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All Microsoft Excel Expert 77-428 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the 77-428 Excel 2013 Expert Part Two practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

Have you completed the initial exam for Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2013 Expert, or simply Microsoft 77-427? If yes, then you’re down to the second part of the certification path and that is Microsoft 77-428. This test assesses your expertise in using the Excel 2013 app. So, if you want to completely earn a coveted accreditation from a world-renowned organization, then it’s your time to shine.

Salient Features of the Exam

As the final stage of an Excel-related expert-level certification track, Microsoft 77-428 is definitely a challenging feat that needs your utmost dedication. Therefore, you have to know everything about the test, from its suitable candidates to key objectives and corresponding prep resources.

First and foremost, the exam is designed to assists professionals wanting to validate their Excel 2013 mastery. Some of the most fitting individuals to pursue it are data analysts, engineers, accountants, bankers, and the like. These professionals often use the Excel 2013 platform in their day-to-day tasks, hence the relevance of this exam on their chosen job roles.

Certification Path

Along with the Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2013 Expert, the Microsoft 77-428 is also one of the exams required to obtain the Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 Master certificate. Having more accreditations, of course, opens up a lot of remarkable opportunities for your career. Because of its positive impact on your professional path, you have to gather different resources and study thoroughly.

Official Exam Outline

All the topics covered in Microsoft 77-428 are expounded in the official exam skills outline. Generally, candidates should be aware of the advanced features of the Excel environment and have to be able to apply them to meet technical needs. The objectives of the test also check one’s aptitude in handling workbooks, using custom formats, adding layouts, making advanced formulas, creating tables, and generating charts. And through your understanding of the functionalities of Excel 2013, you gain the right leadership proficiency in guiding others, particularly in dealing with the Excel app of Office Professional Plus.

Training Courses for 77-428 Exam

  • Course 55130-A ― Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013.

    If you want to be adept at this popular spreadsheet program of the 2013 version, you have to start with the basics even if your familiarity with Excel is quite deep. As mentioned earlier, the Microsoft 77-428 exam is already part of the expert-level program. Therefore, you need to completely master the nuts and bolts of the application, starting with its fundamental features, if this version of the program is new for you so as to work with it efficiently. Thus, if you think you need to review the foundational concepts and tools of Excel 2013, this course can help you out. Some of the skills highlighted in the modules include the proper way to construct worksheets, perform calculations, alter data appearance, and print content within the interface. Getting the knack for these basic tasks may seem a waste of time. However, revising these before your exam is the best way to understand the advanced features of the platform faster and improve information retention.

  • Course 55132-A (Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013)

    For the next preparation option, there’s Course 55132-A, great training for those who want to solidify their Excel 2013 skills. This is highly recommended after completing Course 55130-A. The concepts covered focus on the advanced functionalities of the platform. Henceforth, it’s a must that you already have a profound grasp of the basics. With the detailed modules, you will learn how to efficiently generate charts and pivot tables, trace precedents, convert text, as well as consolidate, import, and export data. Macros are also a substantial part of the course, hence a comprehensive coverage on creating, using, and editing these according to your needs. Lastly, there will be a lesson discussing the key ways to collaborate with others by adding security features in the worksheets and workbooks.

Additional Study Materials: Valuable Books

  • Excel 2013: The Missing Manual

    Microsoft Excel is always considered the world’s top spreadsheet program. It’s widely used among professionals and even students. And if you want to learn the ropes of all its advanced tools, you need to read this material written by Matthew MacDonald. It is a notable resource that helps you to improve your skills in working with various Excel 2013 features. Go through the extensive lectures and develop your abilities in importing data, working from the web, sharing your worksheets, and making calculations. Crucial concepts such as Quick Analysis and PowerPivot are also covered here to ensure your complete knowledge. And aside from the discussions, the book equips you with thorough explanations and some hands-on samples to keep more focused on training.

  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Step By Step

    Carry on with your certification path with another top-rated book from Amazon. Authored by the expert, Curtis Frye, the contexts of the material are all relevant to your exam preparation as well as your technical job role. It delivers the pivotal features of Excel 2013, including writing formulas, creating macros, analyzing data, consolidating data sets, and sharing workbooks online. The guide also explains the importance of the Quick Analysis Lens. Furthermore, it comes with practice tests to evaluate your readiness and assess your technical abilities.

  • Excel 2013 Bible

    Finish off your learning with this high-quality book from John Walkenbach. As a best-seller, you won’t regret reading this because it highlights the ins and outs of the Excel 2013 environment. Ready yourself as you decode the complexities of the application while learning its latest features. The detailed chapters show you how to navigate through the user interface so you can maximize the tools accordingly. Likewise, it provides you with invaluable insights on how to master formulas and evaluate data using PivotTables. So, if you’re looking for a savvy way to ace the essential areas of Excel 2013, this book guides you through every aspect concisely and logically.


Chart your path to success with the support of the training materials above. All these are intended to make your Microsoft 77-428 exam as smooth as possible. So, capitalize on the collection of books and courses and eventually earn the stellar Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2013 Expert and Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 Master certifications.

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