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Exam Exam Name
ExamCLTD Exam NameCertification in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution
ExamCPIM-BSP Exam NameCPIM - Basics of Supply Chain Management
ExamCPIM-MPR Exam NameCertified in Production and Inventory Management - Master Planning of Resources
ExamCSCP Exam NameAPICS Certified Supply Chain Professional

APICS Certification Practice Test Questions, APICS Certification Exam Dumps

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APICS is one of the best-known communities that offer certifications for specialists in supply chain management. The company’s mission is to foster the advancement of end-to-end supply chain management through innovative research, systems, the body of knowledge, and different methods that bring value to organizations, members, and customers. So far, APICS offered certifications for more than 45,000 specialists from more than 100 countries.

Details of APICS Certification Programs

APICS has four categories of certification programs. APICS CPIM is dedicated to those individuals who want to become skilled in production and inventory management. It handles internal business subjects related to the supply chain. For example, the candidates will learn about the management of materials, as well as master scheduling, production planning, and forecasting. The second type of certification offered by APICS is CSCP. This acronym comes from the Certified Supply Chain Professional. The candidates who want to earn this validation will need to demonstrate their skills in external business subjects. For instance, they should know how to work with an extended supply chain starting with the organizations’ suppliers to the final customer. The CLTD certification is designed for those specialists who want to learn everything about Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution. It asks the candidates to demonstrate that they have strong knowledge of logistics planning and strategy, as well as warehouse and order management. They should also develop skills in transportation fundamentals and global logistics. The final category of certification is SCOR-P qualification. Thus, the candidates should be skilled in Planning, Sourcing, Making, Delivery, Return, and Enabling supply chain systems. They should be able to manage and measure the global supply chain’s performance with the help of the Supply Chain Operations Reference, or SCOR model.

APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management

The candidates can earn the CPIM certification after passing CPIM Part 1 and 2 exams during the period of three years. The CPIM Part 1 exam focuses on Supply Chain Management basics while the CPIM Part 2 exam includes four modules. The first one focuses on Resources Strategic Management. The second module includes information on Resources Master Planning. The last two modules test the candidates’ skills in Planning and Scheduling, as well as Operations Execution & Control. Finally, it is essential to mention that each test includes 150 questions. The candidates will need to answer 130 operational questions and 20 pretest items. The candidates will have 3.5 hours for each exam. Besides, the pretest questions don’t influence the final score. However, they are used for statistical purposes. The minimum passing score that the candidates need to obtain is a minimum of 300 points out of 350.

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional

The individuals eligible to take this certification exam should have at least three years of working experience. If not this, they must have at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. The third prerequisite means that the candidates should have an active CPIM, SCOR-P, CPSM, CIRM, CTL, CFPIM, or CLTD certification. The candidates who want to earn this certificate will need to demonstrate that they have strong knowledge of supply chain design, planning, execution, as well as improvement and best practices. In the official test, candidates will receive 150 questions, out of which 20 are pretest ones used for statistical purposes. The allotted time is 3.5 hours. Finally, the minimum passing score that the exam-takers should obtain to get a pass status is 300 points.

APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution

The APICS CLTD certification will help the successful candidates become part of a network of specialists in logistics, distribution, and transportation who know how to come with innovative solutions to reduce the industry’s impact. The areas where a certified individual can contribute are distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, government, services, consulting, education, defense, and consulting. This APICS validation can be obtained after passing one exam that tests the candidates’ skills in the following subjects:

  • Strategy and logistics overview;
  • Logistics network design;
  • Reverse logistics and sustainability;
  • Demand management and capacity planning;
  • Order management;
  • Warehouse management;
  • Inventory management;
  • Global logistics;
  • Transportation.

APICS Official Courses

Attaining all of the aforementioned validations would be difficult without attending the following training options:

  • APICS CPIM Learning Systems 2020

    The APICS CPIM Learning System consists of a comprehensive program that gives candidates access to different types of materials. For example, they can review printed and digital materials, and also gain knowledge by consulting interactive learning activities. The learning system dedicated to the CPIM certification has different prices for members and non-members. The materials for Part 1 have a price of $395 for members and $550 for non-members. The candidates will have to pay $495 for Part 2 if they are ASCM members, and $690 in case they are non-members. Apart from the materials, this kit also includes quizzes, online tools, tests, and learning activities. Also, the candidates will have access to tests and receive immediate feedback for them. The exam-takers will also get practice tests for both parts plus 500+ online questions for the Part 1 exam and 1500+ questions for the second part. Finally, the test-takers will receive access to the APICS Online Resource center and can also download the APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual.

  • APICS CSCP Learning System

    The Learning System 2020 dedicated to the APICS CSCP exam has a cost of $995 for ASCM Plus Members. Non-members or CORE members will have to pay $1,380 to access the materials included in this kit. In particular, it includes both printed and digital books that will help the candidates get the passing score in the official test from the first attempt. Also, they will have access to online quizzes and receive immediate results. Thus, they will know if they are ready to take the exam or they should study more. Another advantage brought by this Learning System is that the candidates can simulate a Practice CSCP exam. Besides, the candidates can use more than 1,200 online test questions that will help the exam-takers get more knowledge on the exam objectives. The candidates will receive access to web-based study tools and can use the materials available in the Online Resource Center. Finally, the candidates can download the APICS CSCP Exam Content Manual for self-study.

  • APICS CSCP Online Class delivered by Fox Valley Technical College

    Fox Valley Technical College delivers one online course for the APICS CSCP certification. Through it, the candidates will receive access to printed books, e-download, and an online embedded e-reader. All in all, such a course focuses on three modules. Therefore, the exam-takers will learn about supply chain design starting from the inputs and supply chain management objectives. The second module focuses on supply chain planning and execution. The third module included in this course is designed for supply chain best practices and improvement.


The APICS certificates will transform you into a skilled supply chain specialist who can boost the business processes within an organization. Whether you opt for the CPIM or the CSCP qualifications, you will always have the opportunity to prepare well for them as there’s a great number of online courses that efficiently serve such a purpose.

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