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The Avaya Aura® Experience Portal with POM Implementation and Maintenance 3314 exam is one of the requirements for earning the ACSS – Avaya Aura® Experience Portal with Proactive Outreach Manager certification. It is an ideal test for candidates who want to enhance their expertise in Avaya Aura® Experience Portal (AAEP) architecting, implementation, deployment, installation, and troubleshooting.

Avaya 3314 Exam Overview

This Avaya exam 3314 by code covers the main features of AAEP. The candidates intended to pass it should be well-versed in the Avaya family of products. Therefore, this test is exclusively designed for those individuals who want to gain advanced knowledge in the Avaya Experience Portal platform.

One should be prepared to answer 62 questions in 90 minutes and score at least 66%. In other words, candidates should have a minimum of 41 questions correctly. The exam is closed-book, so the candidates are advised not to carry external resources.

According to the Avaya website, this test mainly covers the following areas:

  • The architecture of AAEP – this section emphasizes the Avaya web services, AAEP operations, and POM architecture. It also involves External Portal Systems, CMS RT Socket-based Routing capabilities, and the ICR 7.0 enhancement.
  • Implementing Experience Portal – this domain focuses on the description of Agent Assignment options, AAEP licensing, VoIP connections, and how to create and use the agent scripts. It also extends to the functions and features of AAEP as well as the steps followed in the configuration of EPM for SMS and email.
  • Proactive Outreach Manager – this broad topic is mainly aimed at the POM server definitions and the POM User Interface components. It also proves the candidates’ experience with POM enhancements and the standard reporting capabilities applied in the space of work. Given that POM installation being one of the significant practices in the real world, this topic majorly emphasizes the configuration and prerequisites for POM license installation. Finally, this topic checks if the individual is armed with distinct knowledge of how to perform database administration of POM.
  • Implementation of ICR – here, the main learning objectives are the configuration of Intelligent Customer Routing (ICR), the requirements for its installation, and the reporting capabilities for ICR.
  • Maintenance – its primary goal is to assess the candidate's knowledge of AAEP user requirements, POM database issues troubleshooting, backup procedures, and ICR reporting capabilities. Also, it highlights the various techniques to use while verifying AAEP operations and upgrading paths as well as procedures.
  • Troubleshooting Procedure – this is the main section that deals with problem-solving and decision-making techniques. The candidates should be able to precisely use POM troubleshooting tools and procedures. It also extends to effective troubleshooting of EPM and POM database issues alongside using AAEP troubleshooting isolation tools, processes, and logs.

Preparation Resources

As noted, an Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist must demonstrate his or her level of proficiency in installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining Avaya products. That is why the vendor offers two training options to acquire and sharpen skills in preparation for the Avaya 3314 certification exam.

Thus, it is recommended that you first complete the 70050V - Implementing and Supporting Avaya Aura® Experience Portal and Proactive Outreach Manager paid course. This 40-hour instructor-led training program is built in the form of a blend of lectures along with labs. Due to such a comprehensive approach, it ends up helping you cover all final test topics, such as AAEP architecture, requirements-based installation, as well as the concepts of integration, maintenance, and troubleshooting. However, keep in mind that this course is designed for candidates who already have a fundamental knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems, call flow, and system architecture, as well as have a solid familiarity with Avaya Aura® Orchestration Designer Implementation deployment and design.

After completing the above program, candidates can enroll in 7006W - Implementing and Supporting Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing which is a 5-hour training course. It provides individuals with an in-depth look at supporting and implementing Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing. The course contains 25 extensive units, so during it, you will learn all the concepts and specifics relating to the Avaya ICR system architecture, understand how to efficiently install multiple components and integrate ICR with communication infrastructure, and many other topics. However, note that the vendor has mentioned some recommended prior knowledge. Thus, it is advised that you have a basic awareness of the implementation and operation AAEP and APOM, application design and deployment, call flow, and Windows as well as Linux operating systems.

Materials to Read

As you are aiming to pass 3314 exam excellently on the first try, it is prudent to find other essential materials you can trust and use along with the above courses. Here are the top resources that can equip you with knowledge and skills on various exam objectives:

  • Administering Avaya Experience Portal

    This is a comprehensive guide from Avaya Support, developed by the vendor, that ensures deep learning of the Avaya Aura Experience Portal platform. Its content is focused on user management, access level organization, zoning topology, SMS and email management, ICR functionality, and more.

  • Implementing Proactive Outreach Manager

    This is another resource offered by Avaya for future Proactive Outreach Managers to give them step-by-step instructions on how to install POM on Avaya Aura Experience Portal as well as configure and troubleshoot it.

  • Administering Intelligent Customer Routing

    According to the content of this resource, you will learn how to configure Intelligent Customer Routing and manage its system components, as well as become familiar with standard ICR reports.


3314 - Aura® Experience Portal with POM Implementation and Maintenance is the latest exam that can equip you with the modernized knowledge on the ultimate management of Avaya Experience Portal. As a requirement for earning the ACSS-3305 - Avaya Aura® Experience Portal with Proactive Outreach Manager certification, this test will assist you with validating your real-world knowledge of how to deploy, install, configure and maintain Avaya Experience Portal. Make your preparation lively by using the up-to-date materials developed by the vendor and register for the exam in advance to leave yourself plenty of time for quality preparation, which is the key to your success!

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