All BCS Exams

Exam Exam Name
ExamASTQB Exam NameASTQB Certified Mobile Tester
ExamFCBA Exam NameBCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis (BH0-013)
ExamISEB-SWT2 Exam NameISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level (BH0-010)
ExamPRF Exam NamePRINCE2 Foundation (PRF)
ExamRE18 Exam NameBCS Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering 2018
ExamTM12 Exam NameISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Advanced Level- Test Manager (2012)
ExamUX01 Exam NameBCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience

BCS Certification Practice Test Questions, BCS Certification Exam Dumps

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BCS is the Chartered Institute for IT. It helps specialists for more than 25 years to become experts in the industry and gain experience in Artificial intelligence, Agility, Business Analysis, and much more than this. Their certifications are aligned with SFIAplus, which is the leading skill framework in the industry.

BCS Certification Program

All in all, BCS offers certification programs dedicated to 11 different sections. The certifications offered by BCS are the following:

  • Agile;
  • DevOps;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • IT asset management;
  • Business analysis;
  • Data protection and GDPR;
  • Software testing;
  • Programme and project management;
  • User experience;
  • Solution development and architecture;
  • CCP scheme and information security.

BCS EXIN Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Product Owner

This certification is for Agile product owners and managers, program and project managers, internal coaches, QA testers, development team members, and UI or UX designers, who want to learn how to use an Agile Scrum environment. To pursue such a certificate, the candidates should complete the BCS EXIN Foundation Certification in Agile Scrum first. Also, they should attend an accredited training course dedicated to BCS EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner. When they prepare for this validation, the candidates will develop skills related to understanding the Agile way of thinking and what the role of a Product Owner is. Also, they will gain knowledge on how to handle complex projects and add value to programs and projects using these skills.

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection

Such a certificate is ideal for experienced specialists in Data Protection and those who want to develop their understanding of how GDPR principles work. When it comes to the entry requirements, the candidates should preferably hold the Foundation BCS Certification in Data Protection. Also, they should have previously attended a recognized training course and understand how GDPR principles can be applied and how they influence a company’s way of working. When they prepare for this qualification, the candidates will gain knowledge of the most important changes associated with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR principles. Also, they will understand the individual’s organizational responsibilities when it comes to GDPR. Finally, examinees will demonstrate that they can apply the most updated rights when it comes to data subjects and understand the role of a data protection officer.

BCS Foundation Level Certificate in DevOps

In all, this validation is dedicated to specialists who are involved in different DevOps processes. This means that they can be DevOps evangelists, automation architects, software developers, security engineers, database administrators, software testers, or product owners. When it comes to the requirements, BCS has no prerequisites. However, it highly recommends that the candidates should have accredited training provided by BCS trainers. What concerns the certification objectives, the list includes an understanding of basic DevOps principles such as Sharing, Origins, Automation, Measurement, Lean, Benefits, Culture and Teams, and many more. They will also develop skills related to DevOps techniques and practices, as well as team approaching and methods.

BCS Official Courses

To master the above-mentioned certificates and their related tests, you should attend the following courses:

  • Professional Scrum Foundation Provided by Actineo Consulting LLP

    Actineo Consulting LLP is one of the accredited providers that partner with BCS for Agile certifications. This course lasts for 2 days, during which the trainers will provide foundational knowledge of how Scrum principles work and can be applied to develop a framework dedicated to agile software development. The class is formed of a combination of team-based exercises and instructions. Therefore, the students have the opportunity to understand how the Scrum framework works for improving the development of products. Such a course is usually delivered two times per year either in English or Spanish. The topics included in this class include the Scrum fundamentals together with its framework. Also, it includes topics related to Scrum mastering, planning, and how to get started with Scrum. When it comes to the prerequisites, the candidates should demonstrate that they have previously studied the Scrum Guide and have successfully passed the Scrum Open test. As for the target audience, this class is ideal for Scrum team members together with their stakeholders.

  • Foundation in Business Analysis Delivered by AmatisTraining

    This option is an introductory course that helps candidates get the necessary knowledge to obtain the BCS certification in Business Analysis. This course helps candidates understand how a Business Analyst can contribute to an organization. Also, it highlights the tools used by this function to understand the business needs and deal with the stakeholders to obtain the highest performances even if the business context changes. This class is available in different formats. The candidates can try the online self-study course plus access to the free exam. This course is accessible for 180 days and it secures a high passing rate. Also, it includes games, two sample papers, and quizzes that help the candidates check their readiness level. The second option is to choose online instructor-led training. The difference between this type of class is that the latter includes a 3-day course, which is led by a trainer accredited by BCS. Also, the candidates will have access to all materials for 3 months. The final option is the diploma passport that allows the candidates to book four courses such as the Business Analysis Practice, Requirements Engineering, Foundation in Business Analysis, Modelling Business Processes, and their related exams.

By the way, visiting the official BCS website, you can find the most suitable training provider according to your location and take the training there.


If you have been recently pondering to get BCS certified, it’s time to pursue any of their certificates. Thus, you can opt for the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection or the BCS EXIN Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Product Owner. Whatever certification you'll aim to earn, during your prep, you can always rely on some helpful courses conducted by BCS training partners.

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