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All Adobe 9A0-412 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the 9A0-412 Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

The Adobe 9a0-412 exam has been recently renumbered and now is known as AD0-E202. It’s is a qualifying test for the Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner сertification. This exam should be taken by digital marketers, business analysts, business consultants, data analysts, web analysts, digital analysts, UI analysts, and marketing analysts looking to take their careers to a new level.

Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert Certification

Such a designation is offered to IT professionals who are keen to validate their expertise in Adobe Analytics. Usually, this is a self-motivated group that’s willing to help their clients translate functional measurements in addition to requirements and recommend the best course of action depending on the outcome. To thrive in this role, these individuals must demonstrate their ability to work with a wide range of tools and technologies including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Platform Launch, FTP client, mobile services, Analytics Reporting, and packet monitor.

Breaking down Test Details

The Adobe AD0-E202 exam has a seat time of 120 minutes and overall, brings 69 questions. The test is purely multiple-choice based, with designations for multiple-select and multiple-choice options. And to register for it, learners must pay at least $180. It's worth noting that the passing mark is a minimum of 69.57%, which is equivalent to about 49 items out of 69 for the current exam version. Usually, candidates can take this exam from the comfort of their homes if they opt for the online proctored test delivery mode. Alternatively, you may want to check out the test center proctored method to take your final exam from a physical testing location. Regarding the qualification requirements, learners should ensure they match the following skills before they register for such a test:

  • Have at least 2 years of proven experience working with digital analytics;
  • Have mastered fundamental technology concepts including how it works and mastery of client’s implementation;
  • Possess a minimum of one year of hands-on experience in Adobe Analytics;
  • Should demonstrate their skills to integrate Adobe Analytics with other relevant Adobe solutions;
  • Should have mastered digital analytics including how it filters or structures data.

Besides, all candidates aiming to obtain the Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert certification should demonstrate their experience in working with a wide range of technologies including Microsoft Office, Internet Browser, admin console, Adobe help center, Adobe analytics workspace, and single-page applications just to mention a few.

Exam objectives Areas

The Adobe AD0-E202 exam is built around a huge variety of tools and technologies. And for that reason, it will validate your ability to perform business analysis (25%), reporting as well as dashboarding for projects (25%), segmentation & calculated metrics (25%), general tool knowledge including troubleshooting (15%), and administration (10%).

Recommended Training

Like with most of the certification exams offered by Adobe, there are no mandatory training requirements that bind candidates to this certification path. Still, we can’t ignore the fact that training will help equip you with the skills and hands-on job experience that you need to excel in this track. So, keep reading to find out the details of the two recommended training courses for the Adobe AD0-E202 exam:

  • Data Analysis with Analysis Workspace

    Data Analysis with Analysis Workspace is one of the best courses that you can use to prepare for the Adobe AD0-E202 exam. This is a highly informative 2-day program that introduces you to the field of Analysis Workspace including how you can get your system up and running using this powerful Adobe tool. Through this class, you will master the configuration of reports, the creation of appealing reports, and the navigation of the reporting interface. By verifying your skills using a relevant hands-on environment, you will learn a ton of concepts about segmenting data, creating calculated metrics, sharing reports, and implementing useful visualizations. In general, this course is best suited to business practitioners whose day-to-day role involves working with Adobe Analytics.

  • Analytics: Discovery

    This is a one-day training that introduces learners to the capabilities of Adobe Analytics and its role in expanding or driving your marketing strategies. This course is administered by a virtual instructor and targets business practitioners and all individuals looking to complete the training requirements for the Adobe AD0-E202 exam.

Must-Have Books for AD0-E202 Evaluation

Since the exam was previously known as 9A0-412 and not so long ago, the vendor renamed the exam, so not all publishers managed to reflect the recent changes in the prep materials. Thus,as for books, you can refer to:

  • Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Exam Study Guide: Adobe 9A0-412 Version: 1.1 FULLY UPDATED

    The Adobe Analytics Practitioner Study Guide by Precious Dumps has factual exam questions to help you prepare and pass your Adobe AD0-E202 exam easily. It features real and the latest questions you will likely face in the main evaluation, with provisions for exam testing patterns and topics to give you top grades. The objective here is to gather all the materials you need to pass this exam on the first try, also including sample questions.

  • Adobe Analytics for Dummies

    This book suits beginners looking for the most ideal reference point when preparing for AD0-E202 exam. All in all, it gives you a basic understanding of the exam objectives and key knowledge areas tested like data fundamentals, visualization, digital properties, and calculated metrics. Written by Eric Matisoff & David Karlins, this is a handy guide that acts as the perfect reference for mastering Adobe Analytics with ease.

  • How I Passed AD0-E202 Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert Exam: Successfully Proven Tips

    From this printed edition issued by Wise Pen Publications you will find out the most effective tips of how to pass the Adobe AD0-202 exam without wasting your time for unsuitable prep options. You’ll know how to concentrate on the main goal and move forward step by step to cover all exam objectives. This book contains detailed explanation of each prep stage and exam concept, thus allowing you to grasp the gist from each process. Opt for it and you’ll definitely be confident in your knowledge and skills.


The demand for IT professionals who are familiar with Adobe design software, web, graphic, and video is on the rise. Adobe certifications help candidates master digital skills by providing them with the creativity they need to make a difference in their organizations. To succeed in this field, you must demonstrate your design proficiency in real-world scenarios by showing the recruiters how good you are with your stuff. One of the best options in recent years has been the Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner designation, which targets learners who are proficient with Adobe Analytics. As you commit to career growth and excellence, it will be important to grasp new skills along the way that will help you stand out from the crowd. So, if you are up for the challenge, then you will doubtlessly reap the benefits. Get started today by acing the Adobe AD0-E202 exam and get noticed for your achievements in one of the most competitive industries.

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