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All CWNP CWAP-403 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the CWAP-403 Certified Wireless Analysis Professional practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

The Certified Wireless Analysis Professional, commonly known as CWAP-403, is a professional-level exam that targets IT specialists responsible for capturing and analyzing data related to wireless networks and using the required troubleshooting skills, principles, and methodology. Such individuals demonstrate excellent skills in the management of protocols, frame standards, and exchanges within the MAC sublayer and Physical layer. Thus, the knowledge areas addressed in this test originate from a Job Task Analysis (JTA) accomplished by wireless networking experts and other IT professionals.

Important Exam Facts

CWAP-403 exam leads to the CWNP CWAP certification. It has a total of 60 questions of multiple-answer and MCQ types that are provided in English only and candidates will be given 90 minutes to complete them. The test costs $275 and is administered by Pearson VUE. Generally, candidates should attain at least 70% to qualify for their new certificate while a minimum mark for instructors is 80%.

The list below indicates the main topics one should study thoroughly to succeed in the exam:

  • Protocol Analysis
  • PHY Layers and Technologies
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • 802.11 Frame Exchanges
  • MAC Sublayer and Functions
  • WLAN Medium Access

Certification Requirements and Details

The Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) certification demonstrates that a candidate has all the knowledge and skills required to effortlessly analyze and troubleshoot complex wireless systems. Therefore, if your role involves LAN analysis and troubleshooting and you already understand the concepts of operation and frame exchanges, the CWAP certificate provides a chance to fast-track your career.

Like many CWNP accreditations, CWAP is valid for 3 years and has an eligibility requirement which is holding a valid CWNA certificate. To recertify, one should pass the latest CWAP exam.

Moreover, possessing this professional-level certification puts you on track to becoming a Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE).

Recommended Training

To help its candidates easily pass the exam, CWNP offers the official study material, CWAP-403 eLearning. This is an all-inclusive preparation tool that’s available for $799.99. The full kit contains comprehensive resources, including the following:

  • Free access to the CWAP eLearning course
  • Broad coverage of the CWAP-403 exam objectives
  • 8 chapters including pre and post-chapter quizzes

It should be stated that the basic requirements for using it include having the Mac OS X or Windows OS together with Firefox or Internet Explorer. However, this kit never includes updates or new exam versions, vouchers, and practice questions. If you want the sample questions and the voucher to be part of the bundle, you can buy such a kit from CWNP for $1124.99.

Official CWNP Training

Apart from the CWAP eLearning option, the candidates can go for training programs that are conducted by authorized organizations. These courses are excellent for studying the theory along with obtaining practical skills through labs to pass CWAP-403 exam and handle day-to-day tasks well in the workplace too.

The course lasts for 4 days and validates the applicants’ capability to perform advanced WiFi network analysis and troubleshooting and knowledge of the latest enterprise wireless LAN concepts. It targets seasoned IT professionals and provides the current information as well as the opportunity to learn how to apply it through practical settings. Once completed the program, you will understand how to effectively diagnose the relevant IT solutions as far as Wi-Fi network goes and resolve any issue arising within them.

The CWAP online course also provides exhaustive training in the domain of spectrum analysis, with specific emphasis on data collection techniques, analysis of RF behavior at an advanced level, and knowledge of more complex features and functionalities of the WLAN spectrum analyzers. Going by the exam guidelines, CWNP highly recommends that candidates should first attend the Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) course or its equivalent before pursuing this training.

The Best Revision Book: Official Study Guide

There’s no better revision book for the CWNP CWAP-403 exam than the official study guide. This material is available on the CWNP official website at $74.99. Unlike many similar materials, this one gives a comprehensive analysis of every detail you may need to know about the test.

This resource can help with literally any preparation stage, from validating your knowledge of how to complete 802.11 WLAN analysis and apply appropriate troubleshooting tools and techniques for resolving wireless and wired problems to giving you factual information that you need to pass the exam itself. What’s more, it has a broad coverage of the topics such as frame exchange concepts, protocol analysis, spectrum analysis, communications, wireless software and hardware specifics, and many others. In a nutshell, here’s what you will be getting when you purchase the official CWAP-403 study guide from CWNP:

  • A complete and in-detail overview of the CWAP-403 test objectives to make you fully ready for any question
  • Chapter review questions to help you master every exam detail supplemented with the correct answers
  • Real-world cases scenarios to assist you in understanding the basic principles of general principles of design
  • Continuous exercises to help you build real experience in using tools for wireless analysis
  • Supporting YouTube videos with explanations of hands-on tasks to complement your studies and solidify your skills

Final Thoughts

In a field as dynamic as information technology, the surest way to outsmart your competitors, enhance your competence and leap forward in your career is to gain the right skills. CWNP certifications dramatically increase an employee’s marketability, ensuring he/she has all the knowledge needed to thrive in critical sectors such as enterprise Wi-Fi.

The CWAP certification, in particular, is designed to benchmark your professional-level understanding of the industry concepts and the ability to manage wireless networks in practical scenarios. By getting certified, you will not just be raising the bar but also confirming your commitment to securing your future and that of your organization. All it takes to get this accreditation is a simple step of mastering the ABCs of CWAP-403 exam. If you are ready to embrace modern technologies by making life-changing decisions that will transform your career growth, enroll in the official training or use the eLearning materials along with a study guide, and success will come.

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