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Build a Career of an Azure Cloud Architect with Microsoft MCSA: Cloud Platform Certification in 5 Steps

Over the years, there has been a paradigm shift in the general outlook of computing with focus being directed towards the prominent cloud computing. This cloud-based computing system provides information on shared PC connection with other computers and various devices. Businesses all over the world have realized the huge success that has trailed Cloud in relation to business solutions and managements. Cloud computing provides global access to a wide range of shared computing assets, while allowing data to be transferred or exchanged effortlessly between devices. Thanks to it, enterprises and their clients can now store and process a wide range of information within the cloud information centers. Microsoft Azure is regarded as Cloud for contemporary business, and the MCSA: Cloud Platform credential will help you improve your skills in this area.

The MCSA: Cloud Platform certification is designed to validate the professional’s expertise and knowledge in the Microsoft’s cloud related technologies with the aim of minimizing costs and providing more value for businesses in the contemporary world. To earn the certificate, an individual is expected to pass two tests from a pool of exam options that are available. The credential is considered as a mid-level one and is intended for the professionals taking up job roles as a cloud architect or an administrator.

It is a known fact that most business transactions and activities regarding Information Technology are conducted in Cloud, which makes the skilled professionals in this field in high demand. The implication of this is that those with MCSA: Cloud Platform will have a lot of opportunities to explore. With a large payroll and huge scope of career options for cloud computing experts, this Microsoft certificate is definitely a highly regarded credential in the IT industry. Since its introduction in 2010, Azure has become a major cash cow for Microsoft, which interestingly correlates with the company’s progressive change towards the cloud market.

Currently, a huge number of organizations have shifted to Microsoft Azure for their businesses drive. This has greatly enhanced the importance and relevance of the Azure credential in the business world. With the use of synchronized Azure cloud administrations, organizations can promptly assemble, oversee, and send simple and composite applications without stress. Azure offers supports for a large variety of programming structures, dialects, databases, gadgets, frameworks, and facilitating enterprises to utilize instruments they totally trust.

Why is MCSA: Cloud Platform relevant for an Azure Cloud Architect?

Organizations around the world recognize Azure as the most reliable. Therefore, the MCSA: Cloud Platform credential offers great opportunities for Azure Cloud Architects. In recent years, a world of opportunities has been opened to the professionals with this credential. This is mainly because of the fact that it provides unmatched cross over capabilities, high level of extensive knowledge, and a larger number of areas than other cloud suppliers. If you are currently an Azure Architect or you are planning to start a career in this path, MCSA: Cloud Platform will be a great help in building your career. In this article, we have highlighted the top ways of how the certification can influence your career positively.

How MCSA: Cloud Platform can build an Azure Architect career?

  1. Flexibility. With the use of Azure, applications that function effectively, seamlessly, and range from millions of enterprises and clients can be carried out without any additional coding. Azure Storage offers protected, secure, flexible, and efficient performance of storage gain in the cloud. It naturally uses more processors and settings for the proper functioning of the application. Azure Architect pursuing the MCSA: Cloud Platform certificate will be required to demonstrate proficiency in carrying out these tasks through two different exams. The ability to display skills and knowledge during the test validates that you can display the same skills in a real world. This is why hiring managers look for this credential in the potential employees’ resume before employing them. If you have this certification, you can easily get your dream job and continue to improve your career. 
  1. Cost reduction and profitability. One major feature of Azure Cloud is its ability to significantly reduce cost and increase profit for an organization. The MCSA: Cloud Platform certification is designed to evaluate the professionals in the various features of Azure Cloud. These features can easily scale down or scale up the required assets based on the level of usage. The specialists with this certification have been equipped with the skills to minimize cost in the areas of power usage, new equipment purchases, new software redesigning, and information protection manpower. This means that as an Azure Architect, you have the capability to reduce the expenses of an IT organization since the foundation is being taken care of by Microsoft on Azure. Now, there is really no organization that would not want to cut down on their costs. Therefore, having the MCSA: Cloud Platform certificate gives you an edge in your organization, which makes the promotion to top level easier and faster. 
  1. Unrivalled hybrid capacities. The MSCA: Cloud Platform certification provides you with unrivalled hybrid capacities that make you a desirable candidate for an Azure Architect role in a company. Skills measured during the certification exam span various areas covering simple portability, a reliable and dependable stage between Cloud and on-premise. The candidates are tested on hybrid associations, which include CDNs, VPNs, as well as Express Route to improve ease of execution and utilization. No doubt, this is the major advantage of Azure for organizations who adopt hybrid cloud when compared to other cloud experts, such as IBM, Amazon, and AWS. The Azure Architects with the MCSA: Cloud Platform certification are the professionals with the best skills to reduce the IT cost by utilizing Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud. The employers know this and look for those professionals with this credential to take up top job positions in the field. 
  1. Exceptional skills in identity and access management. Azure Cloud is designed to provide protected Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities with Azure ADA (Active Directory Administration) in order to equip enterprises to attain correct data. The MCSA: Cloud Platform certification evaluates these skills in the candidates pursuing the credential. In other words, an Azure Architect with this credential can help his/her organization develop IAM capabilities to reduce cost and become highly effective and energetic while sustaining creative enterprise activities. 
  1. Business security offerings. Security development is an enterprise that is the basis for the life and growth of any business. MCSA: Cloud Platform has security at its core with private services and information perfectly sheltered and secured on Azure Cloud. Microsoft Azure provides the most reliable scope as it is the most trusted cloud platform by the United States government agencies. It is also the initiation of the new global benchmark for Cloud security. The implication of this is that the certified Azure Architects are in the right position to manage and implement the Cloud platform of any organization. This comes with a lot of opportunities to build a career in the global scene.


Business organizations understand the use and benefits of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and the importance of its usage. This is why those professionals, including Azure Cloud Architects, who have the MCSA: Cloud Platform certification are in great demand in organizations. The individuals with this credential have the opportunity to be considered for some top job positions, and the employers are willing to pay extra for the skills that are brought to the table by these professionals. If you want to build a career as an Azure Cloud Architect or Administrator, earning this certification is an excellent way to advance your career.