add more, each chapter ends with questions that focus on helping the candidates test their skills and decide whether they are ready to move on to the next chapter or they should review the previous one again. When it comes to knowledge retention, the test-takers will have access to interactive elements and a dedicated glossary that contains CWS terms. Finally, the bundle includes a list of the most common acronyms used for CWS-100 exam and also in real life.

  • 802.11 Wireless Networks: Definitive Guide, Second Edition, by Matthew S. Gast

    This book can be found on Amazon in different formats. The candidates who want to strengthen their knowledge on 802.11 Wireless Networks can either download it in Kindle format for $20.49 or buy it in paperback format at a price ranging from $17.95 to $28.13. As CWS-100 focuses on testing the candidates’ knowledge of managing, deploying, and troubleshooting 802.11 wireless networks, learning more about how these networks work will help them increase their chances to ace the test in one go. Overall, this book covers the following topics:

    • Considerations on 802.11 wireless network deployment;
    • Performance tuning and network monitoring;
    • Handling security issues on wireless networks;
    • Learning how to select and use access points;
    • Ensuring network monitoring essentials;
    • Configuring different wireless cards;
    • Identifying security issues related to wireless networks.
  • Complete Study Guide: Exams PW0-071, CWS-100, CWT-100 by Robert J. Bartz

    The candidates who want to pass CWS-100 exam can use this Amazon book to learn the most important topics evaluated during the final test from a different perspective. The exam-takers can pay $44 to download it in Kindle or pay $33.09 to order it as a paperback. It was updated in 2017 and uses a multi-modal approach that will help the test-takers gain more confidence in their skills and be 100% ready on the exam day. Apart from the theoretical information, the manual also includes hands-on exercises that will help applicants get a practical understanding of how to apply the theoretical knowledge in real-life scenarios. Besides, it includes a pre-assessment test that allows the readers to efficiently assess their knowledge level and find some gaps if any.


Becoming a Certified Wireless Specialist shouldn’t be too difficult for a candidate who pays attention to the topics evaluated in the CWNP CWS-100 exam and uses the best materials available on the market. While the vendor offers different preparation resources to help examinees get the necessary knowledge to pass the official test, they shouldn’t ignore other self-study materials that can consolidate their knowledge.

CWNP CWS-100 practice test questions and answers, training course, study guide are uploaded in ETE Files format by real users. Study and Pass CWS-100 Certified Wireless Specialist certification exam dumps & practice test questions and answers are to help students.

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