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All Microsoft Excel 77-420 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the 77-420 Excel 2013 practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

The Microsoft 77-420 is an exam created to evaluate a candidate’s fundamental understanding of the Excel spreadsheet and determine their ability to execute tasks using this program. Those undertaking this test should also show and demonstrate the proper use and application of the principal features of Excel 2013. Indeed, Excel is a powerful tool, and those who can prove to have proficiency in it can become valuable assets to any company. To know more about the details for such an evaluation, read below.

Requirements for Test 77-420

There are no certification requisites to become eligible for this exam. So, once you ace this test, you’ll be able to earn such certifications as the Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2013 and Microsoft Specialist 2013 Master.

What to Expect with Microsoft 77-420

As for the details of this exam, it is relatively brief, and you are expected to finish it within 50 minutes. Also, it intends to measure such skills as creating and managing worksheets and workbooks, making up cells and ranges, outlining tables, applying various formulas & functions, and creating charts in addition to objects. The exam is available in a large array of languages such as English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch if to name a few. To add more, this test has a $100 fee in the USA, although this may differ in other countries. Also, in the official validation, you will have to complete 40-60 items with the passing score of 700 points.

How to Prepare for Exam 77-420 Using Study Guides

Overall, there are various methods available for test-takers who wish to prepare for 77-420 with varying degrees of effectiveness. So, if you want to maximize your chances of success, consider acquiring one or several study guides available in stores such as Amazon.com, signing up for official Microsoft training, and using practice tests from reputable third-party sources. To assist you with this, we have created the list of the most helpful and comprehensive books found on Amazon that you can refer yourself to while preparing for 77-420 test:

  • Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013 by Microsoft Official Academic Course

    This is the only Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) textbook dedicated to exam 77-420. Particularly, it is a detailed guide that covers all the foundational skills of Microsoft Excel and is made exclusively for the Excel 2013 test objectives as well as reinforces those skills that are useful for newer employees and those who have been for years in the field. So, here is a brief overview of what this book offers:

    • A guide to creating and editing professional-looking spreadsheets of different types, purposes, and situations;
    • The coverage of fundamental Excel features such as charting, creating analytical and financial reports, data entry, and creating budgets;
    • Activities and assignments based on real-world examples;
    • Hands-on practice;
    • OfficeGrader, the MOAC proprietary academic tool that evaluates and corrects the task-based assignments covered in this book. OfficeGrader allows for efficient and consistent grading, which is useful for both students and instructors.
  • MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Excel by Joan Lambert

    This is a trusted and reputable study guide made for 77-420 test, which was written by Joan Lambert, a distinguished author of more than three dozen books about Windows, Office, and Microsoft Office Specialist features. She holds a number of certifications from Microsoft and definitely knows what she is writing about. In all, this book offers the following to supercharge your exam preparation:

    • Extensive coverage of all test domains;
    • Special procedures and illustrations to help you check your skill level;
    • Practical tasks to consolidate your knowledge;
    • Access to downloadable practice materials.
  • Exam Prep for Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013 by Just the Facts101

    Being a study guide that delivers a concise yet in-depth focus, this book is a part-study guide and part-exam dump as it covers all that you need and want to know to pass exam 77-420. With this book, you will get access to the following:

    • Over 2000 prep questions and answers, including items and tasks that are highly probably to appear in your official test;
    • Extensive coverage of key facts and questions in 77-420;
    • Detailed explanations to each practice question.
  • How I Passed 77-420: Exam Tips by Empirical Matt Publications

    In case you’re looking for the best & helpful tips that will help you clear the final validation on the first try, then this is the suitable study guide to acquire from Amazon. As a rule, the creators of such books turn to numerous successful candidates to collect information from them about which techniques they used when preparing for the official evaluation. Also, after you’ve purchased this book in Kindle format, you will be eligible for a free coupon code from Vullam. With the help of this code, you’ll manage to access several gratis practice tests available on that platform.

Benefits of Passing Test 77-420

Nailing the Microsoft 77-420 exam will undoubtedly grant you a lot of additional perks, especially for your career. Overall, it is a highly sought-after certification by a lot of companies giving you all the leverage when it comes to negotiating your salary and other benefits that you might enjoy. Here are some of the advantages that you can expect after passing this exam and earning your certificate:

  • You’ll become qualified for most clerical jobs that require proficiency in Microsoft Excel as being certified as a competent Excel user shows that you can create and edit spreadsheets that feature professional-looking budgets, charts, data tabulation, exercise logs, sale invoices, and so on;
  • You will have an advantage over most clerical workers as you have proof of your proficiency in using Excel for all tasks and jobs that require a fundamental understanding of the application;
  • It allows you to take on more advanced tests and become a specialist in Excel 2013 or even a specialist in Office 2013.


Becoming a certified passer of the Microsoft 77-420 demonstrates your knowledge and proficiency in the fundamental features found in all Excel applications. Having the related qualification tells your current and future employers that you can be relied upon in accomplishing the multiple tasks that require an Excel Spreadsheet, which allows you to charge up your career in clerical work, accounting and finance, and so on.

Microsoft Excel 77-420 practice test questions and answers, training course, study guide are uploaded in ETE Files format by real users. Study and Pass 77-420 Excel 2013 certification exam dumps & practice test questions and answers are to help students.

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Jun 15, 2024
the 77-420 questions and answers 2018 package consisting of 30 practice exam questions and a simulator is very accurate and up to date. i made use of it and perfomed well in exam.
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Jun 10, 2024
using these 77-420 questions and answers before your exam is wonderful. i used them and passed
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2013 excel ms practice questions and answers are the best. i practiced with them in march and passed. thanks prepaway for preparing me well.
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Jun 03, 2024
nice 77-420 practice test for exam prep!
May 27, 2024
if anyone wishes to get exams for practice, then i advise this 77-420 premium file from prepaway. i did well in my exam coz of this. cant thank them enough for providing this, thank you!
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May 19, 2024
hey guys! these 77-420 dumps are still valid! i got all i wanted here. great!great for me!
caro wiwa
United States
May 12, 2024
i doubt if this dumps are valid. not sure they helped in my exam that much. to me they seemed shallow. i used a bit of it plus something else. may be i can say it helped a bit but not in everything
South Africa
May 08, 2024
got the 77-420 premium file and i loved the quiz and answers in it. almost all exam questions were familiar after practicing them with these sample quiz from prepaway
May 03, 2024
@beyonce, in the actual 77-420 exam you get 20-25 project based tasks that require you to complete within 50 minutes.
Apr 29, 2024
lovely lovely 77-420 dumps. very accurate, many questions came out in the main exam. thanks i passed
Apr 22, 2024
how many microsoft excel certification exam questions are there in the main exam?
Apr 19, 2024
i am doing my 77-420 exam at the end of this month and i have decided to get this package. am hoping it will help me to pass my exam
lulu hassan
Apr 13, 2024
this is awesome for me, great questions with accurate answers
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Apr 08, 2024
the best microsoft excel certification practice test i have ever come across so far. thank you for this prepaway!
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